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6 Best Blackhead Remover Vacuum 2018

     Since this is a fairly new technology, the acquisition of a blackhead remover vacuum can be complicated for some. During your quest, it is therefore important to check some criteria in advance, especially in terms of its ergonomics and operation.

Precisely, you must prioritize blackhead vacuum cleaners easy to handle, which will also be easy to handle. Or the size of the area to be treated. When buying, pay special attention to the warranty offered or testimonials from buyers. Throughout this guide, we will recommend 6 best blackhead vacuums available on the market. Let’s get started!

1. Blackhead Remover Vacuum, Facial Pore Cleanser for stubborn blackheads

-It is Safe & Professional Blackhead Remover

-The latest generation blackhead extractor has more powerful suction and deeper clean your skin. Specially treat stubborn blackhead and whitehead, remove dead skin, oil and make-up residue, smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin.

-A Painless and Effective Electric pore cleanser

-Made of eco-friendly ABS material, adopt smart vacuum suction technology, FDA & FCC certificated, not only keep suction power within a safe, non-toxic and painless condition, but also can easily and quickly remove the stubborn blackhead if you use the stronger power. (Please note: don’t stay on one place for long time to prevent from purple or red skin)

-This is a facial pore vacuum for all Types of Skin-1~2 mild suction level for sensitive

2. Blackhead Remover, Kesbin Electric Blackhead Vacuum Suction Removal

-This is a High quality product

 - Innovative vacuum technology will not harm your skin and remove blackhead completely, more safe and effective than using mask or metal extractor.

- There is Five Strength to Choose

- Different from other Blackhead Remover, our machine was design to be 5 level intensity to refrain from the hurt of strong suction. The traditional blackheads can only remove the blackheads on the surface. Use this section. Blackhead instrument, using the principle of physical blackhead, can be completely sucked out, clear and clean.

- It is Portable and Rechargeable

-You can take this blackhead pore extractor with you when traveling or use it at home, lasts over 130 minutes on a single charge, Appropriate LED display is used to check the level of suction pressure and quantity of battery power.

-Multi-Function Cleaner

-Four probes can deeply clean pores, remove blackheads, dead skin cells, dirt, oil and reduce fine lines,pull and tighten pores.

3. Blackhead Remover, Apolol Blackhead Vacuum Suction Removal, Comedo Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Machine for Women & Men


-Vacuum Physical Suction Design from level 1 to level 4 suction force, you can adjust the force you like to cure your pore.

- One-click design to change the force and long press to shut down the device.


-Small sucker: Remove blackhead, weaker suction, which is suitable for sensitive skin; Large Hole Head: stronger suction, which is suitable for stubborn blackhead; Elliptical Hole Head: make your skin more elastic and compact perfect for T zone. Microdermabrasion head: exfoliating keratin and dead skin, desalt scar.

-Vacuum blackhead remover is made of the eco-friendly material ABS. Suction treatment is our shining point. Unlike others,Apolol blackhead remover provides a safe and effective approach to solve your skin problems without any chemicals even painful skin irritation.

-USB RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE Conform to the principles of human body engineering and handhold design. This electric skin cleaner blackhead extraction tool owns wireless design. With USB charge cable, one time charge can support superior standby time. with the size of 7.4*1.7*1.6 in, you can enjoy your professional SPA skin care at home or travelling.

- Use this Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remover for twice a week. Please use the low level suction at the first time use. When it's working, please move quickly and do not stay in on place more than 3 seconds. Please Don't stay on Same place too long to prevent red and purple skin.

4. Blackhead Remover, Srocker Comedo Vacuum Suction Acne Remover Facial Pore Cleanser Exfoliating Extractor Tool with 5 Adjustable Suction Levels

-Remove makeup, dirt, oil and sweat 6x better than hands alone with this gentle, two speed facial brush.

-Speed 2 for daily cleansing and Speed 1 for sensitive or delicate skin days.

-Makeup removal, soft skin, and clean pores. 96% of women experienced smoother, softer and healthier

-looking skin.

-Apply cleanser to wet brush head and gently move the brush in a circular motion on damp facial skin.

-Easy to use - Simply press the on/off button and use the +/- buttons to adjust the power levels from 1 to 5. Change probe nozzles as needed. When finished, remove the nozzles and clean with soap and water. The blackhead remover charges with the included USB cable.

-Strong suction - The acne remover uses skin friendly suction which means that you can use it without causing skin breaking. Amazingly, the suction speed is adjustable, and it has 4 heads which are removable for easy cleaning. The heads are dedicated to removing acne, blackheads, mites, and skin exfoliation leaving skin active and flexible.

-Without worries behind - Apart from working on already developed skin blemishes, it is a great tool for protection. This blemish remover assists in unclogging large pore and dirt removal. As a result, it reduces chances of skin disorders. The construction is durable featuring ABS plastic and is compact to enable high portability.

-Outstanding choice for all people with skin blemishes

- This tool is perfect in ensuring that you extract dead cells, blackheads, and acne without the use of painful needles. It is an electronic device which sucks all dirt, acne, and blackheads leaving skin extremely elastic.

5. K-SKIN Facial Deep Cleansing Brush Waterproof Exfoliate Pore Smooth Skin for 3 Speeds Modes Setting with 2 Brush Heads

-Deep Cleansing

- It removes oil, dirt and makeup residue. Facial cleansing brush deeply cleanses your skin and gently skin care. Finally, it will achieve the effect of promoting nutrient absorption.

-3 Speed Modes - Delicate, Universal, Powerful to meet your gentle, daily and deep cleanse need.

-Two Brush Heads (Radiance, Sensitive)

- It designed with soft and extra fine bristles to deliver a comfortable cleansing experience.

-IPX6 Waterproof - It could improve the item performance when enjoy our cleansing brush in a wet bathroom.

-Storage Base - Not only convenient to place,but it effectively prevents the growth of bacteria.

6. Clarisonic Mia 2, 2 Speed Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush

-Remove makeup, dirt, oil and sweat 6x better than hands alone with this gentle, two speed facial brush.

-Speed 2 for daily cleansing and Speed 1 for sensitive or delicate skin days.

-Makeup removal, soft skin, and clean pores. 96% of women experienced smoother, softer and healthier

-looking skin.

-Apply cleanser to wet brush head and gently move the brush in a circular motion on damp facial skin.

Why buy a vacuum cleaner blackheads?

              It is not uncommon to find on our face blackheads or acnes, which are not advantageous for our appearance. But, if you should one of these 6 best blackhead remover vacuum that suits you, your skin will thank you greatly. You will shine without blackheads!  With totally painless, it is a device that can be used safely as long as you remain faithful to the instructions for use.

Best Facial Skin Care Toners Reviews and Comparison 2018

Discover our selection of   Facial Skin Care Toners 2018 , bringing together the Top 10 Sales in! If you want to know the Bestsellers, Tests, Customer and Reviews then you are in the right place.

1. [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner, toner, moisturizer, without paraben and alcohol, 180ml, 6.08oz

- It hydrates and calms sensitive skin post-cleansing and tidies the skin texture to smoothed while maintaining the optimal pH balance

- KLAIRS is good for sensitive skin.
- Plant extracts and soothing ingredients blended together for a calming formula, the non-irritating, super hydrating toner can be used for sensitive skin as well
Faster absorption, enhanced hydration

To sum up

If you are looking for a toner that has Balance pH level, Calming formula, Non-irritation and comes in a pretty good size 180ml, 6.08oz, you should try this product!

2. InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Toner – 100% Natural & Organic Anti Aging Face Spray – Dry & Combination Types Prep for Serums & Moisturizers 4 OZ

- CLEANS deeply to each pores.

- soothing mist of our toner delivers our advanced ingredients, including MSM, to penetrate pores and increase their elasticity.

-You can use with even just a single spray, your face will become more receptive to serums, oils, and moisturizers and ensure these are absorbed more easily

- This product COMBATS OILY SKIN

 - Our Vitamin C Facial Toner formula is full of components with varying purposes, but they all work together to combat and remove excess oil.

-With the addition of Vitamin E and Glycolic Acid, the toner is sure to restore your natural pH levels while still being gentle on all skin types even if your face is dry or sensitive


- When it comes to developing healthy and youthful skin in both men and women

 - Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that encourages the production of collagen. This is what gives your skin a tighter and younger look you are sure to notice a difference in your before and after

3. Kopari Coconut Rose Toner - Revitalize and Restore Skin + Calming Witch Hazel - Natural astringent, Non GMO, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and Sulfate Free, 5.1 Oz


- Our Coconut Rose Toner revitalizes and restores skin's natural balance, reduces the appearance of pores while keeping redness at bay and it's formulation includes Witch Hazel to calm and soothe skin without drying it.


- We take coconut oil’s many benefits to the next level by incorporating innovative natural ingredients that enhance the performance of traditional coconut oil.

- We use the right blend of pure ingredients with cutting-edge chemistry to enhance the benefits of coconut oil. This secret sauce delivers better results than conventional products.

