10 best socks for cold feet

What really helps against cold feet

With socks to bed. Cannot go? Frozen is the heart in the fight against icicles on the feet but heart. Whether you have cold feet more often. There will be some useful advice about ski socks, snow socks, and heated socks for skiing.

As soon as the temperatures fall in autumn, the danger for cold feet increases. Anyone who needs to stay at bus stops early in the morning will experience this on their own. Blame on the temperature drop at the outer extremities can be as simple things as the wrong footwear. Or - and already we are in a scientific horror - the sex. Some experts are convinced that the different relationship between muscles and adipose tissue in men and women plays an important role in the feeling of temperature.

Even men suffer from foot-frost

The general practitioner Dr. med. Hans-Michael, chairman of the Bremen Medical Association, does not think much about this explanation. "Men suffer as often from cold feet, they just do not talk about it," the doctor is convinced.

The icicle sensation is created by the fact that the feet are not properly perfused. And this could affect both women and men alike, as Michael says, due to a rather harmless circulation regulation problem in most cases. It occurs when the blood cannot circulate adequately in the vein system of the legs. Of these, slender people are usually affected.

What can be behind cold feet and ski socks for warmth

Cold feet could also indicate serious vascular disease. Diabetics, smokers, people with high blood pressure or severe overweight can permanently threaten a constriction of the vessels: the feet become poorer and freeze. First hints there is a test. "Whether it is cold feet due to illness, one can find: pain the cold feet with movement, one should urgently the complaints from a medical expert to clarify," says Michael.

Also, a case for the doctor are all of a sudden cold and painful feet, especially when they turn white or bluish. If only one leg is affected, immediately contact the doctor! If you suffer from diabetes or other chronic diseases, your foot-climate must always be kept very well in mind. Because diabetics may not even notice when the feet become too cold. And whoever suffers cold feet in the summer as well, while everyone else likes to walk barefoot, according to Michael, a doctor's visit is also strongly advised.

Tips to heat properly

If the physician has ruled out serious causes, the circulation of the feet can be stimulated with quite simple methods. As a first-aid program, flipping is suitable with your feet, toe rollers or bouncing up and down. A good prophylaxis would also be to not hit the legs while sitting but to place them comfortably on the ground next to each other.

For the prevention, however, much more can be done: "Everything that irritates the feet helps in this case. In addition to cold-hot interchangeable baths, castings are also suitable," says the medical expert. In the cold water, the veins transporting the blood into the legs would contract again with warm water.

Sleep killer cold feet

But also saunas and endurance sports. Because when the circulation is boosted, it is good for the blood pressure and thus also for the feel-good climate at the feet. Brushing massages might have a similar effect, according to Michael. The doctor advises nevertheless nevertheless to more movement because it generally has a positive influence on the health. For sports beginners over 35 years or chronically ill, however, it would be sensible to have the doctor check-in before the start of the training.

And if you suffer from cold feet and regularly take medication, you should generally be able to check whether the bleeding disorder on the feet may also be a side effect. "It has to be clarified with the house doctor, he can best classify how to proceed then," says Michael.

Whilst the ice-cobs finally go to bed, the doctor actually advises him to have thick socks and foot massage. For with cold feet asleep, many people can not. "The body perceives the cold feet as a malfunction and empties stress hormones. This stimulates the circulation again, sleep is not to be thought of," explains Michael. What usually also applies to the bed neighbors, who gives the frost-toes cuddly asylum under the covers. So then rather: thick socks.

Never again freezing: Hot tips for cold feet

Especially women often suffer from cold feet - in the office, at home, and especially when they want to fall asleep. On the other hand, you can do something, but you also have to take the freeze seriously in the first step and actually do something about it in the second step. First, it is useful to wear the "right" socks, shoes and insoles.

Sullen socks against freezing

Wool socks, unfortunately, have the disadvantage that they like to dissolve toes and hoes like in the air. If you are looking for a small admixture of polyamide or polyester, you will have more of your stockings.

Socks, which are too narrow at the top, reduce the blood flow. If you have pressure sensitive shackles, you can avoid socks for diabetics - they are cut up at the top. Nylon stockings warm under pants, because an air cushion can form there. To the little black, it should be in the winter already opaque pantyhose from 60 den - the yarn weight is then 60 grams for a 9-kilometer long thread.

Heated pantyhose leave nothing to be desired: the material is half-silvered yarn, which is heated by a mini-power controller at the cuffs or in the sleeve pocket. Do you like to wear bed socks?

To be recommended are downpacks, which offer outdoor shops. The knitted models of light Angora wool feel nice, but they are very strong and quickly become unsightly when you take it to the toilet every night.

