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6 top rated natural testosterone booster

Top rated natural testosterone booster is very on the point right now for those who love workout. You may have seen some top testosterone booster reviews video. The hormone testosterone causes both men and women to grow muscles. With these six foods from the supermarket, you can boost your testosterone production.

What top rated natural testosterone which nootropics work best?

Although most people already know that, testosterone is an endogenous anabolic hormone that is extremely important for your sexual activity, but also for your performance in training and muscle building. The more testosterone you have, the more muscle and less fat you will build.

Testosterone is commonly known as the "male hormone" because it also provides beard growth and deep voice. In the female body, it happens, albeit in much smaller quantities. In the fitness and weight training area, women can also benefit from increased testosterone uptake without having to fear a full beard.

Many athletes carry large amounts of testosterone via appropriate medication. This is not only forbidden but also highly unhealthy. We recommend the natural variant: testosterone boosters from the supermarket.

1. Shrimp

Shrimps contain massive amounts of vitamin D, which has a direct impact on your testosterone levels, according to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health. This explains the result of another study, namely that people with high vitamin D content in the blood have more power. This means that in addition to protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates, your muscles also need plenty of vitamin D. Especially in winter, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. You can prevent it by throwing out your fishing net and bringing fish and seafood to the plate.

Valuable vitamin D suppliers: herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, free-range eggs

2. pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds provide your body with a lot of zinc, an important mineral for thousands of different enzymatic reactions. B. the testosterone production. A study has shown that men with low levels of zinc also have lower testosterone levels. Pumpkin seeds are great for combining with a variety of meals that are already on your diet, like oatmeal, yogurt, salads, even with your protein shakes.

Precious zinc suppliers: oysters, crayfish, turkey, chicken, beef steak, wheat germ, sesame seeds, cashews, lentils

3. coconut

Coconuts not only taste delicious and spread the Caribbean feeling, but they also have a lot of  saturated fat that plays a big part in testosterone production. A study has shown that men who switched from high-fat (13% saturated fat) to low-fat diet (5% saturated fat) had lower testosterone levels.

Moment, saturated fats? Are not they the bad ones? Jain. In limited quantities, natural animal and vegetable fats are conducive to testosterone production. You can cover about ten percent of your daily calorie requirements without having to worry about having a fatty heart.

Valuable suppliers of saturated fats: butter, milk, beef steak, lamb, chocolate

4. Wheat bran

Wheat bran is not only an excellent carbohydrate source but also provides a lot of magnesium. This is good for the muscles, counteracts cramps and even increases testosterone levels. At least that's what researchers in Turkey found out. However, the effects only came about when the increased magnesium intake was combined with high-intensity training - but that's what we're here for, is not it?

Magnesium is not only good for your muscles, but also for many other biochemical processes in your body - even for testosterone production. Wheat bran you can z. B. in your oatmeal or in your protein shakes sprinkle.

Valuable Magnesium Suppliers: Cocoa Powder, Almonds, Cereals, Sunflower Seeds, Beans

5. Ricotta

Among dairy products, ricotta cheese is one of the best suppliers of Whey protein, which is popular among muscle-building athletes. Whey is a dairy protein rich in branched-chain amino acids - and they're great for building muscle and reducing cortisol production during heavy workouts. So if you take a lot of Whey lowers its due to the training load cortisol, a study proves. And Cortisol is the antagonist of testosterone, can significantly slow down the production of sex and muscle hormone and promote fat buildup.

Valuable Whey Suppliers: Whey protein powder, milk, yogurt, kefir

6. Strawberries

They taste heavenly, look good and have plenty of vitamin C: strawberries. Like Whey, vitamin C can lower the level of cortisol after a strenuous workout - and thus positively influence your testosterone levels. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that is produced in adrenal stress situations. It counteracts the testosterone, so it can provide for smaller muscle gains.

Valuable Vitamin C Suppliers: Kiwi, Orange, Grapefruit, Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli

Tribulus Terrestris: A Natural Testosterone Booster?

The sex hormone testosterone is an important component in the complex muscle building puzzle of the human body, Since testosterone is an important lever for muscle protein synthesis, which plays a major role in the success of muscle development, many athletes are tempted to increase their body's own testosterone levels by using illegal drugs. And the extent is enormous: Studies of the University Hospital Luebeck and the University of Frankfurt that nearly 25% of male recreational athletes occupy in German gyms "performance-influencing substances and doping," which occupy among other things Testosterone supplements a prominent position!