4. Neutrogena Alcohol And Oil-Free Toner, 8.5 Oz.

- 8.5-fluid ounce of Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Facial Toner to help purify, cleanse and refresh skin without stripping its natural moisture

- This alcohol-free face toner is contains mild purifiers that work to gently remove impurities and help recondition skin

- The alcohol-free formula of this cleansing toner cleanses and refreshes skin without causing irritation or drying skin and will not strip delicate facial skin of its own natural moisture

- Moisten cotton ball with Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner and apply to face with gentle upward strokes to leave skin feeling fresh and clean without any dryness or stinging

5. Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, 12 oz

- Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner will make your skin bloom.

- Rose Thayer’s remarkably soothing Toner is made with rose-petal water, Vitamin E and our proprietary Witch Hazel extract.

 - Alcohol free, paraben-free, naturally preserved, hypoallergenic. Made with organic witch hazel and aloe vera. Natural rose fragrance. Cleanses, soothes and tones skin. 12-oz. Bottle

6. eb5 Anti-Aging Toner, Balancing, Firming, Calming Cucumber Extract, Alcohol-free, 6 fl. oz


-Anti-aging, moisturizing toner that tones, tightens, lifts, and firms for a clear, clean, youthful-looking appearance.

- NO MORE BALANCING ACTS Alcohol-free toner beautifully balances skin for a comfortable-feeling complexion. Non-drying, non-irritating signature formula suitable for all skin types.


- Anti-aging sea algae extract helps control overzealous production of sebum to prevent pesky, painful pimples, while keeping skin slick-free, smooth, and supple.

-Anti-inflammatory properties of sage extract help to heal flare-ups and repair reactive skin. Soothing cucumber extract cools and calms, while powerhouse antioxidant vitamin E preserves and protects against aging environmental aggressors.

- PORE-FECT COMPLEXION: Anti-bacterial and pore minimizer witch hazel calms congested skin, while allantoin reduces redness and rosacea.

 - FLOWER POWER: Birch, elder flower, and other face-friendly flower extracts provide unsurpassed antioxidant power and soothing effects.

7. Burt's Bees Rosewater Toner 8oz

- FACE TONER: Use toner to gently remove lingering traces of cleanser and any trapped dirt, oil and make-up to maximize the benefit of your moisturizer

- NATURAL SKIN CARE: Indulge in this luxuriously gentle botanical blend that cleanses and softens with 99.9% natural ingredients

-ROSEWATER TONER: Rosewater is known for its natural astringent properties to minimize pores, resulting in a fresh and beautiful complexion

-FRESH SCENT: This natural skin toner combines Rosewater, Aloe Vera and Glycerin to produce a beautifully soft aroma of fresh flowers

 -BURT’S BEES TONER: Help lock in your favorite Burt’s Bees moisturizer with this Rosewater Toner that smells delicious and prepares your skin for all day hydration

8. DAILY Facial SUPER Toner for All Skin Types, Contains Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, Witch Hazel and Organic Anti Aging 


-True Witch Hazel, Amino Acids, MSM, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera & Active Plant Extracts in this highly bio-available formulation target existing sun damage, enlarged pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

-THE DIFFERENCE in skin treated with TruSkin Naturals Daily Facial Toner is striking. In addition to its powerful anti aging properties, customers have reported that this refreshing daily toning mist has helped to smooth, hydrate & refresh skin, shrink pores, clear up acne, prevent breakouts, and minimize the appearance of acne scars giving skin a radiant, healthy and glowing appearance.


-Skin is freshened & toned with Organic Aloe & True Witch Hazel Extract, nourished by Deep Ocean Organic Mineral Complex, softened and smoothed by Glycolic Acid & Vitamin C while organic MSM drives active ingredients deep into the tissue preparing skin for serums and moisturizers.


- Formulated with only the highest quality natural & organic ingredients, this concentrated All-In-One Daily Facial Toning Spray is surprisingly gentle and is suited for even the most sensitive skin types.

9. Teddie Organics Rose Water Facial Toner, 2 fl. oz.


-There are no Chemicals, no Preservatives and definitely no Artificial Fragrances in our Rose Water. Just the pure scent of Organic roses dispensed through a convenient, easy to use spray cap.

-COMPLETE SKIN CARE. Provides instant hydration for your face and neck whilst rejuvenating tired skin, helping to create a more vibrant and youthful complexion. Lightweight and versatile toner that will restore your skin's pH balance and absorb excess oils (without causing dryness)

-Use this before applying our Organic Argan Oil for a new, natural beauty regimen.

-SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Normal, Oily, Dry and sensitive. We haven't included Witch Hazel in this toner as it can be a trigger for Rosacea. So you can use it with confidence that it will not make you break out in rash!

-This product is also a great toner for teen kids who are just starting out with make up. Great skin prep for Serums and Moisturizers and it can help unblock and tighten stubborn pores.

-PERFECT FACIAL TONER. Anti-inflammatory properties of the rose will calm skin irritations and can help with sunburn/razor burn. It can even help make your hair soft and shiny and provide hydration for your scalp.

-Great as a calming finish to any fitness or yoga session!

- Spray on to refresh tired skin after long car or plane journeys. Keep the conveniently sized 2oz bottle in your bag and our best value 4oz bottle at home!

10. Bella Terra Pore Refining Toner - Effective Pore Minimizer

-Alcohol-free toner that gently tones and instantly rehydrates the skin.

-Sweeps away dead surface skin

-Infused with soothing menthol and chamomile, it will leave your skin feeling cool, clean and refreshed

        This is our best Facial Skin Care Toners 2018. We hope you like it and you find one toner that fits your facial skin the most because toner is a must have for every human especially for women. Stay beautiful and shine bright!

5 Best Keratin Shampoo – Reviews treatment and Top Picks

There is a range of keratin shampoos on the market with "many benefits" for our hair. Some claim an ultra-smoothing effect, others a restorative effect, others an extension effect of smoothing ...

Also, providing best keratin shampoo and treatments: keratin shampoo and conditioner, keratin complex shampoo, and ogx shampoo.

But how to end up in this world of keratin or the abundance of hair care offered makes us turn our heads? How to choose a shampoo with keratin?

We will try to answer just some of your questions.

Often the selection criteria for the female remain limited to the perfume, to the mention "without silicones," and to the presence of the word keratin on the pack, and packaged hop is sold.

However, hair experts agree that these criteria are not sufficient to ensure quality and optimal efficiency. Some keratin shampoos can even be harmful to your hair and scalp.

Here are the quality criteria of a good shampoo with keratin :

1 . A formula and natural ingredients:

We recommend shampoos containing vegetable foaming bases that will wash your hair gently and rid of pollutants. SLS and derivatives are to be avoided.

2 . A little foaming shampoo:

A good shampoo with keratin must be low foaming to preserve your hair to the maximum and extend the action of smoothing care. This quality is unfortunately not always understood by consumers.

3 . A pure and quality keratin:

This is a very important criterion. It is the quality of keratin that will condition the quality and effectiveness of your shampoo.

Keratin is not found in the free state, it must be extracted from animal wool for example (animal keratin), or from vegetable protein such as corn and soybean (plant keratin). These different categories of keratin were mentioned in our previous article the hidden face of keratin.

A keratin of good quality is one whose extraction has been performed by gentle techniques. But this pure keratin has a significant cost that impacts the price of shampoo.

Be careful; some keratin may contain formalin in order to smooth the hair fiber durably. Formalin is a toxic ingredient not only for our hair but also for our body.

4 . Neutral PH

The PH of the keratin shampoo must be neutral or close to neutrality in order to fully respect the balance of your scalp.

5 Best Keratin Shampoo

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo creates smooth and manageable hair

Shampoo & conditioner system salon-proven to prevent frizz as well as Kérastase Oléo-Relax (Kérastase is a registered trademark of L’Oréal SA)

Shampoo and conditioner system helps provide frizz control for up to 48 hours

 Formulated with Keralock Technology, our shampoo gently cleanses while infusing lost keratin inside hair fiber
  • TRESemme Keratin Infusing Shampoo is specially formulated with lower sulfates (vs. TRESemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo) and gently cleanses to leave hair smooth, sleek and easy to style
  • This TRESemme Smooth shampoo is infused with keratin and gently transforms your hair, making it gorgeously sleek
  • TRESemme Smooth keratin infused shampoo leaves your hair with less frizz (vs. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner system vs. non-conditioning)
  • Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse the hair and give lasting smoothness to keratin-treated and color treated hair

    Keratin Complex Color Care Conditioner is a hydrating conditioner formulated to smooth, soften and protect color-treated hair

     Does not contain sulfates or sodium chloride to protect color-treated hair


    Contains soy, B5 and keratin

     Same great shampoo 13.5 oz

    Formulated with keratin protein for lasting protection

    Recommended for dry, chemically over-processed or damaged hair

    Perfect for leaving hair with the relaxed smooth appearance

    Item expires 36 months after it is opened, the date on the bottom is the batch code and not the expiry date

     Packaging may Vary

    Finally, do not hesitate to seek advice from your hairdresser who must educate you in full transparency on the quality of the keratin contained in shampoos or care that he offers, it is the health of your hair.

    At this point, surely you have already heard about keratin, the 'star' of hair treatments in recent times. To the multiple professional treatments in hairdressing, the products that include liquid keratin in their formulations are added with a double objective: to provide softness and subtract curling to the hair.

    According to TRESemmé, keratin is the main component of hair and is responsible for its strength and manageability. Without this component, the hair becomes brittle, dull and curls easily. And this is one of the problems that most worries many women.

