10 best all snowboard for Black Friday snowboard deals

A sport that has the wind in its sails

The birth of snowboarding succession of interbreeding between two sports: skiing, highly practiced in Scandinavian countries, and surfing, a popular sport on the island of Hawaii. It is this incredible encounter was born the snowboard, which is also known today as the snowboard name. This practice became a sport in its own right from the second half of the 20th century onwards and is constantly being enriched by new techniques and disciplines.

Your first glide?

Before anything else, the first step is to define your position on a snowboard to choose your gear. In profile, the foot you place at the front of your board is your calling foot. If you position your left foot in front, you will adopt the so-called regular position. If on the contrary, it is the right foot that you place on the front of the snowboard, you will be considered to be in the goofy position. This step is essential because it will completely condition your gliding conditions and your choice of board. The next step is to get started! As regards the technique to be adopted on the slopes, different schools exist. The triggering of the turn will depend on your preference: provoked with the bust or by displacement of the weight of the body on the leg, you only have to test!

To each style

Beginners or experienced snowboarders meet on the slopes of some resorts. For a first contact with the sport, apprentices can choose various options to begin: solo, with friends or with a qualified instructor, the most important is to make you happy. Experts meanwhile, can indulge in the joys of skiing with all the variety of tracks and facilities proposed by the ski areas. Snowboarding has evolved considerably over the years; some may even leave tempted by styles such as snowboard free ride or freestyle version to discover new sensations.

How To Choose An All Mountain Snowboard and FINDING THE RIGHT SNOWBOARD SIZE

The choice of your snowboard is made according to several criteria:

"Goofy" or "Regular"?

At first, it is wise to know which foot to put in front; it will then serve you as support foot.

If you have never snowboarded before, stand with your feet wide apart, ask someone to push you with a blow (but not too strong anyway!).

If it is the right foot that advances first to rebalance, then you are "goofy," and if it is the left foot, you are "regular."

Then you need to assess your snow level and what you are looking to do with your board.

Freerider or freestyler?

It goes without saying that you will not choose the same size of board if you are freestyler or freerider, or both and that you just opt ​​for versatility.

But it should be known that there is a standard of measurement so as not to be mistaken as to the choice of the size of its board. Just put it in front of you and see if your chin goes over without difficulty.

It is a board that is about 20 to 23 cm less than your size and is advised if you are looking for versatility and you have a level in between, whether you are a beginner or already well confirmed.

Now if you are a freeride pro it is better to opt for a larger board that will allow more lift in the curves and more maneuverability and stability at speed.

If we are still a little hot, we can choose a board that happens to us at the level of the eyes, and if we are really hot and we want to have a rough ride we take a board that arrives at the front.

Conversely, if you are more freestyle you will have to take a board 2 to 3 cm smaller than the one that arrives to the chin, well yes it is still more manageable for rotations, and it allows more reactivity.

The weight

Most brands have their forks anyway depending on the weight of the rider.

10 best all snowboard review with Black Friday Good Deal

1. Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP Wide Snowboard Men

This snowboard is very light and very chic. Its length is 161.5w.

It made with Camber Profile - Hybrid. The shape is True Twin which is really unique. Flex - 7 and Width - Wide.

Travis Jackson Jackson's favorite model designed shapes in a powerful and durable HP construction. Travis has done everything on this forum: X-Games Gold, Supernatural Champion, That's It Thats, Art of Flight and The Fourth Phase Insanity. This is a very versatile freestyle / freeride stick that will allow you to push your limits and be there when it's all on the line but is still fun and playful to be a perfect daily driver.

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2. GNU 2017 Rider's Choice Snowboard

Profile: Camber Rocker Camber C2PBTX: Switch between your feet combined with the radial cambers on contact. The aggressive riders: an irreversible control of the tip and tail, power and pop combined with the float, free freedom and rocker sculpture between the feet.

Contour: A.S.S True Twin The true twin shape allows for a super switch switch change. The A.S.S. Pickle Tech creates a deeper heel sidecut and softer heel flexibility for a much more natural transition between the toe side and the heel side. Then the asymmetric contact points from a shorter heel side edge allow the side of the foot and the heel side to feel the same. Designed to match the geometry of your body, it is the most innovative technology on the market.

Edges: Magne-Traction

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3. Rossignol Angus Magtek Snowboard Mens

A really great Board if you really enjoy snowboarding.

Rocker/Camber: Amptek All Mountain

Sidecut: Magne-Traction (5S) + Radcut (Intermediate)

Roller: BC + S-Tips

Flex: Twin All Mountain

Core: Wood CK S -Tips

Base: 7500 Sintered

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4. Salomon The Villain Snowboard 2017

One of the most popular paintings in the line, The Solomon's Villain Snowboard offers a lot of kindness so that any advanced level rider becomes a true evil genius of all the mountains. Built with a Rock Out Camber profile, you will have stability between your bindings, a cambre near the feet for response and a tip of rocker and a tail for the presses. The Sidecut RAD Equalizer offers the perfect mix of agility and fun, and the Popster Booster Construction maximizes pop. To keep the panel light and durable, the Aspen SLCT and the sintered EG base offer an unprecedented slip through a variety of snow. Royal rubber rubbers will dampen the vibrations on these big impacts, ensuring that you and your team are in check and that the Edge Bevel freestyle ensures you an incredible edge hold and a shredding of the park. Everyone wants to be a hero, but we all know that the villain is more fun, so show off the best of the mountain with the Solomon Snowboard The Villain.

