10 best body wash for sensitive skin

Best baby wash for sensitive skin needs to be more hydrated and nourished. The choice of a soap should not be done lightly, at the risk of attacking the skin even more. So how to choose a soap when one has sensitive skin?

best body wash for sensitive skin

What is the ideal soap for my sensitive skin?

Dermatologists generally advocate preferring soap-free or soap-free soaps for facial cleansing. Soap surgras has the advantage of cleansing and moisturizing the skin. It is a genuine soothing care for the skin. It contains more moisturizing agents (oil or vegetable butter) than a traditional soap. Skins prone to allergies can be directed to soap without soap, free from scouring and perfume products, potentially allergens and irritants. For washing the body, you can opt for soap surgras or soap-free soap if you have very fragile skin. If your skin is less reactive, you can indulge yourself and offer a soap to the properties of your choice.

Sensitive skin: how to choose a soap?

Sensitive skin: how to choose a soap?

For your sensitive skin, it is preferable to carry out a cleaning with a soap saponified cold.

This type of soap is handcrafted. The vegetable oils are not heated thus allowing the conservation of a large part of vegetable glycerin.

The skin is, therefore, less affected by the detergent.

What is on a label and what does it mean for sensitive skin?

It is tempting to buy a new body wash based on its delicious scent, but this is exactly what people with sensitive skin can not do. Avoid synthetic perfumes because these are one of the best irritants and allergens for the skin.

"Unscented" is not the same as "fragrance-free." Unscented can simply mean that it has no strong smell, but that is because another ingredient masks the scent. Free of fragrances is much better and safer. We have included some "unscented" products because many people with sensitive skin have said they have had success with them, but that does not mean that any of them is safe for you.

"Hypoallergenic" is another of these terms that does not mean what you think. There is no FDA standard that defines what a cosmetic or skin care product is required to be hypoallergenic. Most companies can label a product with this term, although it contains exactly the same formula as another. The only difference is the packaging for the targeted demographic.

While companies can say, their "hypoallergenic" product has been tested to show it causes fewer side effects, that is, they have their own tests, and it has not been regulated by an external agency. The only way to protect yourself is to read ingredients labels.

Ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin

Of course, the list of ingredients may look boring, unless you have a degree in chemistry. But here is a cliff notes-like summary, what to avoid:

  • Look for alcohols that dry your skin, like SD and denature
  • Preservatives, such as parabene, formaldehyde and methylisothiazolinone, and other additives such as propylene glycol and phthalates are all skin irritants
  • ​Even natural essential oils such as peppermint or derivatives such as menthol can cause a reaction - when they tingle, they do not care how nice they smell or feel
  • ​Coal tar, for the treatment of dandruff and dry skin, prohibited in the EU as a carcinogen
  • TEA, MEA, DEA make foam, but can also be linked to cancer
  • ​Ingredients with "-eth" such as ethoxylated surfactants and sulfates that produce foam such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS and SLES) are allergens made with carcinogenic chemicals

Ingredients that can soothe sensitive skin

You have seen the bad, now we look good. If you want to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin, these ingredients can help. And wash with warm water instead of cold or warm.

  • Coconut oil will not boil pores, it is antibacterial and nourishes the skin
  • A natural anti-inflammatory that fights acne is tea oil
  • ​Honey is antimicrobial and moisturizes the skin
  • ​Sea salt is fulled with minerals to heal the skin
  • ​The avocado is wrapped with vitamins to refresh the skin
  • ​Argan oil cures eczema and moisturizes the skin
  • Aloe Vera combats the itching and heals the skin
  • ​Chamomile can be very soothing on the skin
  • ​Jojoba oil is a vegetable oil very similar to tallow; it moisturizes the skin
  • Almond oil clears rash and soothes dry spots
  • Shea butter is very moisturizing

Now that you've seen the bad and the good let's start examining the best body scrubs and shower gels for sensitive skin.

10 best body wash review for sensitive skin

1. Puracy Natural Body Wash, Sulfate-Free Bath and Shower Gel, Citrus and Sea Salt, 16 Ounce Pump Bottle

Puracy's Natural Body Wash cleanses and softens the skin with the power of the coconut, Himalaya and etc. The coconut-based surfactant provides a beautiful foam without the risk of irritated or dry skin. The Himalayan Pink Salt exfoliates dead cells and helps hydrated skin. The glycerin is a natural moisturizing agent that takes moisture. After rinsing, there are no residues, only soft skin.