As these tools are, on the one hand, illegal substances, which also have a considerable range of risks and potential side effects, but the demand on the other hand also seems to be considerable, the supplement industry is still trying to achieve one split, which find their completion in herbal, legal products called Tribulus Terrestris. The big question that arises at this point is of course: Is the Tribus Terrestris effect actually proven, or is it just one of many duds that, like L-carnitine, promise a lot but can not keep up much?

What exactly is Tribulus Terrestris?

The active ingredients, which are said to be responsible for a natural increase in testosterone levels, are derived from the so-called Erd-Burzeldorn, an exotic plant originating in Asia and Africa. Various animal experiments have documented a wide variety of effects ranging from a hypotensive effect to an increased potency. In the context of this article, however, we are only dedicated to the Tribulus Terrestris effect on the human organism, especially with the focus on muscle building. We're trying to uncover if there's any substantiated evidence that the supplement is actually an authorization for strength training or if it just makes your wallet thinner.

The Tribulus Terrestris Effect in Critical Viewing

While in the field of animal experiments numerous studies can be found which, as mentioned, could show the most varied effects of the experimental objects, the study situation for humans is far from being so clear. In view of the potential of the supplement to favor the build-up of new muscle mass through an increased testosterone level, in recent years, various series of experiments have been conducted with human subjects to the truth behind the myth of Tribulus Terrestris effect as a "natural testosterone booster" investigate.

The first critical voices can already be found in this regard in 2000 in a US study by J. Antonio (source). In an 8-week study, 15 experienced athletes were given either 3.21 mg Tribulus per kg body weight or alternatively a placebo. The result: Neither the body weight nor the water balance, body fat percentage or with regard to the general mood of the subjects significant differences were recorded. Finally, the research group came to the sobering conclusion that by regularly taking Tribulus Terrestris no performance-enhancing effect in strength training was to be expected.

These results are consistent with the findings of Brown.'s study, which also administered to a group of 20 subjects either a placebo or a supplement containing, inter alia, 750 mg of tribulus terrestris, and differences after 8 weeks of volunteers' training between the groups. Again, the researchers came to the conclusion that no measurable Tribulus Terrestris effect on the human organism can be detected because the testosterone concentration in the blood of Tribulus group had not changed significantly.

In 2007, the next setback for the dietary supplement was made: In an Australian study should be examined whether athletes by taking Tribulus Terrestris in a drug test are conspicuous positive. The results relieved the supplement; the doping tests were negative - which, however, was due to the fact that found in urine samples neither evidence of increased testosterone value, nor increased performance in supplementing athletes entered.

The truth behind the Tribulus Terrestris effect

The evidence for a potential Tribulus Terrestris effect in humans is relatively clear: To date, there are no reliable studies that prove a positive effect of the supplement on the human testosterone levels.

Instead of investing his money in fruitless products, every ambitious athlete should first heed and implement the 5 most important success factors in strength training, in order to optimally prepare for lasting progress.

5 top rated testosterone supplement

  • Supports testosterone level and cognitive functions
  • Supports Lean Muscle development, Energy, Sexual Health, Estrogen Regulation and Strength
  •  Now with New Patented & Clinically Studied Ingredients

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  • Eliminate Fatigue and Supercharge Your Energy Levels
  • Max-strength test booster
  • Increase free and total testosterone
  • Boost atp and enhance training performance
  • Let’s boost your natural testosterone today! If you have any question or any comment, let us know we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    5 best aloe vera supplement + review

     Are you looking for best aloe vera supplement that will suit you properly? Congrats! You are in a right site. We will provide useful facts and info of best aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel capsules, and aloe vera capsules benefits.


    It has many benefits for the body and the health of the human body.

    Where is aloe vera?

    Aloe vera is a succulent plant of the family Liliaceae (bulbs, such as onions or tulips). In the wild, it grows in South America, in Africa, on the Canary Islands ... and where the humidity is important because this small shrub stores the water in its fleshy leaves from which one extracts then the aloe vera gel, the part is consumed. Be careful not to confuse it with agave, another oily plant that looks like it physically ...

    What are the benefits for the body?

    The healing properties of aloe vera have been known since antiquity. Its traces have been found in Egyptian civilizations, and it even seems that Columbus used it to heal the sailors of Santa Maria. This anti-fatigue plant is a real booster for health: it stimulates the natural defenses of the human body, regulates transit and sleep, has anti-inflammatory properties, activates the healing process and contains almost all minerals and vitamins. 220 elements of which 80 nutrients are present in the leaf of aloe vera and its virtues on the health are such that one does not find an equivalent plant to him.