    For this reason, the companies have set to work and have launched products that include this component that helps improve the condition of the hair. In addition, these capillary ranges no longer 'iron' literally the hair, but they provide that control over the frizz, but without giving up the movement. In L'Oréal they specify that the goal is to achieve a flexible but perfectly controlled hair, a smooth fall but without weighing it down. And even smooth hair can benefit from them because sometimes natural straight hair can be 'undisciplined' and unattractive waves can appear in it. The reason? A surface of the irregular fiber and badly closed or separated flakes that favor the frizz and give the long ones a rough appearance.

    5 best products for permed hair

    The permanent wave: Permanent curls again modern+ how to take care of permed hair

    The permanent wave is back. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was regarded as the trend trend at all. Today the curly look celebrates its comeback. The celebrities make it; we make it after. Today, you will love how to use shampoo and conditioner for permed hair.

    Curls are never out. Sometimes we wear them crinkly, sometimes wavy. At the moment, however, nothing goes without the good, well-known sustained wave - not in the super-twisted 80ties style, but uncanny casual. This is the New Wave of the permanent wave.

    The Hairstylists advise against the New Wave look

    Whoever wanted to try out the permanent wave look always should be well informed beforehand on the advice of Hairstylist. Because there are certain basic prerequisites that must be given for the perfect wave:

    The hair should be powerful. This does not mean that thin hair does not tolerate a permanent wave, but only that the hair must be healthy in order to overcome the treatment with the permanent wave solution without damage.

    In addition, one should know that the result is oriented on hair length. That is, the shorter the hair, the more delicate the result.

    Highlights and highlights complicate the chemical process of the permanent wave because the hair has a porous structure. Hairstylists are advised.

    Already in former times was twisted, plaited and stuck, but the result was rarely satisfactory and certainly not permanently. What we currently call permanent wave has only existed since the 1940s. The then revolutionary cold wave is still applied in principle. However, the mode of operation of modern waves is far more gentle than that of the archetype.

    The principle of permanent wave is easily understood with a little prior knowledge of the structure of the hair. The hair consists of an outer flake layer, which surrounds and protects the inner fiber stem. The cross-links running in keratin chains of the fiber stem determine the natural fall of the hair. Whether elastic, stubborn or smooth depends on the strength of these so-called bridges. The hair has three types of bridges. The permanent wave starts at the strongest and most important, the double sulfur bridge.

    Firstly, the damp hair is turned onto the winder, which stretches the keratin chains in the longitudinal direction. The permanent wave solution is applied to the winders as a cream, foam, gel or liquid. It dissolves the double sulfur bridges with the aid of reducing agents. After the exposure time, the well liquid is rinsed off and the hair fixed. It is now reshaped and soft. Peroxide is applied to close the double sulfur bridges at the new sites. This gives the hair its wave movement, strength and volume. The result depends on the hair structure, the winding technique, the thickness of the winder used, the amount of hair per wrap and the time of application.

    In general, any hair, except for hair dyed with metal salts, is suitable for a permanent wave.

    Whoever chooses to do this also chooses a type change. Therefore, permanent hair treatment should only be carried out by a hairdresser who knows the hair as well as the personal taste of the customer.

    What is quite unproblematic in theory is, unfortunately, some risks in practice and requires a certain degree of care from the hairdresser and the customer. First, the customer should appear "prepared" in the salon. She should have a concrete idea of her hairstyle and ideally her personal dream-curling-photo. The hairdresser will then have it after thorough hair diagnosis easier to select exactly the permanent wave, which corresponds to the hairstyle desire of the customer in the Weltbild.

    More Tips from the expert: good shampoo for permed hair, best conditioner for permed hair, and perms hair care

    They still know that all the really dry, fuzzy, faded and small Chruseli had, now this time is fortunately over, because today both products, trends, cutting techniques and the understanding of curls have changed.

    Many hairdressers no longer need a permanent wave, because, with the right cutting technique, which is adapted to the nature and the growth direction of the hair, the hairdresser gets the necessary volume and the hold off the hair.

    An exception here are the curling irons, which are dried with a special technique to make them look plastic and natural. But here, too, we are talking about curls.

    Permanent wavy hair needs a lot of care, basically after each wash a rinse and between a pack. However, the pack has also changed so that it does not have to work for 15 minutes, but only spray, comb and rinse. When rubbing only do not rub, otherwise, they have made the terry cloth a pack, just express.

    The worst moment for the permanent wave is after combing the comb out since the hair is the most sensitive in the wet condition. If too much pull is applied to the hair, it loses the jump force, and the permanent wave stretches more and more every time.

    Use a coarse-tooth comb to start combing and begin at the pointed end and work the pace-wise to the neck.

    Natural curls

    Now the moment the kneader is kneaded into the hair do not comb because the firm with its resin materials brings the hair already in a form and is not to be straight. From now on, any kind of combing, brushing is prohibited until next wash. There they can again live out with the well-known 100 brush strokes.

    Let’s take a look of best styling products for permed hair!

    5 best products for permed hair

    Professional Salon Treatment That Instantly Transforms The Texture of Your Hair Leaving it Soft, Silky, and Easier to Manage

    Repairs, Restores, and Strengthens Weak, Damaged, and Overprocessed Hair To Restore a Healthy Look While Promoting Natural Hair Growth

     Deeply Conditions, Detangles, Hydrates, and Revives Dull and Dry Hair Improving its Manageability and Elasticity and giving it a Beautiful Shine

    Professional Grade Heat Protectant that shields and protects your hair from damage caused by flat irons , curling irons, hair dryers , and other heat styling and drying tools

     Utilizes an Advanced Lightweight Two Layer Protection Technology that penetrates your hair follicles to repair existing hair damage while also preventing breakage and split ends

    A Professional Sulfate Free Hair Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, & Deep Conditioner Hair Mask System For Dry or Damaged Hair. Safe for Color or Keratin Treated Hair

    Repairs, Restores, and Strengthens Heat or Chemically Damaged Hair and Mends Split Ends

     Deep Conditions, Moisturizes, and Instantly Improves Texture, Elasticity, and Manageability of Hair. Strengthens Hair and Helps Promote Natural Hair Growth

    Professional Salon Protein Hair Treatment that Repairs, Restores, and Strengthens Damaged, Dry , Brittle, and Over-processed hair while also Preventing Breakage and Mending Split Ends

     Deep Conditions and Instantly Transforms the Texture Of Your Hair Leaving it Soft , Silky , Smooth , and Easier to Manage while also Giving Your Hair a Radiant Shine

    Professional Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment for Color Treated Hair That Instantly Transforms The Texture of Your Hair Leaving it Soft, Silky, and Easier to Manage

    Utilizes Exclusive Protein Enriched MRV3 Complex formulation that Fortifies and Strengthens Color Treated Hair while also Preventing, Restoring, and Repairing Hair Damage caused by Color Treatments

     Hydrates, Moisturizes, and Rejuvenates Color Treated Hair leaving it Healthier Looking while also giving it Added Volume, Increased Color Vibrancy, and Improved Elasticity and Manageability

    Remember never how long does the time take permed hair always ROCK IT? Leave us some comments or share this page to your friends.

    10 best shampoos for oily hair

    Today, we would love to provide you 10 best shampoos for oily hair. But, before doing so, there are important info for you to know in order to choose what product that suits you best!

    A hair shiny, heavy and glued to the skull the day after the shampoo, welcome to the world of oily hair! This applies to both female and male, but fatty hair is not a fatality! While knowing the characteristics of oily hair and what causes such a state, solutions exist in pharmacy and daily to avoid them and remedy them!

    Fatty hair: what is it?

    fatty hair

    The scalp is protected by a hydrolipidic film which consists of sebum and sweat and which protects our scalp from external aggressions and dehydration. This natural lubricant is distributed along the hair shaft, protects the hair by smoothing the scales and makes the hair shiny and supple. The oily hair is due to a relatively frequent dysregulation of the sebaceous glands that secrete this sebum. This natural fatty substance ensures lubrication and protection of the hair against pollution and drying out. But when there is excess sebum, it then smothers the root and the weighed. The hair is then oily, shiny and tends to grease as soon as the last shampoo performed. Sometimes it is only the root that is very greasy, due to this excess production of sebum and the tips are then very dry and brittle. But again, rest assured, solutions exist.

    Fatty Hair: What Causes It?

    No, fatty hair is not hereditary! It is an accepted idea that must be banished, and it is often stress, nervousness, an unbalanced diet too rich in fats, sugars and great fatigue that are factors favoring the appearance of greasy hair.

    But also shampoos and care unsuited to the nature of the hair:

    • Aggressive shampoos, strippers with irritating fragrances or on the contrary the use of baby shampoos which have in the end an overgrading effect.
    • The use of aggressive components for the hair: dyeing, discoloration, making wicks are all reasons that cause the appearance of greasy hair or accentuates the problem.
    • Brushings too frequent, too hot with a hair dryer very close to the scalp.
    • The use of fixing agents and hair gels containing occlusive components such as paraffin.

    Other factors such as hormonal dysregulation or excessive sweating can also play a role in this aesthetic discomfort.

