10 best shampoos for oily hair

Today, we would love to provide you 10 best shampoos for oily hair. But, before doing so, there are important info for you to know in order to choose what product that suits you best!

A hair shiny, heavy and glued to the skull the day after the shampoo, welcome to the world of oily hair! This applies to both female and male, but fatty hair is not a fatality! While knowing the characteristics of oily hair and what causes such a state, solutions exist in pharmacy and daily to avoid them and remedy them!

Fatty hair: what is it?

fatty hair

The scalp is protected by a hydrolipidic film which consists of sebum and sweat and which protects our scalp from external aggressions and dehydration. This natural lubricant is distributed along the hair shaft, protects the hair by smoothing the scales and makes the hair shiny and supple. The oily hair is due to a relatively frequent dysregulation of the sebaceous glands that secrete this sebum. This natural fatty substance ensures lubrication and protection of the hair against pollution and drying out. But when there is excess sebum, it then smothers the root and the weighed. The hair is then oily, shiny and tends to grease as soon as the last shampoo performed. Sometimes it is only the root that is very greasy, due to this excess production of sebum and the tips are then very dry and brittle. But again, rest assured, solutions exist.

Fatty Hair: What Causes It?

No, fatty hair is not hereditary! It is an accepted idea that must be banished, and it is often stress, nervousness, an unbalanced diet too rich in fats, sugars and great fatigue that are factors favoring the appearance of greasy hair.

But also shampoos and care unsuited to the nature of the hair:

  • Aggressive shampoos, strippers with irritating fragrances or on the contrary the use of baby shampoos which have in the end an overgrading effect.
  • The use of aggressive components for the hair: dyeing, discoloration, making wicks are all reasons that cause the appearance of greasy hair or accentuates the problem.
  • Brushings too frequent, too hot with a hair dryer very close to the scalp.
  • The use of fixing agents and hair gels containing occlusive components such as paraffin.

Other factors such as hormonal dysregulation or excessive sweating can also play a role in this aesthetic discomfort.

Most of us know this: Freshly groomed and with loosely falling wallemons we leave the house in the morning, and at the latest, at noon the hair is simply flat and strands on the head. And what shimmers there is not the result of great hair care, but fat. We tell you what you can do about it, show you the best shampoos for greasy hair and how to prevent oily hair.


Actually, the fat of the sebaceous glands should keep our hair supple and does not dry out. It also protects the scalp like a protective layer and protects it against external influences. Unfortunately, these glands are often somewhat over-eager and produce too much fat. This can no longer be completely absorbed by the hair and deposits itself as a film. The result: greasy, straggly hair, which makes your appearance appear neglected. And how does this over-function develop? The cause of the hairy problem is in most cases the wrong care. But also hormone fluctuations, an unhealthy diet or the genetic predisposition can be the reason. A stressful lifestyle or too frequent cap wearing can also be guilty of the greasy hair. In medicine, the overactive function of the sebaceous glands is called seborrhea. Yes, that sounds like an incurable disease. But it is not so bad. And there is help!


The myth, greasy hair is created by too frequent washing of the hair, has lasted for ages. But this is not true. The only important thing is that you do not have to massage the scalp too much at the time of shampooing - that stimulates the production of the sebaceous glands and the fat is produced in excess. You should also use a shampoo, especially for greasy hair. The five best products we have put together in an extra point for you. When rinsing, be sure to incorporate them into the hair length and not into the neck. Also the water temperature during washing plays a role: Because heat irritates the scalp and this then reacts as a protective function with increased sebum production, the water should be lukewarm. The same applies to blow drying: Here you should pay attention to a moderate temperature - the highest level is taboo for you! Do not rinse the hair with the towel after washing, because it also stimulates the sebaceous glands unnecessarily.

The scalp

A greasy scalp may be genetic, but may also be caused by hormonal and climatic fluctuations or stress. Sometimes yellowish scales develop on greasy scalp by colonization of a yeast fungus.