    5  b​​​​est aloe vera supplement


    100% Always Act​ive Aloe Vera Liquid

    Aloe Vera offers a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Aloe Vera’s constituent mucopolysaccharides, also known as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), are thought to be its active components.

    • help with digestion issues
    •  Strong aloe flavor

    Art Naturals' Aloe Vera Gel is a medicine chest and beauty box basic. Its healing qualities include relieving sunburn, windburn and pain from insect bites and stings. Used on hair and scalp, it helps get rid of dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth. Used for skincare, it hydrates, reduces redness, and helps reduce stretch marks

    How to consume it?

    Aloe vera is easily found in organic and pharmacy stores in several forms: capsules (in Dieti Natura, $ 3.70 60 capsules), aloe vera juice to drink ($ 13.30 the bottle of 200ml), aloe vera gel to drink (34.54 $ per liter) or aloe vera gel in a tube to use as a cutaneous application to help heal, moisturize the skin and soothe the itching and irritation (9.95 $ the tube of 150ml). Beware of aloe vera drinks that are easily found on the market but cannot expect the same effects on our health: their rate of pure aloe vera is often insufficient.

    Ideally, it is consumed in the morning, on an empty stomach. Either in cure of one to three months to regulate the transit for example or boost its immune system, or long-term since there is no contraindication to consume throughout the year.

    3 essential elements to check on the label:

    • The rate of aloe vera present in the product. It takes at least between 85 and 90% to benefit from its virtues.
    • The mention "unmodified vegetable water" indicates that we will consume what the aloe vera leaves have stored without any modification.
    • The origin of the plant and the place of transformation. As the aloe vera leaf corrupts a few hours after pickup, a product labeled "integrated vertical production" is preferred. This means that the plant has been planted, harvested and processed on site, thus guaranteeing a better content of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fibers.

    Aloe vera, miracle drug?

    Aloe vera, or aloe, is a perennial plant, without feet, with exceptional qualities. We collect in its green parts, a clear pulp that looks like gel, whose benefits are no longer to prove both internal use and external use ...

    Aloe vera, the plant with many virtues

    It not only stimulates immune defenses, heals but it also acts as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. Aloe vera promotes the elimination of toxins and relieves stomach cramps and stomach upset. In addition, this remarkable plant is recommended for diabetics, and people with allergies, constipation, heart problems ...

    In short, aloe vera is a true miniature pharmacy: it produces many active ingredients, including minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and mucopolysaccharides, as we will see.

    Aloe vera, fountain of youth Maya

    There are 300 species of aloe. The most used is, of course, aloe vera because of its advantages and especially its ease of operation. Native to South Africa, aloe vera is cultivated all over the world, especially in Spain, Mexico but also in the southern United States.

    The precursors of modern medicine such as Pliny the Elder, Aristotle or Hippocrates had already discovered the many qualities of this plant. They used it mainly for:

    improve blood clotting,

    help the wayward intestines,

    soothe ulcers,

    to heal blows and wounds,

    as well as for its benefits for the skin: both to heal and beautify it.

    10 best socks for cold feet

    What really helps against cold feet

    With socks to bed. Cannot go? Frozen is the heart in the fight against icicles on the feet but heart. Whether you have cold feet more often. There will be some useful advice about ski socks, snow socks, and heated socks for skiing.

    As soon as the temperatures fall in autumn, the danger for cold feet increases. Anyone who needs to stay at bus stops early in the morning will experience this on their own. Blame on the temperature drop at the outer extremities can be as simple things as the wrong footwear. Or - and already we are in a scientific horror - the sex. Some experts are convinced that the different relationship between muscles and adipose tissue in men and women plays an important role in the feeling of temperature.

    Even men suffer from foot-frost

    The general practitioner Dr. med. Hans-Michael, chairman of the Bremen Medical Association, does not think much about this explanation. "Men suffer as often from cold feet, they just do not talk about it," the doctor is convinced.

    The icicle sensation is created by the fact that the feet are not properly perfused. And this could affect both women and men alike, as Michael says, due to a rather harmless circulation regulation problem in most cases. It occurs when the blood cannot circulate adequately in the vein system of the legs. Of these, slender people are usually affected.