    Most of us know this: Freshly groomed and with loosely falling wallemons we leave the house in the morning, and at the latest, at noon the hair is simply flat and strands on the head. And what shimmers there is not the result of great hair care, but fat. We tell you what you can do about it, show you the best shampoos for greasy hair and how to prevent oily hair.


    Actually, the fat of the sebaceous glands should keep our hair supple and does not dry out. It also protects the scalp like a protective layer and protects it against external influences. Unfortunately, these glands are often somewhat over-eager and produce too much fat. This can no longer be completely absorbed by the hair and deposits itself as a film. The result: greasy, straggly hair, which makes your appearance appear neglected. And how does this over-function develop? The cause of the hairy problem is in most cases the wrong care. But also hormone fluctuations, an unhealthy diet or the genetic predisposition can be the reason. A stressful lifestyle or too frequent cap wearing can also be guilty of the greasy hair. In medicine, the overactive function of the sebaceous glands is called seborrhea. Yes, that sounds like an incurable disease. But it is not so bad. And there is help!


    The myth, greasy hair is created by too frequent washing of the hair, has lasted for ages. But this is not true. The only important thing is that you do not have to massage the scalp too much at the time of shampooing - that stimulates the production of the sebaceous glands and the fat is produced in excess. You should also use a shampoo, especially for greasy hair. The five best products we have put together in an extra point for you. When rinsing, be sure to incorporate them into the hair length and not into the neck. Also the water temperature during washing plays a role: Because heat irritates the scalp and this then reacts as a protective function with increased sebum production, the water should be lukewarm. The same applies to blow drying: Here you should pay attention to a moderate temperature - the highest level is taboo for you! Do not rinse the hair with the towel after washing, because it also stimulates the sebaceous glands unnecessarily.

    The scalp

    A greasy scalp may be genetic, but may also be caused by hormonal and climatic fluctuations or stress. Sometimes yellowish scales develop on greasy scalp by colonization of a yeast fungus.

    Hair structure

    Even if it does not always look beautiful: Fatty hair is usually quite healthy hair. Due to the greater amount of sebum on the scalp, each hair is almost covered with a nourishing, protective film.

    Ideal hair care

    Forget the myth that greasy hair fats even faster when washed daily. That's not true. If you feel so comfortable and fresh, you can wash the greasy head without problems every day. Important are shampoos, which are adapted to the hair problem. Also, mild shampoos for daily washing or volume shampoos work well as fat-solvers. Very important: Always rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Residues can cause greasy hair to go limp even faster. If there is no time for washing, dry shampoos can be used as fast problem solvers.


    Even if the scalp is greasy and therefore relatively sturdy, the hair should not be unnecessarily maltreated with hot hair. It is best to blow-dry at medium heat levels at a distance of about 20 centimeters, which is best for hair and scalp. Use round brushes with natural bristles, especially wild boar, to shape the hair style. They absorb fat from the scalp, on the other hand, and help to spread it towards the tip of the hair. This is where the hair is by nature more dry and needs care.

    Care for

    Since even oily hair can be strained in the tips, rinsing is important, especially for longer hair. However, it should only be applied to the last 2 to 3 centimeters of the hair and also from a series for greasy hair so that it provides a care as carefree as possible. An alternative are hair rinses, which are sprayed into the hair after washing and no longer have to be rinsed out. They are more easily formulated than washable rinses, but should only be given to the tips with greasy hair.

    How to Style Oily Hair

    Good for greasy hair are all styling products that contain alcohol - such as hair dryer foam, spray-hardener or even hair spray. The alcohol extracts excess fat from the scalp. And: Alcohol-containing styling products also help to ensure that the hair does not lie too closely on the scalp, which also counteracts the oil crisis on the scalp. Unsuitable are products that contain fat - such as wax, gel wax, or oil-based styling creams.

    10 best shampoos for oily hair review

    The 5-star rating that this shampoo has earned speaks for itself. It is not only beneficial for oily hair, it can also be used on other hair types including normal. So if you have many different hair types in your family and you can not afford to do without different shampoos, then this will be the trick. It contains herbs and bee propolis, which naturally occur in beehives. Free of sulphate and parabenen, it is perfectly good for use on your hair as it is quite natural. It helps in the control of hair loss when rejuvenating damaged hair and brings it back to life. The inclusion of a series of vitamins means that you can enjoy shimmering, hopping hair that is healthy from the inside. It soothes and soothes the scalp and invigorates your hair from the roots. If you have hair that is damaged by color or heat, you should opt for a gentle hair cleansing product like this.

    Head and shoulders dominate the market for hair care products for a long time. Your main eye was over the years on the scaly control, and this product is of course aimed at those with this problem. It has been improved and specially developed for the cleaning of greasy hair. The combination of citrus and mango essence is very effective in promoting a clean. It helps directly to scalp and hair. In fact, it works quite good for most people. A major problem for people suffering from dandruff is that they can not wash their hair every day, because regular dandruff shampoos are way too strong. On the contrary, this is pH-balanced and suitable for daily use; yes, even if you have chemically treated hair. Apart from cleaning your scalp and hair, it helps to eliminate itching, dandruff, and redness without liberating your hair from natural oils.

    Neutrogena offers a range of renowned, effective products for skin care and hair care. This anti-residue shampoo is a fantastic choice for controlling oily hair and comes in a sleek, compact bottle. It also helps to increase the volume, which in general tends to make oil generally dulled. With only one application, it has the ability to eliminate 95% of the residue in your hair. The best thing is that it is not just intended for those with greasy hair. All types of hair can enjoy their benefits. You also need to use it only once a week so you can enjoy a long-term use. Interestingly, it is not used as a shampoo alone. It should be used with your regular shampoo to increase its effects. If you are travel person and you need to thoroughly clean your hair without having to waste a lot of time, this is what you need.

    Herbal Essences is another familiar and preferred brand. They do not disappoint with this fresh intake on shampoos for greasy hair. Tea tree essence in the formula helps it work so well. This special feature, inspired by nature, means that your hair is cleaned from the root and leaves a refreshing, healthy feeling. There is also a pleasant fragrance which also animates the senses. Not only that, you can also enjoy the feeling of luxuriously soft, handy hair at any time. Particularly suitable for those of you who have daily strokes and have not yet found a solution. For the very reasonable price, it is definitely a bargain. If you are looking for a change to your hair routine, then consider this.

    If you are sort of a person who likes their products as naturally as possible, then this is for you. Honeydew Shampoo for greasy hair consists of an organic, essential oil formula. It is a combination of lavender, thyme, rosemary, and yarrow, which are unique ingredients. 100% natural, it is suitable for men and women. This shampoo helps remove dirt from the hair roots, lifts them up and thus offers more volume. It also helps to nourish and soothe the scalp from problems caused by irritation. You can combine this with every conditioner, so buy this, and your favorite conditioner is enough. It also works well for all types of hair, including the most difficult curly and frizzy type. Made in the USA, the quality is guaranteed, and the results are guaranteed. It could be the answer you were looking for!

    This from Maple Holistics was developed to combat both a greasy scalp and greasy hair. What makes the difference is that its formula contains an essential lemon oil that unbelievably clears. In addition, it is richly moisturizing, which means that those with dandruff can turn to relief. Dandruff can harm your scalp. By keeping your scalp moistened, you can speed up the healing process. It also comes with a unique Jojoba / Rosmarine combination, which is to hydrate and restore the hair from the follicles themselves. This allows you to enjoy the hair that is not only looking good but also healthy and vital from the inside.

    With a strong formula that contains lemon tea tree oil and lemon peel extract, it is very beneficial when it comes to removing fat and excess oil on the hair. In addition, something is also known as the Maca root, which is known for its strengthening properties. Apart from the washing-up of the extra oil, residues are also removed, which is a further plus. Price wise it is, however, higher, packs a blow. Gorgeous, they have a number of tempting options to choose from, including coconut, Italian red grapes, green apple, and raspberry. If you prefer something more neutral, they have also covered it with their fragrance-free option. Makes a wonderful addition to your hair care routine and should definitely be considered.

    The body shop needs no introduction and has delivered the world some of the most exemplary and innovative beauty products of all time. With this rainforest shampoo, which has been specially developed for greasy hair, it surpasses all expectations. Free of sulfates, paraben, silicone and other harmful chemicals, it is absolutely safe for use as often as you need. Algae, white nettle, and aloe vera are just some of the fascinating ingredients in its formula. If you have fought long against dandruff or greasy hair, try it out. Considering that it contains some of the most natural and effective items, you will surely love it. It leaves a lasting, fresh fragrance that will make you feel light and energized all day long. Its compact size means it can be carried along when traveling; it can easily fit into any beauty case in your luggage. At under $ 10 it is a worthwhile purchase.

    L'Oreal is another world-renowned, renowned brand in hair care and this product is another wonderful addition to their range. With a formula that has been specifically designed for greasy and combed hair, it is ideal to clean your hair thoroughly. The infusion of clay in the mixture is its main sales argument and an effective one. Sound is an excellent ingredient when it comes to absorption. In fact, this product is designed to give you 48 hours of well-nourished and purified roots, which is excellent for the volume. Oil can weigh your sweets downwards, making it lifeless and unhealthy. By keeping the roots clean, "lift" your hair, for a doorman, more voluminous effect.

