best snowboard boots 2017 for men and women

We gather all super best snowboard boots 2017 for men and women. But, before we doing so, we would like to give you more info before buying anything. Any criticism or 'review' of snow boots should be taken with caution. Unlike boards and bindings, you cannot really judge boots by testing them only one afternoon. So even if you talk to someone who has rigorously tried a model, keep in mind that all feet are different. You can never be sure that what goes to another suits you too. These are our preferences, but they are indicative, according to our feelings.

Buying boots is a bit like a bet. There are a lot of things you can check before you go to the act. First, most brands already know more or less which of their products best meets your needs. If you like to have fun on the slopes, for example, you need support. If you prefer parks, choose a resistant model but a little flexible. In any case, do not focus on the most aesthetic pair. Especially that it will be largely hidden under fixation.

It seems obvious, but the wisest is still to try the boots yourself. Go to the corner shop and find out what's on the shelf. Shape a maximum of patterns to determine which one, where you feel best. Make sure you measure your feet well, and take advice from the sellers. Many boots offer different lacing systems. It may seem complicated, but shop staff should help you find the best support. Sometimes too, a tailor-made sole makes all the difference, and gives you the little extra you've ever found in a factory.

We've brought together some of the key brands' flagship models to give you an overview of the options available. Read the following, find out about all ranges, and find out in shops. But be careful to always take your time. If it is a shame to buy the wrong board or incorrect fasteners, getting the wrong boots can be a real disaster.

Mostly, snowboard boots should be your first purchase in the boots/snowboard/bindings configured; you can match the boots with the cool pair of bindings. The right pair of snowboard boots will keep you at ease, will keep you in a stressful season of frequent mountain trips, and maybe even you will gain style points. We will provide an overview of the best snowboard boots based on popularity and ratings, but it still makes sense to follow some common sense tips before hitting this buying button.

It makes sense to be wary of any "review" of the snowboard; you really need two months of months in a pair to make good judgment. In addition, all feet are different, so that says that a perfect pair for a rider will be just as comfortable for the next. But buying a pair of boots from a store or online seller should not be a dice shot. We provide some guidelines to follow that will help you make the right decision. You do not want to make your decision solely based on brand allegations or marketing statements.

If you have a driving style, you want to buy your boots accordingly in case if you are a beginner, you probably want all mountain boots. Fortunately, most brands are ahead of what each of their boots is best suited and designed. Most companies will indicate if their boots are for use in the park, mountain, etc. So if you like to park and make donuts, do not get a pair of rigid boots. Have you bought a season package? Then you probably do not want to go for inexpensive snow boots that can only last half the season.

One of the best movements you can do is to go down to a local board store and try half a dozen pairs or two. Then you can get an idea of what brands you would like and what sizes will work out for you. Get each foot measured, especially if you continue to grow. Tilt forward and forward as if you are simulating downhill. You should feel a firm but comfortable pressure everywhere other than your toes. Your toes should just brush the end of startup. Another good idea is to experiment with lacing systems. There are many different designs out there, so try to get an idea of one that will give you the fewest headaches when entering and exiting your equipment.

If you do not find a pair you like in the store, think about what sizes and brands work well for you, so when you keep looking for the right pair online, you know where to start. Take your time, buying bad boots is a decision that your feet will pay for many times. Plus, if your boots suck, you'll run for the lodge in no time while your friends eagerly eat all the Pow while you're gone. Check out our list of the best snowboard boots, but make sure you know they will adapt and work with your array/bindings configuration before buying (or that they have a very liberal return policy).


1. Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boot

Salomon's Pearl BOA Snowboard boot is good one of the best choices for women. If you are looking for the best women's snowboard boots, these are just precautions. You will have to pay a lot for them. A clean style combined with superior technology, such as D insole, C1 flat sole, and functional lacing system, complete this pair of boots.

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2. Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

Thirty-two actually makes some impressive snowboard boots that are sometimes overlooked, which should not be the case. Some of their models quickly stole fans from other brands because of their excellent performance. The 32 snowboard boots are perfect for all-mountain riders who enjoy a journey through the park from time to time. They are a clear competitor for the best 2017 men's snowboard boots. The dual-density heat-foaming foam gives the riders the custom fit they want, and the average stiffness is perfect to ride with any part of the mountain that feels that day.

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3. DC Men's Mutiny Snowboard Boot,Grey,7.5 US/7.5 M US

The DC Mutiny Boots wins the prize for the best beginner snowboard boots. On a scale of 1 to 10, the DC Mutiny Boot ranks a 5 on the stiffness level. If you are new at snowboard, this is perfect for you to learn and try anything. And they have a reasonable price; you will not be breaking the bank by taking back a pair.

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4. K2 Men's Maysis Snowboard Boot

Features: Recording system: K2 Double Boa¨, Liner Lacing: Boa¨Condaª, Liner: Intuitive Control Foam 3D, Outsole: NEW! Grip-Lite Phylon with rubber, insole: EVA 3D formed with Harshmellow®, Liner: J & J Internal and external rims, details: Dual density 3D tongue, NEW! Endoª FS Construction

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5. Ride Men's Anthem Snowboard Boots

Liner: Intuition ™ plush foam technology with Aegis ™ antimicrobial coating

Liner Fit: Thermomformable Internal J Bars

Foot support: EVA molded sole

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6. DC Men's Scout Snowboard Boot

Snowboard boots scout for men from the Snow Collection DC Shoes. The features of the Scout include Boa H3 cobalt closure system, UniLite sole, Red Liner, Snow base insole and a composition of 0.

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7. Thirtytwo STW Boa Women's Snowboard Boots

The lacing system offers an unmatched glove-shaped fit with aircraft quality durability and a senseless micro-fit. The 3-D molded tongue allows easier lacing with improved fit and flexibility. The level 1 sole features EVA with the Sherpa upper sheet for warmth and comfort while providing lightweight and optimal performance.

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8. DC Women's Karma Snowboard Boot

Basic insole for comfortable wear. Red Liner:

  • Technical lining for humidity and temperature management
  • Lace closure
  • UniLite outsole with multi-dimensional EVA construction for lightweight and shockproof performance. Imported.

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9. Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Mens

KEY FEATURES Sleeping bag Reflective paper traps extra heat without adding volume Impress 1 Liner custom molding for your comfort and holding the Speed Zone lacing system is the easiest and easiest way to attach your boots simply pull back and forth

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10. DC Men's Judge Snowboard Boot

Snowboard Judge features include Boax Focus Closure System with Coil H3 Coil, UniLite Contact and Rubber Sole, Black Liner and Harley Inside Ankle

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