Hair structure

Even if it does not always look beautiful: Fatty hair is usually quite healthy hair. Due to the greater amount of sebum on the scalp, each hair is almost covered with a nourishing, protective film.

Ideal hair care

Forget the myth that greasy hair fats even faster when washed daily. That's not true. If you feel so comfortable and fresh, you can wash the greasy head without problems every day. Important are shampoos, which are adapted to the hair problem. Also, mild shampoos for daily washing or volume shampoos work well as fat-solvers. Very important: Always rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Residues can cause greasy hair to go limp even faster. If there is no time for washing, dry shampoos can be used as fast problem solvers.


Even if the scalp is greasy and therefore relatively sturdy, the hair should not be unnecessarily maltreated with hot hair. It is best to blow-dry at medium heat levels at a distance of about 20 centimeters, which is best for hair and scalp. Use round brushes with natural bristles, especially wild boar, to shape the hair style. They absorb fat from the scalp, on the other hand, and help to spread it towards the tip of the hair. This is where the hair is by nature more dry and needs care.

Care for

Since even oily hair can be strained in the tips, rinsing is important, especially for longer hair. However, it should only be applied to the last 2 to 3 centimeters of the hair and also from a series for greasy hair so that it provides a care as carefree as possible. An alternative are hair rinses, which are sprayed into the hair after washing and no longer have to be rinsed out. They are more easily formulated than washable rinses, but should only be given to the tips with greasy hair.

How to Style Oily Hair

Good for greasy hair are all styling products that contain alcohol - such as hair dryer foam, spray-hardener or even hair spray. The alcohol extracts excess fat from the scalp. And: Alcohol-containing styling products also help to ensure that the hair does not lie too closely on the scalp, which also counteracts the oil crisis on the scalp. Unsuitable are products that contain fat - such as wax, gel wax, or oil-based styling creams.

10 best shampoos for oily hair review

The 5-star rating that this shampoo has earned speaks for itself. It is not only beneficial for oily hair, it can also be used on other hair types including normal. So if you have many different hair types in your family and you can not afford to do without different shampoos, then this will be the trick. It contains herbs and bee propolis, which naturally occur in beehives. Free of sulphate and parabenen, it is perfectly good for use on your hair as it is quite natural. It helps in the control of hair loss when rejuvenating damaged hair and brings it back to life. The inclusion of a series of vitamins means that you can enjoy shimmering, hopping hair that is healthy from the inside. It soothes and soothes the scalp and invigorates your hair from the roots. If you have hair that is damaged by color or heat, you should opt for a gentle hair cleansing product like this.

Head and shoulders dominate the market for hair care products for a long time. Your main eye was over the years on the scaly control, and this product is of course aimed at those with this problem. It has been improved and specially developed for the cleaning of greasy hair. The combination of citrus and mango essence is very effective in promoting a clean. It helps directly to scalp and hair. In fact, it works quite good for most people. A major problem for people suffering from dandruff is that they can not wash their hair every day, because regular dandruff shampoos are way too strong. On the contrary, this is pH-balanced and suitable for daily use; yes, even if you have chemically treated hair. Apart from cleaning your scalp and hair, it helps to eliminate itching, dandruff, and redness without liberating your hair from natural oils.

Neutrogena offers a range of renowned, effective products for skin care and hair care. This anti-residue shampoo is a fantastic choice for controlling oily hair and comes in a sleek, compact bottle. It also helps to increase the volume, which in general tends to make oil generally dulled. With only one application, it has the ability to eliminate 95% of the residue in your hair. The best thing is that it is not just intended for those with greasy hair. All types of hair can enjoy their benefits. You also need to use it only once a week so you can enjoy a long-term use. Interestingly, it is not used as a shampoo alone. It should be used with your regular shampoo to increase its effects. If you are travel person and you need to thoroughly clean your hair without having to waste a lot of time, this is what you need.