    Compared to the cost of an average shampoo, Paul Mitchel is a little high; However, this brand is not an average shampoo. It is one of the best brands that is worth it, especially if you are interested in your castles. The formula has been developed for greasy hair and scalp and is the perfect solution that you have been looking for. Greasy hair must be attacked from the ground, if you want to control it, and this is in the scalp. Packed in a minimalistic but streamlined bottle, it can help to get fresh hair with more body. The best thing is that this is not just a solution. It is even able to reduce oil production with regular use, which is very good in the long term.

                  Having everyday healthy hair is possible for everyone now! Leave us a feedback of product that you are using to get rid of too much of oily hair or any comment. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great hair day!

    8 super tips for greasy hair


    In the case of pony hairstyles, greasy hair is particularly noticeable. Styling with middle or side crests is better.


    Lightweight topping helps to prevent the hair from lying directly against the scalp and thus less greasy.


    Hair colorations, blonding or highlights dry the scalp and the hair a little - with oily scents quite desirable.


    Wash brushes and combs best once a week with a mild shampoo, so they remain free of sebum and residue through styling products.


    When shampooing do not massage the scalp too vigorously, the sebaceous glands can additionally stimulate.


    When no dry shampoo is at hand: Some transparent face powder has a similar effect. Puff pastry, massage and brush thoroughly.


    Wash hair whenever possible in the morning. At night, the sebaceous glands work particularly eagerly.


    Healer helps with degreasing. Stir powder with water to a mash, apply to the scalp for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    10 Best shampoos for sensitive scalp

    Shampoos against dry scalp

    There are many good for best shampoos for sensitive scalp out there. But before reviewing that, you know you can treat your dry scalp by yourself. To effectively alleviate the symptoms, you should replace your shampoo with a mild shampoo.

    Even the first application can significantly reduce the itching and also the occurrence of dandruff. On this page, you will find the best shampoos for a dry scalp, as well as general information about shampoo.

    So you should replace your shampoo if..

    • Normal shampoos clean the scalp too much
    • They also irritate the skin with harmful additives
    • And do not provide enough moisture to soothe the scalp
    • Important: Until your hair has been used to a mild shampoo it can take a few weeks. Any silicone residue must disappear completely, and the hair itself should be restored. Your scalp, on the other hand, will benefit immediately.

    Characteristics of a good shampoo against dry scalp

    So that your dry scalp can recover as quickly as possible, you should pay attention when buying a Shampoos that the manufacturer does without certain ingredients. Silicones as well as artificial color, fragrance, and preservatives stress the scalp even more and have in a mild shampoo nothing to look for.

    Your hair will feel less soft at first, as you may be accustomed to each individual hair surrounded by a silicone sheath. The next paragraph tells you why silicones are only seemingly healthy.

    Why should a mild shampoo be free of silicone?

    Silicone-free shampoos are also very popular with people with a healthy scalp. Although silicones offer a protective and repairing layer to the hair, they also close the scalp so that it can no longer breathe. In addition, some silicones are suspected of being harmful to health.

    Since the silicones are not completely removed during hair washing, a silicone coat is built around your hair with every application. In the long run, it becomes so heavy and dries from the inside out. According to the eco-test, a renunciation of silicones also makes sense from environmental protection.

    In addition to silicones, it is also sensible to avoid sulfates. These are often hidden behind the names " Sodium Laureth Sulfate " and "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate."

    Some shampoos, which I recommend on my side, nevertheless contain some of these ingredients. This is simply because these shampoos have helped with me. And if something helps, then I would also like to say it. In addition, the effect of the substances also strongly depends on their concentration and other components.

    If you want to dispense with all the substances that are harmful, take a look at my sites organic shampoos or vegan shampoos.

    Why should a mild shampoo be free of color, fragrance, and preservatives?

    Artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives make the product smell and look better, but can trigger allergies, for example, which make the symptoms of the dry scalp worse.

    At the same time, such ingredients attack the scalp and make them more susceptible to allergic reactions - a devil's circle!

    Therefore, when you buy your shampoos, you should specifically go back without one of these three synthetic materials.

    What the pH has to say

    Some manufacturers also attach importance to the fact that the pH value of the shampoo corresponds to the natural value of the scalp.

    The pH value indicates, on a scale from 0 to 14, how acidic or basic is a liquid (or in this case a shampoo).

    The value 7 (water) is neutral in this case; everything is "alkaline" or basic, everything underneath. The natural pH of the skin, including the scalp, is 5.5 and thus in the slightly acidic range. Some shampoos have exactly this pH value of 5.5 and are particularly gentle on the scalp because they do not attack their natural protective film.

    Many people have to struggle with a dry scalp. You can do this with the right shampoos. In addition to the best Shampoos for dry scalp, we also present you the causes and further tips.

    A dry scalp is created when the natural moisture balance is disturbed. The skin barrier is permeable to harmful substances, bacteria and germs can provide micro-inflammation. Itching, exciting and reddened scalp is the result.

    Dry scalp skin is not just an aesthetic problem when dandruff form, especially, constant itching also creates a decent dose of pain. Affected persons would often prefer to "get out of the skin" and try to suppress the constant need to scratch their heads. Some even scratch at night during 8heir sleep.

    There are a variety of causes that can lead to dry and irritated scalp, internal and external triggers contribute. For the successful solution of the problem with the dry scalp two factors are decisive:

    Know the causes and create as far as possible out of the world

    Apply the proper care for dry, irritated skin care. In addition, there are also some useful product tips for the best shampoos from us.

    The causes of dry scalp

    Internal influences:
    • Skin diseases, for example neurodermatitis, psoriasis, or a fungus attack. Strong itching, dandruff, and eczema on the skin can be an indication. Especially when no diagnosis has been made, a doctor's visit is advisable.
    • Aging process - the older we become, the drier our skin, which also applies to the scalp.
    • Stress in any form.
    • Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause, etc.
    External influences:
    • medication
    • Hot or cold air
    • Smoking, poor diet (low in vitamins, etc.)
    • Frequent hair dyeing, permanent waves or use of the wrong care products

    Proper care for dry scalp

    Here, the balancing act has to be mastered, to maintain scalp and hair, but not to irritate even more. When using the right care product, i.e., a shampoo for dry, itchy or scaly scalp, but also a daily hair wash is not a problem. Important is that the water temperature is not too high, lukewarm below 37 ° C is optimal. The hair should not be rubbed after washing but should be allowed to dry in a towel wrapped. If possible, avoid using the hair as the hot air exacerbates dry skin and itching. If not, you should at least use the lowest level of the hair dryer.

    10 best shampoos for sensitive scalp review

    1. Cleure Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Sensitive Skin, Fragrance-free

    The Cleo Hypoallergenic Shampoo has no artificial odor and is free from other irritants such as parabens, sulfate, and formaldehyde. It is safe for dry skin and all hair types as well as for colored hair. It is also cruel.

    This shampoo is on the allergen-free. It is on a safe product list at SkinSafe. The complete list of ingredients from Cleure is:

    lauramidopropyl, betaine cocamide, MIPA, Purified water, decyl glucoside, glycerin, hydroxypropyl, guar, caprylyl glycol, vitamin E and potassium sorbate.

    Users report a mixed result bag - many are very satisfied with the shampoo, while others say that they leave their hair flat and greasy or too dry. In addition to washing hair, it can be used as a body wash.

    view on amazon

    2. Pharmaceutical Specialties Free & Clear Hair Shampoo for Sensitive Skin, fragrance free

    This Pharmaceutical Shampoo goes a step further than Cleure and excludes cocamidopropylbetaine and gluten as well as dyes, perfumes, parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, phosphates, and preservatives. As a user thinks, hypoallergenic does not mean that a formula contains only natural and organic ingredients.

    view on amazon

    3. Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash Oatmilk Calendula, 8 Ounce

    Babo Botanicals says they have received a safety score of 1 on the Skin Deep Database of EEC. We have confirmed this and seen that the only reason for concern was potassium sorbate, a preservative. The ingredient label lists it as the last component.

    Although this is a baby shampoo, adults find it soothing for their irritated, dry scalp. The formula has aloe and calendula oil as well as vitamins and antioxidants.

    There are no sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, nut oils, synthetic perfumes or dyes. The packaging is BPA-free, and each part is vegan.

    view on amazon

    4. DHS Clear Shampoo 16 Oz

    The DHS Clear Shampoo is pH-neutral. It has no dye and no fragrance. It is made for regular use on sensitive skin. The list of ingredients is very simple, but contains three things that could cause a reaction in very sensitive skin:

    Purified water, TEA-lauryl sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, PEG-8 stearate, benzyl alcohol, cocamide MEA, polyquaternium-22, citric acid.

    If you know your skin reacts mainly to perfumes or dyes, this could be a good option as it is a product that does not stand out from the skin. Many users have recommended the DHS Clear Shampoo and say that it works well for them when other products fail.

    view on amazon

    5. Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk - All Hair Types , 3.35 fl. oz.

