Does Botox really get rids of wrinkle?

          The most dreadful of all things attached to aging is the appearance of wrinkles. As one grows older, the skin tends to wear out, and gradually wrinkles start to show up. Premature wrinkles show up as a result of stress, excessive frowning, pollution, lack of vitamin C and E and extreme sun exposure. There are countless over-the-counter creams that promise wrinkle disappearance. Some, of course, is highly effective in treating wrinkles, others are mere worthless beauty products that cause harm to the skin leave alone treating wrinkles! Collagen injections are supposed to become the most sorted anti wrinkle treatment. Laser resurfacing of facial skin, Botox treatment, and eyebrow lifting are other common means adopted by people, women especially to tackle wrinkles. Howsoever, effective these anti-wrinkle creams may be, nothing can compare natural ways to treat wrinkles.

         A turmeric and sugarcane juice mix is a really effective way to treat wrinkles. A person with a wrinkled skin may also consider egg white and pine apple application on the wrinkled skin. Also massaging the wrinkled skin with coconut oil or castor oil before hitting the sack is a tried and tested way to have the wrinkles vanished. Consuming flax seed oil also helps substantially. Again howsoever effective these home remedies may be, it is always better to prevent pre mature aging of skin rather than taking resort to harmful skin creams later. As said before, pollution and sun exposure causes wrinkles to appear. As such, you must always wear sun shades before leaving the house. Also, you must not leave the house without any sunscreen regardless of the type of weather. Also do not frown too much over petty issues.

Stay happy

Drink as much of fluids as you can. Take a rich, balanced diet. All this goes a long way to delay the emergence of nasty wrinkles.

How To Deal With Wrinkles?

Life without wrinkles would have been so much better for the elderly especially elderly women. Only if wrinkles were not there! While the younger lot of people laugh away all wrinkle talks and woes and issues; it is only aged who can associate with wrinkles and effects there of! When you are young, and your skin is glowing, you don’t care two hoots about what will happen to your skin a few years from now. You realize the intensity of the problem only when you come to terms to it. Aging gracefully is an art, and you will have to work on it. There is no other option with you. If you want to run away from this, better be prepared to deal aging woes and be aware aging woes are unmanageable! Of course ‘working on it’ does not mean that you will get your teen beauty back but yes you may be able to look much younger than your actual age. Technology has left no stone unturned to bring the best to you but why knock the door of technology when the natural ways are so successful in battling aging?

Some people argue that the timing and way of aging of a person are hereditary. You need to get out of this misleading fact as soon as you can. More than heredity it is the lifestyle followed by a person and the type of diet consumed that govern the age related issues.

Wrinkles are the most prominent of all visible aging effects. Their prevention is easier than their cure. In fact, wrinkles don’t have a cure, in the first place. Anti-wrinkle products can only lessen their visibility. As for the prevention, using a pair of good sun glasses and sun block can help. A diet balanced with all major and micro nutrients also helps to put off aging!

Wrinkles Under Eyes

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body. Having a good skin will always make you feel confident and beautiful. No matter what type of skin tone you have and no matter what kind of skin problem you are facing, there is a solution for it. Under eye bags is one of the most common problems that a lot of people suffer due to certain factors such as lack of sleep, smoking, computer gaming and the natural process of aging. However, some studies showed that the existence of this type of skin problem can be considered as a sign of having a certain health disorder. There are also studies that revealed that most people who have this problem suffer from kidney disease. Itching, leg pain, fatigue and under eye bugs can give you a clue that there is a problem in your kidney. It is a common situation that whenever you have a problem in your kidney, it will not be easily detected until it becomes malignant. Eyes are also connected to the small and large intestines. When the colon is overfilled with toxins, the sufferer may also develop eye bags, and it is a sign that the waste should be removed from your body. Eye bags can also show that you have a thyroid problem. They can also develop when you are suffering from exhaustion, muscle contraction and heavy periods. After the removal of waste inside your body, under eye bags must be also removed. However, you can also use certain methods in order to get rid of it such as using medicinal treatment, natural treatment or undergoing a surgery. Although some studies showed that it will fade away after a long time, it is also best to remove it quickly since it will affect your daily lifestyle. Walking in the street with large eye bags can affect your feeling, especially when you have a beautiful face and shiny skin before. It will reduce your attractiveness plus; it is also a sign of an unhealthy person. Removing dark circles is not that easy, but you can use beauty products to deal with it.


Collagen, Argireline and other ingredients included in beauty products can greatly help in removing dark circles. Aside from it, these ingredients can also help reduce the sign of aging, especially the wrinkles in forehead, undereye wrinkles and wrinkles around the mouth. Laser treatment can also be used to deal with the problem since it is a one-time medication and all you need to do is to buy the medicine that the doctors will give you. Unlike any other treatments that can cause thousands of dollars with long term medication, this treatment is fast and effective. Imagine if you have deep wrinkles and large eye bags. Do you think you will still be attractive? Fortunately, you do not need to worry about your eye bags since there are alternative ways to deal with it. What you have to do is to opt the one that works best for you.

What is Botox?

Botox is a product used for wrinkle treatment.  It comes from the botulism toxins and freezes muscles so that they cannot function in the same way, often freezing wrinkles and reducing them in the process.  Botulism is, of course, toxic, but they use only small amounts. History of Botox Botos was first discovered as botulism in 1817 by German physician and poet Justinus Kerner.  He described it as a “sausage poison” and “fatty poison.”  They then turned it into a medication for the treatment of all kinds of various problems because of its ability to freeze the muscles for 4 months at a time typically speaking.  It is produced by Allergan Inc for its cosmetic uses. BenefitsBotox has been used to treat migraines, strabismus, blepharospasm, and hemial spasms in patients over the age of 12.  Since then ever, it has been used to treat asthma, obesity, prostatic symptoms, muscle pains, frown lines, wrinkles in general, and it has even been used to successfully treat an Australian man who had been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years because of a severe stroke.  However, it has never actually been approved for wrinkles.

Woman in cosmetic medicine treatment getting botox injection, close-up portrait

Side effects of using Botox

Unfortunately, it comes with side effects including. However, it is not limited to death, muscle paralysis, drooping eyelids, uneven smile, loss of ability to close eyes, loss of jaw function, focal facial paralysis, muscle weakness, headaches, dysphagia, flu like symptoms, allergic reactions, nausea, muscle weakness, indigestion, heartburn, tooth problems, high blood pressure, difficulty swallowing, upper respiratory infections, neck pain cough, back pain, runny or stuffy nose, soreness at injection site, weakness, dry mouth, drowsiness, bleeding, anxiety, chest pain, speech problems, dry eyes, double vision, reduced night vision, and otherwise.


Botox only works for 4 months, and each injection is extremely expensive. The side effects are unsure, and it has been known to spread easily to other parts of the body, causing a toxic effect, even including death. There are many who have actually sworn off Botox due to side effects the first time they used it. We would not suggest this particular product for proper treatment.

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