Herbal Essences is another familiar and preferred brand. They do not disappoint with this fresh intake on shampoos for greasy hair. Tea tree essence in the formula helps it work so well. This special feature, inspired by nature, means that your hair is cleaned from the root and leaves a refreshing, healthy feeling. There is also a pleasant fragrance which also animates the senses. Not only that, you can also enjoy the feeling of luxuriously soft, handy hair at any time. Particularly suitable for those of you who have daily strokes and have not yet found a solution. For the very reasonable price, it is definitely a bargain. If you are looking for a change to your hair routine, then consider this.

If you are sort of a person who likes their products as naturally as possible, then this is for you. Honeydew Shampoo for greasy hair consists of an organic, essential oil formula. It is a combination of lavender, thyme, rosemary, and yarrow, which are unique ingredients. 100% natural, it is suitable for men and women. This shampoo helps remove dirt from the hair roots, lifts them up and thus offers more volume. It also helps to nourish and soothe the scalp from problems caused by irritation. You can combine this with every conditioner, so buy this, and your favorite conditioner is enough. It also works well for all types of hair, including the most difficult curly and frizzy type. Made in the USA, the quality is guaranteed, and the results are guaranteed. It could be the answer you were looking for!

This from Maple Holistics was developed to combat both a greasy scalp and greasy hair. What makes the difference is that its formula contains an essential lemon oil that unbelievably clears. In addition, it is richly moisturizing, which means that those with dandruff can turn to relief. Dandruff can harm your scalp. By keeping your scalp moistened, you can speed up the healing process. It also comes with a unique Jojoba / Rosmarine combination, which is to hydrate and restore the hair from the follicles themselves. This allows you to enjoy the hair that is not only looking good but also healthy and vital from the inside.

With a strong formula that contains lemon tea tree oil and lemon peel extract, it is very beneficial when it comes to removing fat and excess oil on the hair. In addition, something is also known as the Maca root, which is known for its strengthening properties. Apart from the washing-up of the extra oil, residues are also removed, which is a further plus. Price wise it is, however, higher, packs a blow. Gorgeous, they have a number of tempting options to choose from, including coconut, Italian red grapes, green apple, and raspberry. If you prefer something more neutral, they have also covered it with their fragrance-free option. Makes a wonderful addition to your hair care routine and should definitely be considered.

The body shop needs no introduction and has delivered the world some of the most exemplary and innovative beauty products of all time. With this rainforest shampoo, which has been specially developed for greasy hair, it surpasses all expectations. Free of sulfates, paraben, silicone and other harmful chemicals, it is absolutely safe for use as often as you need. Algae, white nettle, and aloe vera are just some of the fascinating ingredients in its formula. If you have fought long against dandruff or greasy hair, try it out. Considering that it contains some of the most natural and effective items, you will surely love it. It leaves a lasting, fresh fragrance that will make you feel light and energized all day long. Its compact size means it can be carried along when traveling; it can easily fit into any beauty case in your luggage. At under $ 10 it is a worthwhile purchase.

L'Oreal is another world-renowned, renowned brand in hair care and this product is another wonderful addition to their range. With a formula that has been specifically designed for greasy and combed hair, it is ideal to clean your hair thoroughly. The infusion of clay in the mixture is its main sales argument and an effective one. Sound is an excellent ingredient when it comes to absorption. In fact, this product is designed to give you 48 hours of well-nourished and purified roots, which is excellent for the volume. Oil can weigh your sweets downwards, making it lifeless and unhealthy. By keeping the roots clean, "lift" your hair, for a doorman, more voluminous effect.

Compared to the cost of an average shampoo, Paul Mitchel is a little high; However, this brand is not an average shampoo. It is one of the best brands that is worth it, especially if you are interested in your castles. The formula has been developed for greasy hair and scalp and is the perfect solution that you have been looking for. Greasy hair must be attacked from the ground, if you want to control it, and this is in the scalp. Packed in a minimalistic but streamlined bottle, it can help to get fresh hair with more body. The best thing is that this is not just a solution. It is even able to reduce oil production with regular use, which is very good in the long term.

              Having everyday healthy hair is possible for everyone now! Leave us a feedback of product that you are using to get rid of too much of oily hair or any comment. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great hair day!

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