    Most customers say that their hair is silky and soft when they use it. The formula of Klorane does not contain any sulfates, so it does not foam as much as some shampoos. It cleans without parabens and silicone. The ingredient, oat milk, hydrates the hair naturally.

    view on amazon

    6. Earth Science Shampoo for Sensitive Hair & Scalp - Fragrance Free - 12 oz

    The heart of this sensitive hair & scalp shampoo is fragrance-free and vegan. It uses the power of coconut, wheat germ, chamomile and jojoba oil to cleanse the hair and leave it soft and confusing. It has a little bit of acidic pH of 5.0.

    view on amazon

    7. Organic Everyday Shampoo by Nurture My Body - 100% Organic - SLS Free - For All Hair Types

    Organic Everyday Shampoo by Nurture My Body is a gentle formula for daily use. It contains no parabens, products of petroleum or sodium lauryl sulfate. Its rating from the Environment Working Group (EEC) is zero because this shampoo does not have any toxic ingredients. Also, the plastic bottle is BPA-free and recyclable.

    There are eighteen certified organic ingredients in the Everyday Shampoo, including purified water, seaweed extract, and aviary for hair growth, colostrum for shine and elasticity, as well as other herbs to soothe your scalp. Nurture Your Body offers a 100% money back guarantee if you do not love your Everyday Shampoo.

    view on amazon

    8. Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo 13.5 Fluid Ounce

    Aquaphor's Baby Wash is also a tear-resistant shampoo. It contains panthenol and chamomile to soothe the skin. While the list of ingredients shows a sulfate, it is classified as sodium ruthenium sulfate, a 1 for a low health risk.

    view on amazon

    9. Mustela Gentle Baby Shampoo, 6.7 oz.

    Mustela's Gentle Baby Shampoo contains mainly natural ingredients such as chamomile and avocado extracts to cleanse and moisten the hair. It contains no phthalates or parabene.

    view on amazon

    10. Pure Body Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, 16 Ounce

    Argan oil is a special oil. It is a natural ingredient from a tree that grows in Morocco. It is great for the promotion of hair growth. There are lots of people with hair loss who often need gentle shampoos. This product is also safe for many people with sensitive skin. Its formula is unique. The formula has no sulfates and is filled with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

    view on amazon

    10 best outdoor tanning lotion

    How does a self-tanner work or outdoor tanning lotion to get dark fast?

    • Dark circles under the eyes.
    • Self-tanners work like a dye that gets darker and darker with each use.
    • They give color and a bronzed complexion to the skin thanks to the presence of Dihydroxyacetone.

    Self-tanners react with amino acids and proteins and gradually form a golden color. In other words, they help you to have a temporary tan without exposure to the sun.

    There are self-tanning creams, self-tanning gels, self-tanning sprays, self-tanning foams, self-tanning lotions, etc.

    Bronzers are make-up products that give the illusion of radiance and sunlight to the skin. They give an instant complexion producing a golden color on the skin.

    What are the benefits of using suntan lotions?

    • Help to achieve a deeper and longer lasting complexion.
    • Allows you to control the tanning process.
    • ​Prevents your skin from dehydration and solar burns.
    • ​Moisturizes nourishes and conditions the skin.
    • ​Maximizes the benefits of tanning indoors and outdoors.
    • ​Accelerates the tanning process.
    • Intensifies your complexion

    Are bronzing lotions safe?

    Many women ask me if tanning lotions are safe during pregnancy and the answer is Yes.

    Tanning lotions are absolutely safe and rarely cause allergic reactions, but that does not mean you should not use a patch before use.

    The ingredients used in tanning lotions

    Most tanning products contain antioxidants, vitamins B, C, D, E, essential oils, hemp seed oil, Aloe Vera natural botanical extracts, minerals, natural oils, sunflower oil, carrot extracts and even copper.

    Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the most common ingredient in tanning lotions as it oxidizes the surface layer of the skin and creates a complexion that looks natural. DHA is completely safe for the skin and does not irritate it.

    Some of the energetic ingredients found in most tanning lotions include melanin and L-Tyrosine (amine aid that occurs when activating melanin production).

    Other ingredients generally found include tea oil, copper, olive oil, green tea extracts and several other natural oils.

    How to properly apply suntan lotion

    Step 1. Exfoliate your body

    Step 2. Start applying suntan lotion

    Step 3. Apply suntan lotion on your face

    What to remember about Bronzing Lotions

    - Always work on small parts of your body to get a flawless complexion.

    - Always exfoliate your skin before applying tanning lotion, self-tanning or tanning because the product will react more easily on smooth skin.

    - Always apply tingle tanning lotion before sun exposure.

    - When exfoliating your skin, pay special attention to the dry areas of your body: knees, elbows, ankles, hands, and feet.

    - Always apply the tanning product with circular movements.

    - Always start the application by your legs.

    - As you will not be able to do it on your own, ask a friend to apply the tan on your back.

    - When on the beach always cover exposed areas with tight clothing and put on a wide hat to protect your head and face.

    - Keep your skin well moisturized before, during and after tanning for better results and a longer lasting complexion.

    - Consult a specialist to see what would be best suited for you.

    - Do not use foundation, face powder, eye shadow or lip gloss when applying suntan lotion.

    - Always read the instructions on the box and follow them.

    - Self-tanners can easily stain your clothes.

    - Remember: suntan lotions do not offer sun protection.

    - Use an outdoor tanning lotion for a tan on the outside, and a tanning lotion for indoor tanning.

    - Since most tanning lotions do not offer sunscreen, it is essential to use and apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun that can seriously harm your skin.

    - Never apply the tan on your lips, nipples, around the bikini line, on moles or spots of redness.

    - Make sure that the tanning lotion is suitable for your skin type. There are tanning lotions specially made for each type of skin.

    - If your skin is sensitive or dry, look for tanning lotions made especially for sensitive skin. These contain more moisturizing and nutritious ingredients.

    - Do not clean your skin with too hard soaps or shower gels, they can fade your complexion faster.

    - Let the lotion act for a while and so that it is perfectly absorbed. The result is not immediately visible.

    - Remember: Repeated exposure of unprotected skin during tanning can increase the risk of aging skin and have other negative effects on the skin.

    - Always apply the product to a clean, exfoliated skin.

    10 best outdoor tanning lotion review

    1. Maui Babe Browning Lotion 8 Ounces

    The Hawaiian formula of Maui Babe is very popular with tanning enthusiasts. You can use it in combination with a sunblock so you can sunbathe longer. There are two alternatives: one with mineral oil for the outdoor area and one with sunflower oil for indoor solariums.

    In addition to the light oil base, the browning lotion contains Kukui nut oil and aloe to soften your skin as well as the antioxidants A, C and E. Although it has Kona Coffee Plant extract and it is brown, it is not a self-tanner.

    Users have commented that it may be too greasy to use on your face if you have sensitive skin. The company Maui Babe says it is safe for all skin types.

    Use the Browning Lotion with Maui Babe SPF 30 Sunscreen so you can enjoy the sun longer.

    Free shipping​

    2. Maui Babe SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion 8 Ounces

    This awesome MAUI BABES SPF 30 SUNSCREEN LOTION is a water-repellent sun block that is used for sole application with Maui Babe Browning Lotion

    -Protects your skin from strong UVA / UVB rays that cause sunglasses

    -Use the Browning Lotion from Maui Babe to create a deep, rich and golden brown tan.

    -Seals this dark tan and prevents the skin from burning

    -Perfect for daily, all-year sun protection

    -SPF 30

    -It contains vitamins A, C, and E, mineral oil, kukui nut oil.

    The SPF 30 sun protection from Maui Babe is fantastic all year round to protect your skin in any weather. From Maui, Hawaii imported.

    Free shipping​

    3. Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

    This Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator is a self-tanner and a tanning lotion. It will slightly darken your skin with caramel and henna when you apply it. You can be used it indoors or outdoors because it is based on sunflower and olive oil, aloe vera gel, panthenol, glycerin and the vitamins A and E. The tea tree leaf (Melaleuca) oil gives you a pleasantly cooling feeling when applying it.

    ​Free shipping

    4. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

    Ed Hardy's Coconut Kisses Golden tanning lotion can save your skin from pale, sun-starved people get the basic bronze they crave before this beach holiday. It uses the power of coconut oil, milk and butter to hydrate your skin while you absorb the sunshine.

    Although it has no bronzers, it has ingredients that accelerate tyrosine activity and melanin production, so you can tan as quickly as possible.

    Like the other lotions above, you can use Coconut Kisses indoors or outside. It will not stain or streak, even though wiping the hands after application is a good idea.

    Free shipping​

    5. Swedish Beauty, Shea You Love Me, Tanning Lotion 8.5 Ounce

    Not everyone from Scandinavia is pale. The Shea You Love Me Lotion of Swedish Beauty is perfect for people with eczema and sensitive skin. It has no scent, and it is hypoallergenic. The aloe and vitamins E and A make you look young, while shea butter and oat flakes moisturize and soften the moistest skin.

    Swedish beauty says her own BioBronze blend has natural melanin improvers to speed up the tanning process. Most users love this lotion because it helped them get a tan in brownish areas of their bodies.

    ​Free shipping

    6.SunGodZ Apollo/Artemis 375X Bronzer Tanning Lotion with Argan, Coconut Oil and Agave

    The Apollo / Artemis 375x Bronzer by SunGodZ is for people who want the darkest tan as quickly as possible. It is based on silicone and glycerin and contains agave extract, argan, kukui, hemp seed, olive and coconut oil as well as caffeine. You can apply it both indoors and outdoors, and it is formulated to protect tattoos from fading.