    What can be behind cold feet and ski socks for warmth

    Cold feet could also indicate serious vascular disease. Diabetics, smokers, people with high blood pressure or severe overweight can permanently threaten a constriction of the vessels: the feet become poorer and freeze. First hints there is a test. "Whether it is cold feet due to illness, one can find: pain the cold feet with movement, one should urgently the complaints from a medical expert to clarify," says Michael.

    Also, a case for the doctor are all of a sudden cold and painful feet, especially when they turn white or bluish. If only one leg is affected, immediately contact the doctor! If you suffer from diabetes or other chronic diseases, your foot-climate must always be kept very well in mind. Because diabetics may not even notice when the feet become too cold. And whoever suffers cold feet in the summer as well, while everyone else likes to walk barefoot, according to Michael, a doctor's visit is also strongly advised.

    Tips to heat properly

    If the physician has ruled out serious causes, the circulation of the feet can be stimulated with quite simple methods. As a first-aid program, flipping is suitable with your feet, toe rollers or bouncing up and down. A good prophylaxis would also be to not hit the legs while sitting but to place them comfortably on the ground next to each other.

    For the prevention, however, much more can be done: "Everything that irritates the feet helps in this case. In addition to cold-hot interchangeable baths, castings are also suitable," says the medical expert. In the cold water, the veins transporting the blood into the legs would contract again with warm water.

    Sleep killer cold feet

    But also saunas and endurance sports. Because when the circulation is boosted, it is good for the blood pressure and thus also for the feel-good climate at the feet. Brushing massages might have a similar effect, according to Michael. The doctor advises nevertheless nevertheless to more movement because it generally has a positive influence on the health. For sports beginners over 35 years or chronically ill, however, it would be sensible to have the doctor check-in before the start of the training.

    And if you suffer from cold feet and regularly take medication, you should generally be able to check whether the bleeding disorder on the feet may also be a side effect. "It has to be clarified with the house doctor, he can best classify how to proceed then," says Michael.

    Whilst the ice-cobs finally go to bed, the doctor actually advises him to have thick socks and foot massage. For with cold feet asleep, many people can not. "The body perceives the cold feet as a malfunction and empties stress hormones. This stimulates the circulation again, sleep is not to be thought of," explains Michael. What usually also applies to the bed neighbors, who gives the frost-toes cuddly asylum under the covers. So then rather: thick socks.

    Never again freezing: Hot tips for cold feet

    Especially women often suffer from cold feet - in the office, at home, and especially when they want to fall asleep. On the other hand, you can do something, but you also have to take the freeze seriously in the first step and actually do something about it in the second step. First, it is useful to wear the "right" socks, shoes and insoles.

    Sullen socks against freezing

    Wool socks, unfortunately, have the disadvantage that they like to dissolve toes and hoes like in the air. If you are looking for a small admixture of polyamide or polyester, you will have more of your stockings.

    Socks, which are too narrow at the top, reduce the blood flow. If you have pressure sensitive shackles, you can avoid socks for diabetics - they are cut up at the top. Nylon stockings warm under pants, because an air cushion can form there. To the little black, it should be in the winter already opaque pantyhose from 60 den - the yarn weight is then 60 grams for a 9-kilometer long thread.

    Heated pantyhose leave nothing to be desired: the material is half-silvered yarn, which is heated by a mini-power controller at the cuffs or in the sleeve pocket. Do you like to wear bed socks?

    To be recommended are downpacks, which offer outdoor shops. The knitted models of light Angora wool feel nice, but they are very strong and quickly become unsightly when you take it to the toilet every night.

    Warm shoes against cold feet

    Do not wear too tight shoes, as there is no warm air cushion. Other tips against freezing: Leather soles can be filled with water, so boots with thick soles made of crepe or rubber are optimal.

    Walken from goats wool: In order to prevent you from freezing your toes with ice and snow, you can wear special boots developed in Canada or have a pair of walks - these are goats wool felt boots.

    Rubber galoshes: Fashion-conscious ladies should not be embarrassed to go to the ball in winter boots and wear the high-heeled shoes only on the spot. Men can protect their budgets in the rain and snowshoes with rubber galoshes.

    Cold feet - warming insoles

    You can even put the fur soles with the aluminum bottom in pumps, but you should buy them a bit bigger. Zimtsohlen not only neutralize the foot odor, but also stimulate the blood circulation. Electrically heated soles were initially only for ski boots, but the batteries can also be attached to winter boots.

    Never freeze again in the office!

    If you sit long at the desk and move little, your feet quickly get cold. These aids have proven their worth for frost bumps:

    Heated footrest: If you can also take your shoes off by the hour, a footrest that can be electrically heated can help.