Puracy formula was designed by doctors to be safe on any type of skin, in men or women. It does not contain the usual irritants such as sulfates, animal by-products, phosphates artificial fragrances, parabene or triclosan. The citrus and sea salt odor comes from natural ingredients, not from synthetic chemicals.

The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you do not love it, you get a refund. The price makes it a good deal for the value it offers. Users are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews online, maintaining these bodies as a best-selling product.

2. Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Moisturizing Shower Gel, Bath and Body Wash, Value Size 32 oz

Kiss My Face's Fragrance-Free Shower Gel does not contain gluten, parabene, phthalates or artificial fragrances. Users enjoy it gently on the skin, making it soft and clean. They say it smells a bit like pine, but the scent fades.

The formula has olive oil and aloe vera as well as vitamin E to heal and soothe skin. The remaining ingredients are not classified as hazardous by the EEC, with the exception of potassium sorbate and phenoxyethanol, with 3 and 4, moderate hazards. Overall, this seems to be a fairly safe product to choose if you are looking for something that is unlikely to irritate or dry skin.

3. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Lavender 32 oz.

EEC Rates Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Lavender Liquid Soap as 1 total, the lowest risk rating they have. The ingredients are besides soothing lavender hemp seed oil, glycerin, coconut oil, citric acid, olive oil, vitamin E, and water. It is a very simple product. There are no common allergens or dangers.

Some customers love Dr. Bronner's soaps and use them for anything from the body wash to make the wash. A caution: It is best to use this formula first to see how you react. Many users put half a teaspoon of size, full force, on a loofah or washcloth and use it like that.

4. AVEENO Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash Fragrance Free 12 oz

Aveenos Skin Relief Body Lotion is made to soothe dry, itchy skin even after it has been washed away. Aveeno says it is free of soap, dyes, and fragrances. It is based on oat flakes, which can actually help skin cure.

Once again, this is a popular product that has many positive reviews online. Some people swear that it has saved their skin. These users are obviously not affected by the sodium laureth sulfate or the propylene glycol in the ingredients.

5. Olay Sensitive Unscented Body Wash 23.6 oz

Olay's sensitive unscented body wash is meant to moisturize the skin and itch it, and it is very popular. There is some list of ingredients that shows a few things that can irritate the skin, such as petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, methylchloroisothiazolinone, and methylisothiazolinone. The last two components are prohibited in the put-on skin products sold in the EU. Also, the "unscented" is no guarantee that there is no scent, only that you do not smell it because it can mask the scent of other ingredients.

6. NIVEA Creme Sensitive Moisturizing Body Wash 16.9 Fluid Ounce

Niveas Cream Sensitive Wash contains chamomile, a natural ingredient that soothes irritated skin. The formula does not contain any soaps or dyes and is made to moisturize dry skin even after it has been washed away.

7. NIVEA Men Sensitive 3-in-1 Body Wash 16.9 Fluid Ounce

The men's formula from Nivea has natural ingredients than the ones we have just tested above. It contains Bambusa Vulgaris leaf to moisturize silicon dioxide for building more collagen and elastin, plus almond oil and sunflower oil.

8. Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash Oil Fragrance Free, 8.4 Ounce

Eucerin is a company that makes many products for users with sensitive skin. They point out that they are often recommended by dermatologists. So let us take their demands for their skin soothing body wash apart.

On the one hand, it is oil-free and fragrance-free, not only unscented. Two, it is said, it uses omega oils and lipids to moisturize the skin. They seem to come from castor oil and soybean oil. This is a good news so far.

But when you look at the EEC database, you will see that this wash was rated 4 for "moderate risk." Why? Mainly because it contains BHT and Cocamide DEA as well as some of the "-eth" ingredients. These first two things are associated with allergic reactions.

9. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, For all skin types, 16-Ounce Bottles

Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser is gentle for people of all ages. It is moisturizing and cleaning well without removing any skin natural oil.

It sounds great until you see that the list of ingredients contains all three parabenes as preservatives: polyparaben, butylparaben, and methylparaben. Scientists who work independently have linked these three to skin irritation and endocrine system disorders. Since we will rinse them, it may not be such a problem.

10. Sebamed Face and Body Wash, for Sensitive Skin 33.8-Fluid Ounces Bottle

Seams face and body wash for sensitive skin is pH-balanced at 5.6, so it is not as hard on the skin as some soaps. Some users love it. But be aware that sodium laureth sulfate is one of the first ingredients on the label, as well as other "-eth" components, as well as a fragrance and dyes.

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