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It has many benefits for the body and the health of the human body.

Where is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a succulent plant of the family Liliaceae (bulbs, such as onions or tulips). In the wild, it grows in South America, in Africa, on the Canary Islands ... and where the humidity is important because this small shrub stores the water in its fleshy leaves from which one extracts then the aloe vera gel, the part is consumed. Be careful not to confuse it with agave, another oily plant that looks like it physically ...

What are the benefits for the body?

The healing properties of aloe vera have been known since antiquity. Its traces have been found in Egyptian civilizations, and it even seems that Columbus used it to heal the sailors of Santa Maria. This anti-fatigue plant is a real booster for health: it stimulates the natural defenses of the human body, regulates transit and sleep, has anti-inflammatory properties, activates the healing process and contains almost all minerals and vitamins. 220 elements of which 80 nutrients are present in the leaf of aloe vera and its virtues on the health are such that one does not find an equivalent plant to him.

5  b​​​​est aloe vera supplement


100% Always Act​ive Aloe Vera Liquid

Aloe Vera offers a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Aloe Vera’s constituent mucopolysaccharides, also known as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), are thought to be its active components.

  • help with digestion issues
  •  Strong aloe flavor

Art Naturals' Aloe Vera Gel is a medicine chest and beauty box basic. Its healing qualities include relieving sunburn, windburn and pain from insect bites and stings. Used on hair and scalp, it helps get rid of dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth. Used for skincare, it hydrates, reduces redness, and helps reduce stretch marks

How to consume it?

Aloe vera is easily found in organic and pharmacy stores in several forms: capsules (in Dieti Natura, $ 3.70 60 capsules), aloe vera juice to drink ($ 13.30 the bottle of 200ml), aloe vera gel to drink (34.54 $ per liter) or aloe vera gel in a tube to use as a cutaneous application to help heal, moisturize the skin and soothe the itching and irritation (9.95 $ the tube of 150ml). Beware of aloe vera drinks that are easily found on the market but cannot expect the same effects on our health: their rate of pure aloe vera is often insufficient.

Ideally, it is consumed in the morning, on an empty stomach. Either in cure of one to three months to regulate the transit for example or boost its immune system, or long-term since there is no contraindication to consume throughout the year.

3 essential elements to check on the label:

  • The rate of aloe vera present in the product. It takes at least between 85 and 90% to benefit from its virtues.
  • The mention "unmodified vegetable water" indicates that we will consume what the aloe vera leaves have stored without any modification.
  • The origin of the plant and the place of transformation. As the aloe vera leaf corrupts a few hours after pickup, a product labeled "integrated vertical production" is preferred. This means that the plant has been planted, harvested and processed on site, thus guaranteeing a better content of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fibers.

Aloe vera, miracle drug?

Aloe vera, or aloe, is a perennial plant, without feet, with exceptional qualities. We collect in its green parts, a clear pulp that looks like gel, whose benefits are no longer to prove both internal use and external use ...

Aloe vera, the plant with many virtues

It not only stimulates immune defenses, heals but it also acts as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. Aloe vera promotes the elimination of toxins and relieves stomach cramps and stomach upset. In addition, this remarkable plant is recommended for diabetics, and people with allergies, constipation, heart problems ...

In short, aloe vera is a true miniature pharmacy: it produces many active ingredients, including minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and mucopolysaccharides, as we will see.

Aloe vera, fountain of youth Maya

There are 300 species of aloe. The most used is, of course, aloe vera because of its advantages and especially its ease of operation. Native to South Africa, aloe vera is cultivated all over the world, especially in Spain, Mexico but also in the southern United States.

The precursors of modern medicine such as Pliny the Elder, Aristotle or Hippocrates had already discovered the many qualities of this plant. They used it mainly for:

improve blood clotting,

help the wayward intestines,

soothe ulcers,

to heal blows and wounds,

as well as for its benefits for the skin: both to heal and beautify it.

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