    The silicone base includes moisture and keeps the lotion (and your tan) before washing in the shower. SunGodZ does not use parabens and does not test on animals.

    Free shipping​

    7. Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil Spray 8oz No Sunscreen

    Banana Boat products are an attachment to beaches and pools. Your Deep Tanning Oil Spray is a cost-effective and easy method to get a deep bronze. It is recommended only for persons who already have a basic tan or a darker pigmentation.

    ​Free shipping

    8. Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Auto-darkening Dark Tanning Lotion, 50X, 13.5 Ounce

    The new color Es Black 50x Lotion by Millenium Tanning says it will give you the darkest tan possible. It is silicone-based as the solid black lotion from the same company, but there is no tingling additive.

    This lotion does not feel greasy and goes smoothly. It does not touch and does not rub against the clothes. The silicone softens your skin maximally and keeps the self-tanning elements from washing. The fresh scent of the cotton is very pleasant.

    The ingredient list contains parabens and DHA which are not very good for your skin. There are some discussions about the safety of DHA as it interacts with your amino acids to darken your skin. It works well, but will it be good for you in the long run?

    Free shipping​

    9. Supre Smoke Black Bronzer, Tanning Lotion, 10.5 oz.

    Supre has been making a lot of tanning lotions, but her Smoke Black Bronzer is the ultimate for advanced Gerber. It has self-acting bronzers and dark tanning magnifiers along with vitamins and minerals. The idea is to darken the pigmentation of the skin to the maximum and at the same time protect it from sun damage. This is a lotion for people with a good tan, who want something deeper.

    Free shipping​

    10. Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion

    An outdoor tan is unpredictable because 30 minutes in one day can be too much, while two hours on another day do not do much. Therefore tanning with a sun block is not such a bad idea.

    It protects UVA and UVB rays, even if you are in the water for up to 80 minutes. It is not comedogenic and free of PABA and Parabenen. In addition, Sun Bum says that it is gluten-free and vegan, and it has the approval of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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    10 best body wash for sensitive skin

    Best baby wash for sensitive skin needs to be more hydrated and nourished. The choice of a soap should not be done lightly, at the risk of attacking the skin even more. So how to choose a soap when one has sensitive skin?

    best body wash for sensitive skin

    What is the ideal soap for my sensitive skin?

    Dermatologists generally advocate preferring soap-free or soap-free soaps for facial cleansing. Soap surgras has the advantage of cleansing and moisturizing the skin. It is a genuine soothing care for the skin. It contains more moisturizing agents (oil or vegetable butter) than a traditional soap. Skins prone to allergies can be directed to soap without soap, free from scouring and perfume products, potentially allergens and irritants. For washing the body, you can opt for soap surgras or soap-free soap if you have very fragile skin. If your skin is less reactive, you can indulge yourself and offer a soap to the properties of your choice.

    Sensitive skin: how to choose a soap?

    Sensitive skin: how to choose a soap?

    For your sensitive skin, it is preferable to carry out a cleaning with a soap saponified cold.

    This type of soap is handcrafted. The vegetable oils are not heated thus allowing the conservation of a large part of vegetable glycerin.

    The skin is, therefore, less affected by the detergent.

    What is on a label and what does it mean for sensitive skin?

    It is tempting to buy a new body wash based on its delicious scent, but this is exactly what people with sensitive skin can not do. Avoid synthetic perfumes because these are one of the best irritants and allergens for the skin.

    "Unscented" is not the same as "fragrance-free." Unscented can simply mean that it has no strong smell, but that is because another ingredient masks the scent. Free of fragrances is much better and safer. We have included some "unscented" products because many people with sensitive skin have said they have had success with them, but that does not mean that any of them is safe for you.

    "Hypoallergenic" is another of these terms that does not mean what you think. There is no FDA standard that defines what a cosmetic or skin care product is required to be hypoallergenic. Most companies can label a product with this term, although it contains exactly the same formula as another. The only difference is the packaging for the targeted demographic.

    While companies can say, their "hypoallergenic" product has been tested to show it causes fewer side effects, that is, they have their own tests, and it has not been regulated by an external agency. The only way to protect yourself is to read ingredients labels.

    Ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin

    Of course, the list of ingredients may look boring, unless you have a degree in chemistry. But here is a cliff notes-like summary, what to avoid:

    • Look for alcohols that dry your skin, like SD and denature
    • Preservatives, such as parabene, formaldehyde and methylisothiazolinone, and other additives such as propylene glycol and phthalates are all skin irritants
    • ​Even natural essential oils such as peppermint or derivatives such as menthol can cause a reaction - when they tingle, they do not care how nice they smell or feel
    • ​Coal tar, for the treatment of dandruff and dry skin, prohibited in the EU as a carcinogen
    • TEA, MEA, DEA make foam, but can also be linked to cancer
    • ​Ingredients with "-eth" such as ethoxylated surfactants and sulfates that produce foam such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS and SLES) are allergens made with carcinogenic chemicals

    Ingredients that can soothe sensitive skin

    You have seen the bad, now we look good. If you want to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin, these ingredients can help. And wash with warm water instead of cold or warm.

    • Coconut oil will not boil pores, it is antibacterial and nourishes the skin
    • A natural anti-inflammatory that fights acne is tea oil
    • ​Honey is antimicrobial and moisturizes the skin
    • ​Sea salt is fulled with minerals to heal the skin
    • ​The avocado is wrapped with vitamins to refresh the skin
    • ​Argan oil cures eczema and moisturizes the skin
    • Aloe Vera combats the itching and heals the skin
    • ​Chamomile can be very soothing on the skin
    • ​Jojoba oil is a vegetable oil very similar to tallow; it moisturizes the skin
    • Almond oil clears rash and soothes dry spots
    • Shea butter is very moisturizing

    Now that you've seen the bad and the good let's start examining the best body scrubs and shower gels for sensitive skin.

    10 best body wash review for sensitive skin

    1. Puracy Natural Body Wash, Sulfate-Free Bath and Shower Gel, Citrus and Sea Salt, 16 Ounce Pump Bottle

    Puracy's Natural Body Wash cleanses and softens the skin with the power of the coconut, Himalaya and etc. The coconut-based surfactant provides a beautiful foam without the risk of irritated or dry skin. The Himalayan Pink Salt exfoliates dead cells and helps hydrated skin. The glycerin is a natural moisturizing agent that takes moisture. After rinsing, there are no residues, only soft skin.

    Puracy formula was designed by doctors to be safe on any type of skin, in men or women. It does not contain the usual irritants such as sulfates, animal by-products, phosphates artificial fragrances, parabene or triclosan. The citrus and sea salt odor comes from natural ingredients, not from synthetic chemicals.

    The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you do not love it, you get a refund. The price makes it a good deal for the value it offers. Users are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews online, maintaining these bodies as a best-selling product.

    2. Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Moisturizing Shower Gel, Bath and Body Wash, Value Size 32 oz

    Kiss My Face's Fragrance-Free Shower Gel does not contain gluten, parabene, phthalates or artificial fragrances. Users enjoy it gently on the skin, making it soft and clean. They say it smells a bit like pine, but the scent fades.

    The formula has olive oil and aloe vera as well as vitamin E to heal and soothe skin. The remaining ingredients are not classified as hazardous by the EEC, with the exception of potassium sorbate and phenoxyethanol, with 3 and 4, moderate hazards. Overall, this seems to be a fairly safe product to choose if you are looking for something that is unlikely to irritate or dry skin.

    3. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Lavender 32 oz.

    EEC Rates Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Lavender Liquid Soap as 1 total, the lowest risk rating they have. The ingredients are besides soothing lavender hemp seed oil, glycerin, coconut oil, citric acid, olive oil, vitamin E, and water. It is a very simple product. There are no common allergens or dangers.

    Some customers love Dr. Bronner's soaps and use them for anything from the body wash to make the wash. A caution: It is best to use this formula first to see how you react. Many users put half a teaspoon of size, full force, on a loofah or washcloth and use it like that.

    4. AVEENO Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash Fragrance Free 12 oz

    Aveenos Skin Relief Body Lotion is made to soothe dry, itchy skin even after it has been washed away. Aveeno says it is free of soap, dyes, and fragrances. It is based on oat flakes, which can actually help skin cure.

    Once again, this is a popular product that has many positive reviews online. Some people swear that it has saved their skin. These users are obviously not affected by the sodium laureth sulfate or the propylene glycol in the ingredients.

    5. Olay Sensitive Unscented Body Wash 23.6 oz

    Olay's sensitive unscented body wash is meant to moisturize the skin and itch it, and it is very popular. There is some list of ingredients that shows a few things that can irritate the skin, such as petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, methylchloroisothiazolinone, and methylisothiazolinone. The last two components are prohibited in the put-on skin products sold in the EU. Also, the "unscented" is no guarantee that there is no scent, only that you do not smell it because it can mask the scent of other ingredients.

    6. NIVEA Creme Sensitive Moisturizing Body Wash 16.9 Fluid Ounce

    Niveas Cream Sensitive Wash contains chamomile, a natural ingredient that soothes irritated skin. The formula does not contain any soaps or dyes and is made to moisturize dry skin even after it has been washed away.