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5. Rossignol Krypto Magtek Snowboard

By taking the influence of Xavier's design of the Rue that lasts the loading of the XV Magtek, the Krypto Magtek comes to life when it is pushed to the limit on the main lines and the intimidating grounds. This rigid directional board has a substantial return for extra stability when you are slipping chutes, reloading the shears and sliding the powder. Rossignol designed the Krypto Magtek with its Super Directional Flex, which means that the board is more rigid under the rear foot for maximum control when driving in corners. By mixing the best of Rocker and Camber, the Amptek All-Mountain profile of the board is 60% rocker at the tips (30% at each tip) with 40% camber under the feet. The Krypto Magtek is primarily rocked and floats exceptionally well, and the slider under the feet provides a powerful grip and edge control. As for edge control, the Magne-Traction 7M edges give you seven contact points or "bumps" on each edge for claw-like grip on the highest snow and sketchiest conditions. Inside this powerful freeride panel you will find a TwinWood 3 core made of hard and soft wood laminates for an ideal blend of durability, bending and rigid bending. In addition, the Magtek Krypto comes with a quick sintered base, in case you should overtake the ski patrol or train your friends on the base.

K2 Turbo Dreamain: All Mountain Capability: Beginner to Intermediate Flex: Soft to Medium

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6. Snowboard 2016 - Men's

The K2 Turbo Dream is your powder-chicken shake, with a soft tip and tail from Tweekend, completing our off-road swing to provide a more user-friendly, floating and predictable work surface. Optimized to match the basic core technology of K2, we have built a brand new carbon fabric in the wood core, improving torsion and pop ollie. Add a tip to the tail of the Honeykomb wood core to enhance strength and light durability, and you're ready to rock. What are you waiting for?

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7. GNU Carbon Credit Asym Wide Snowboard Mens Sz 156cm (W)

GNU 2017 ASYM Carbon Credit Snowboard: the best-selling snowboard from Gnu has been upgraded with the new ASYM technology! One of the lighthouses of the Gnu line, the Carbon Credit wins a prize after each year, including Transworld's Good Wood. A great advice for progression, the Carbon Credit is intended to intensify your driving. The new Banana BTX from Gnu offers a balance between your feet for a playful and uncluttered play during the flat sections at the points of contact for a little extra power stored! The rocker also makes Crabon Credit an excellent choice for deep powder days, while the Magne-Traction creates 7 contact points to maintain an edge on even the most recent days. If you are looking for advice to do this, all Carbon Credit is the board of directors for you! Contour: ASYM True Twin Twin freestyle all-terrain design makes the fair switch is as simple as regular. Do not let the shape of the board hold you back, mount a twin! ASYM: Asymmetrical contact angles and short lateral contacts of the heel make the ASYM version of the Carbon Credit more natural and create much more predictable and stable sculptures.

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8. Burton Process Snowboard Mens

The choice of pros superior to those of Mark McMorris for light performances and pops gradually charged.

Re-evolved to spread ounces and amplify pop, Mark McMorris chooses the Burton process for his double free-style enjoyment and off-road prowess. The FSCTM Super Fly IITM certified core creates a lighter, more distant bridge, while Squeezebox's core profile transfers energy to the tip and tail for more precise applications and effortless stability. Available in two versions, choose Flying VTM relaxed and floating or precise control of the camber. Gentler than the personality, the process is adapted to the freestyle rider, but always capable of action in the mountains, as evidenced by the pros who push him.

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9. Rome Snowboards Crossrocket Snowboard

A powerful answer answers a fun and unattractive pleasure for a single take on shredding in complete freedom. The CrossRocket Rome snowboard dispels everything you throw, kill the park kickers and float through the cool with ease. The CrossRocket begins with the NoHang-Ups Pop 2. 0 profile, which features cambering to maintain the pop and edge you are asking for, as well as raised contact points that give it the feeling of rocker loose and unattractive. The result is a table that produces charcuterie and floats thanks to good functioning, but still, retains the pop and precision needed to increase jumps and shredding tips. Look inside this off-road beast, and you'll find a SuperPop Core Matrix for tons of natural kickers, cliffs, and ankles. The Carbon One Barrel HotRods extends outward from the inserts to the tip and tail, giving you explosive power without adding torsional stiffness.

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10. Roxy Ally BT Snowboard Women

All Mountain Freestyle Board with Banana Technology. Winning reward of all hybrid Rocker / Camber contours. Designed to simplify snowboarding. Burst between your feet / soft to pleasant capers outside your feet. Features: Soft Flex for an effortless run Moncton Hearted FSC approved for a lightweight, fun and friendly ride Contour: Banana Technology-Easy, Jibby, Floaty TerrSex

Finally, sex determines what size of board you will have to choose. Even if it is not mandatory, it is better to choose a suitable board as soon as it is a woman or a man, because the width and the shape are very different for both sexes.

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Discover all the 2017 snowboard boards available in this Black Friday!. This guide is intended to help you find the right snowboard for you by narrowing your search according to your criteria (brand, price, range).
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