Warm shoes against cold feet

Do not wear too tight shoes, as there is no warm air cushion. Other tips against freezing: Leather soles can be filled with water, so boots with thick soles made of crepe or rubber are optimal.

Walken from goats wool: In order to prevent you from freezing your toes with ice and snow, you can wear special boots developed in Canada or have a pair of walks - these are goats wool felt boots.

Rubber galoshes: Fashion-conscious ladies should not be embarrassed to go to the ball in winter boots and wear the high-heeled shoes only on the spot. Men can protect their budgets in the rain and snowshoes with rubber galoshes.

Cold feet - warming insoles

You can even put the fur soles with the aluminum bottom in pumps, but you should buy them a bit bigger. Zimtsohlen not only neutralize the foot odor, but also stimulate the blood circulation. Electrically heated soles were initially only for ski boots, but the batteries can also be attached to winter boots.

Never freeze again in the office!

If you sit long at the desk and move little, your feet quickly get cold. These aids have proven their worth for frost bumps:

Heated footrest: If you can also take your shoes off by the hour, a footrest that can be electrically heated can help.

Fellsack: In the home office, you can wear fur coats or get a fur sack into which you can put both feet - that warms something more when you move them in it. There is also electric heating.

Electric heating: In many large rooms the room temperature is quite cold. If you cannot convince your colleagues to turn the heating up a little more, you can warm it up with an electric heating under your desk. Disadvantage: This drives the electricity costs up.

10 best socks for cold feet

  • 65% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, 2% Elastane
  • Knit in USA
  • Flat knit durable toe seam
  • Sock Height: Over the Calf
  • 14" overall height
  • Style: SW0SW006
  • 62% Merino Wool/34% Nylon/4% Lycra Spandex
  • Made in US
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
  • Performance fit
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • SNOW SKI SOCKS – Lightweight Skiing socks, second skin fit and feel, embraces the foot ensuring a snug fit, eliminating wrinkles, reducing pressure points

  • DYNAMIC CUSHIONING - Creates high performance protection to the foot and shin against the rigidity of ski boots assisting better circulation and comfort
  •  PERFORMANCE PROTECTION – high performance protection, light weight padding and seamless toe pocket, relieves foot stress, eliminates swelling and numbness
    • Lycra-Merino-Nylon-Spandex-Wool
    • Made in USA
    • 70% Merino Wool, 26% Nylon, 4% LYCRA® blend keep your feet warm and dry during winter sport activity
    • Features include: over-the-calf length; ankle, Achilles, and instep support zones for protection and to keep the sock in place; sculpted cushioning to maximize fit and comfort; a seamless toe closure; and a breathable forefoot zone for good ventilation
    • Fit is true to size based on standard US men’s shoe sizes
  • 60% nylon 36% merino wool 4% lycra
  • Imported
  • Graduated compression leg
  • Designed for skiing, running and cycling
  • Precision Fit foot with Lycra
  • 15-20 mmHg Lightweight
  • 1 year Guarantee
  • 45% Polypropylene 24% Acrylic 20% Wool 11% Polyamide
  • Imported
  • Socks-Type: Ski & Snowboard sock
  • Socks-Fit: knee socks
  • Season: winter socks
  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Medium-regular
  • Lightweight Quick-Drying and Odor-Resistant Polypropylene Reinforced Foot bed
  • All-Over Elastic for Ultimate Arch, Ankle, and Leg Support with Stay High Comfort Band
  • Chafe-Free Link Toe Seam and Sock Lock Reinforcements
  • DRYRIDE Ultra wick Venting Toe Panels
  • 42% Wool/24% Stretch Nylon/21% Polypropylene/7% Stretch Polyester/5% Olefin/1% Spandex
  • Made in USA
  • Machine Wash
  • Knee-high cushioned ski socks with stay-put knee, heel, toe, and shin
  • 70% Silver Drystat, 15% Microsupreme, 10% Nylon 5% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Keep your feet dry with our exclusive Drystat and MicroSupreme fiber providing optimum moisture control reducing the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • 70% Silver drystat, 15% microsupreme, 10% nylon 5% spandex
  • Dynamic cushioning creates high performance protection to the foot and shin against the rigidity of ski boots assisting better circulation and comfort
  • Nylon
  • Made in USA
  • Lightweight ski sock with moisture wick technology
  • Shin and sole are cushioned for shock absorbtion
  • Memory knit and contoured rip top to stop slippage
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Composed with polyester, nylon and spandex
  • If you have any question, please feel free to comment down below.

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