    7. NIVEA Men Sensitive 3-in-1 Body Wash 16.9 Fluid Ounce

    The men's formula from Nivea has natural ingredients than the ones we have just tested above. It contains Bambusa Vulgaris leaf to moisturize silicon dioxide for building more collagen and elastin, plus almond oil and sunflower oil.

    8. Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash Oil Fragrance Free, 8.4 Ounce

    Eucerin is a company that makes many products for users with sensitive skin. They point out that they are often recommended by dermatologists. So let us take their demands for their skin soothing body wash apart.

    On the one hand, it is oil-free and fragrance-free, not only unscented. Two, it is said, it uses omega oils and lipids to moisturize the skin. They seem to come from castor oil and soybean oil. This is a good news so far.

    But when you look at the EEC database, you will see that this wash was rated 4 for "moderate risk." Why? Mainly because it contains BHT and Cocamide DEA as well as some of the "-eth" ingredients. These first two things are associated with allergic reactions.

    9. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, For all skin types, 16-Ounce Bottles

    Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser is gentle for people of all ages. It is moisturizing and cleaning well without removing any skin natural oil.

    It sounds great until you see that the list of ingredients contains all three parabenes as preservatives: polyparaben, butylparaben, and methylparaben. Scientists who work independently have linked these three to skin irritation and endocrine system disorders. Since we will rinse them, it may not be such a problem.

    10. Sebamed Face and Body Wash, for Sensitive Skin 33.8-Fluid Ounces Bottle

    Seams face and body wash for sensitive skin is pH-balanced at 5.6, so it is not as hard on the skin as some soaps. Some users love it. But be aware that sodium laureth sulfate is one of the first ingredients on the label, as well as other "-eth" components, as well as a fragrance and dyes.

    10 best body wash for dry skin

    What is dry skin?

    Before seeing 10 best body wash for dry skin review, we want to provide you important information that will help you choose your body wash that will gives you a pleasant result.

    Dry skin is the result of a decrease in the fatty substance, the sebum, that produces the lipid layer of the skin. This lipid substance that is the sebum makes it possible to create a kind of barrier whose role is to preserve the hydrated skin. However, this barrier is weakened on dry skin and cannot prevent a large loss of water. This lack of sebum combined with this loss of water creates dry skin.

    If your skin tugs on the face, if it is dull, without shine, it gives a crocodile skin look on your body is that your skin is dry.

    A single word in this case: HY-DRA-TER! Your skin needs a daily hydration with a care adapted to the dry skin.

    Body Care And Body Wash for Dry Skin

    Taking care of your skin with a body care helps to soothe the itching and feelings of discomfort. You can choose between a moisturizing milk, a body balm or a dry oil, all of which intensely nourishes the epidermis. To remove dead cells and allow better penetration, make gentle scrubs at least once a week.

    The right gestures to adopt for dry skin

    Many simple gestures prevent the skin from drying out.

    •  Avoid drying soaps and other astringent products.
    • Avoid alcoholic lotions. They will tend to dry out the skin more.
    • ​An overheated atmosphere alternating with the cold of winter accentuates the dehydration of the skin. Avoid overheating your office or apartment and be careful to cover yourself properly (gloves, scarf, etc.).
    • ​Avoid long hot baths and bubble baths, which eliminate the protective layers of the skin.
    • The chlorine in the pool dries up the skins. Think about moisturizing your skin by going out.
    • ​Use essential oils before applying your care; they will strengthen the moisture of the skin (sweet almond oil, soya ...)
    • ​Do not wait until the skin dries to use moisturizing care. Moisturizers should be applied to dry skin on a daily basis. Do not forget that a well-hydrated skin preserves its youthfulness.
    • Adopt a balanced diet and drink water regularly (1.5 liters/day).

    Foot and hand care for dry skin

    Foot and hand dry skin

    Cracks on the feet, chapped hands, our feet and hands are often subject to severe dehydration. In winter especially, to find hands impeccable, apply generously care adapted to the feet and hands. To choose your hand cream, you have the choice between different textures (fluids or rich).

    Small trick, before you fold thickly apply your lotion to let the care penetrate throughout the night. When you get up the next day, you will feel that your hands and feet get recovering their softness.

    10 best body wash for dry skin review

    1. NIVEA Care and Happiness Moisturizing Body Wash,Orange 16.9 Fluid Ounce

    Discover the happy sensation and the energetic perfume. This NIVEA nourishing body wash gives you and your skin. This silky cream-gel with a nourishing toddler essence provides you incredibly soft skin while cleaning very gently. Its intense foaming formula is enriched with an energizing orange perfume to awaken your senses. NIVEA's Care and Happiness Body Wash moisturizer has received a 2009 Fitness Magazine Beauty Award for Best Cleanser. Developed with NIVEA's innovative Hydra IQ technology to provide your skin with intense, long-lasting hydration throughout the day, even beyond the shower. For a feeling of skin without film and a soft and delicately beautiful skin!

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    2. Natural Soothing Moisturizing Body Wash with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree & Lemon Essential Oils

    PriMiracle Bath Wash is developed with top quality spa ingredients. It does not contain harsh chemicals and is safe for daily use for women and men or even with children. This premium product is PETA certified, not tested on animals and Vegan. Use as a system with PriMiracle Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

    The unique combination of aloe vera, flax seed extract, and essential oils helps to nourish your skin while eliminating unwanted dirt and oil that clog your pores. Your skin deserves the special treatment of PriMiracle's daily moisturizing lye, to deliver a healthier, younger look.

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    3. Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash Oil Fragrance Free

    Relieve dry; itchy skin starts in the shower with a unique body wash that does more than clean; This helps to improve the condition of your skin. This unique body wash formulation combines cleansing without soap with omega oils and other natural lipids to nourish and soothe.

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    4. Kiss My Face Anti-stress Bath and Shower Gel, Moisturizing Body Wash, Value Size 32 oz

    Recover, revive, relax. Let the hot and soothing water round your body. Calm and calm your mind. Allow herbs and plants to create a sense of calm, a sense of peace and tranquility within your being. Let them calm your skin. Give yourself an "intermission" of life. You will get your happy skin again. Now, in a larger size economically friendly.

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    5. Dove Body Wash Pump, Cucumber and Green Tea 34 oz

    A refreshing and smoothing shower is a great way to start your day off, and a moisturizing body wash can help you nourish your skin at the same time. That's why we created the Dove go fresh range: its light, moisturizing and refreshing formula gives you an effective nourishment for the skin. Dove Go Cool Moisture Body Wash is no exception - it is a nourishing body wash that can help your skin retain its natural moisture and replenish nutrients at the same time. We have created this soft and refreshing body wash to help you let your skin feel fresh and hydrated while providing a light and refreshing taste of cucumber and green tea. This gentle body washes, with NutriumMoisture technology, combines gentle cleansers with natural nutrients to give you smoother, smoother skin after a single shower. And with Dove go Cool Moisture Body Wash, all this comes with an uplifting scent to revitalize your senses and help launch your morning. Just squeeze a generous amount of body wash on your hands or a shower stool and enjoy the foam and refreshing odor before rinsing. At Dove, our vision is of a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety. We are therefore able to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they seek, helping them to increase their self-esteem and realize their full potential.

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    6. CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash 10 oz for Daily Body Washing, Dry to Normal Skin

    CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash cleans and hydrates the skin. All CeraVe products contain the essential ceramides. Healthy skin should help restore and maintain its natural protective barrier. This formula is excellent for dry, dry and dry skin types.

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    7. Everyone 3-In-1 Soap, Lavender plus Aloe, 32 oz

    All 3 in 1 soaps are formulated for use as shower gel, shampoo, bubble bath or shaved gel. Pure essential oils give these superb soaps their natural fragrance, and plant extracts like Aloe Vera, Calendula, White Tea, Chamomile and B5 & E nutrient-rich vitamins leave your skin clean and happy. Still without paraben, cruelty, gluten, GMO, synthetic and colorless, synthetic fragrance and made with love in California.

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    8. Alaffia - EveryDay Coconut - Hydrating Body Wash, Purely Coconut, 32 Ounces

    Hydrate Body Wash gently cleans all everyday pollutants and dirt with a rich, durable foam. The nourishing formula for the skin combines the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals of coconut water with a powerful antioxidant protection of the extract of coffee berries. Gender-Empowerment-Beauty. These are the three principles that Alaffia follows to not only provide customers with the best natural and equitable care of the skin and hair but also help relieve the cycle of poverty in Togo. Alaffia enables communities in West Africa to become sustainable through the fair trade of indigenous resources. We promote empowerment through our community projects, our women's cooperatives, through education and participation in our local client communities. We firmly believe that the cooperation of people around the world is an essential part of building sustainability in all communities.

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    9. AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash

    This AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash is specially formulated for the delicate needs of very dry skin. Infected with Hibiscus extract to smooth and moisturize the skin, it also promotes the healing of dry skin with natural antibacterial properties. The fig extract contains anti-inflammatory agents and natural moisturizers to nourish the softener of the skin.

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    10. AHAVA Dead Sea Purifying Mud Soap, 3.4 Oz

    This luxurious, foaming soap contains the deep cleansing properties that inhabit the mineral-rich Dead Sea Sludge. It tastes delicious dirt and environmental pollutants trapped in oily complexion and removes all remaining skin secretions. This detoxifying soap can be used on face or body.

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