    Fellsack: In the home office, you can wear fur coats or get a fur sack into which you can put both feet - that warms something more when you move them in it. There is also electric heating.

    Electric heating: In many large rooms the room temperature is quite cold. If you cannot convince your colleagues to turn the heating up a little more, you can warm it up with an electric heating under your desk. Disadvantage: This drives the electricity costs up.

    10 best socks for cold feet

  • 65% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, 2% Elastane
  • Knit in USA
  • Flat knit durable toe seam
  • Sock Height: Over the Calf
  • 14" overall height
  • Style: SW0SW006
  • 62% Merino Wool/34% Nylon/4% Lycra Spandex
  • Made in US
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
  • Performance fit
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • SNOW SKI SOCKS – Lightweight Skiing socks, second skin fit and feel, embraces the foot ensuring a snug fit, eliminating wrinkles, reducing pressure points

  • DYNAMIC CUSHIONING - Creates high performance protection to the foot and shin against the rigidity of ski boots assisting better circulation and comfort
  •  PERFORMANCE PROTECTION – high performance protection, light weight padding and seamless toe pocket, relieves foot stress, eliminates swelling and numbness
    • Lycra-Merino-Nylon-Spandex-Wool
    • Made in USA
    • 70% Merino Wool, 26% Nylon, 4% LYCRA® blend keep your feet warm and dry during winter sport activity
    • Features include: over-the-calf length; ankle, Achilles, and instep support zones for protection and to keep the sock in place; sculpted cushioning to maximize fit and comfort; a seamless toe closure; and a breathable forefoot zone for good ventilation
    • Fit is true to size based on standard US men’s shoe sizes
  • 60% nylon 36% merino wool 4% lycra
  • Imported
  • Graduated compression leg
  • Designed for skiing, running and cycling
  • Precision Fit foot with Lycra
  • 15-20 mmHg Lightweight
  • 1 year Guarantee
  • 45% Polypropylene 24% Acrylic 20% Wool 11% Polyamide
  • Imported
  • Socks-Type: Ski & Snowboard sock
  • Socks-Fit: knee socks
  • Season: winter socks
  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Medium-regular
  • Lightweight Quick-Drying and Odor-Resistant Polypropylene Reinforced Foot bed
  • All-Over Elastic for Ultimate Arch, Ankle, and Leg Support with Stay High Comfort Band
  • Chafe-Free Link Toe Seam and Sock Lock Reinforcements
  • DRYRIDE Ultra wick Venting Toe Panels
  • 42% Wool/24% Stretch Nylon/21% Polypropylene/7% Stretch Polyester/5% Olefin/1% Spandex
  • Made in USA
  • Machine Wash
  • Knee-high cushioned ski socks with stay-put knee, heel, toe, and shin
  • 70% Silver Drystat, 15% Microsupreme, 10% Nylon 5% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Keep your feet dry with our exclusive Drystat and MicroSupreme fiber providing optimum moisture control reducing the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • 70% Silver drystat, 15% microsupreme, 10% nylon 5% spandex
  • Dynamic cushioning creates high performance protection to the foot and shin against the rigidity of ski boots assisting better circulation and comfort
  • Nylon
  • Made in USA
  • Lightweight ski sock with moisture wick technology
  • Shin and sole are cushioned for shock absorbtion
  • Memory knit and contoured rip top to stop slippage
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • Composed with polyester, nylon and spandex
  • If you have any question, please feel free to comment down below.


    pqq supplement vs. coq10 which one suits you best

    As far as you know, pqq and coq10 are quite similar in helping your heart work better. Less tried, more fresh! However, in details, they are different in medical care. Today, you will gain a lot of both facts. Here is the lists.

    • what is pqq and coq10 supplement
    • pqq and coq10 health benefits
    • pqq supplement vs. coq10 reviews

    First, let’s started with coenzyme Q10


    • Reduce hypertension (moderate effect, adjuvant treatment).
    • Treat mild to moderate heart failure (adjuvant therapy).
    • Improve physical performance reduce blood sugar reduce the toxicity of some anticancer treatments.

              The coenzyme Q10 is free shipping in North America, except in Quebec, where its sale is regulated by Annex II of the Regulation on conditions and terms of sale of drugs in Quebec. Under this regulation, only pharmacists can sell coenzyme Q10 providing 10 mg or more per dose, and they must keep it behind their counter in order to adequately inform people who want to buy it. The order of pharmacists fears that free access to this supplement will encourage patients to reduce their use of prescribed medications, particularly for hypertension or heart failure.

    Dosage of coenzyme Q10

    The diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and heart failure require the supervision of a health professional. Self-medication is not recommended.

    Hypertension and heart failure

    The dosages used in the studies ranged from 60 mg to 100 mg twice daily.

    **Note. Since  CoQ10 is better absorbed in the presence of fat, it is best to take it at the same time as a meal or as a soft capsule in a fat base.

    Description of coenzyme Q10

    Closely related to vitamin K by its chemical structure, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is also an antioxidant, that is to say, it protects the body from damage caused by free radicals (oxidative stress).

    The manufacturing process developed by the Japanese consists of fermenting beets and sugar cane using specific yeast strains. The medium created by these yeasts is particularly rich in CoQ10. At the end of the process, the whole is heated to deactivate the yeasts; the culture medium is dried and reduced to powder, which is used to make extracts.

    The  CoQ10 is considered a dietary supplement and not a drug, primarily because it is a natural molecule, which therefore can be a pharmaceutical patent.

    Coenzyme deficiency Q10

    Since the body is able to synthesize  CoQ10 according to its needs, it is not considered an essential nutrient. Therefore, a recommended daily intake for CoQ10 has not been established, and it is not standard practice to check rates in the body. However, it has been observed that with age, the body produces less and less. Patients with heart disease, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, gum disease, high blood pressure, AIDS, muscular disorders or macular degeneration have also been found to have consistently low levels of CoQ10.

    Some medicines may reduce the level of  CoQ10 in the body: see the Interactions section later in this leaflet.

    Here is supplement pqq

    The first anti-aging nutritional supplement that boosts and generates new mitochondria and thus ensures the longevity of all cells.

    What are mitochondria?

    Mitochondria are the power plants of cells that allow them to function at full capacity. Present in large quantities in young organisms, they gradually disappear with age, and those that remain are less effective and produce more waste. This dysfunction results in a major energy deficit that is found to be involved in most degenerative diseases associated with aging: physical and cognitive disorders, accelerated cellular degradation, cardiovascular disorders.

    Code Name PQQ: One of the most serious advances in the field of mitochondrial bioenergetics.

    PQQ is ubiquitous in the natural world, and especially in all plant species. It is a powerful growth factor in plants, bacteria, and higher organisms. However, neither humans nor bacteria that colonize the human digestive tract have the capacity to synthesize it. This led the researchers to classify PQQ as one of the essential nutrients. New vitamin or new coenzyme? Its name does not matter in terms of its effectiveness against aging.

    Protection of mitochondria against oxidative stress

    The first cause of mitochondrial dysfunction is oxidative stress, and it is at the mitochondrial level that the PQQ's main interest in anti-aging prevention is. Because of its very high stability, PQQ is proving to be a powerful antioxidant weapon, far superior to conventional antioxidants for protecting mitochondrial DNA. By transferring a very large quantity of electrons, it neutralizes the main free radicals that hinder the proper functioning of mitochondria without undergoing any molecular degradation. Also, it is not surprising that the PQQ has an optimal effectiveness in the fight against age-related degenerative diseases and the energy reductions of the two most important organs of the body: the brain and the heart.

    Neuroprotection and improvement of cognitive function

    PQQ provides outstanding protection for brain cells against oxidative damage and toxin-induced neurotoxicity including mercury. It improves performance in memory tests and positively interacts with brain neurotransmitter systems. According to some studies, it prevents the development of a protein associated with Parkinson's disease and also protects nerve cells against the oxidative ravages of the beta-amyloid protein associated with Alzheimer's disease.

    A recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that a daily dose of 10 to 20 mg PQQ strongly improved short-term memory and concentration potential in young adults compared to the control group receiving only placebo dose. And in older people, supplementation with 20 mg per day of PQQ leads to high improvements in cognitive function tests, especially when subjects also take 300 mg daily of CoQ10. This association can, therefore, be used to improve mental status, quality of life and help slow down or prevent cognitive decline.

    Cardioprotection and improvement of energy levels

    Soluble in water, PQQ does not accumulate and does not cause, even in large doses, intolerance phenomena. This substance can, therefore, be consumed by all in the hope of finally curbing one of the major mechanisms of aging. The PQQ, therefore, enriches the arsenal of anti-aging substances already recognized and can be used at the same time or alternating with the mimetics of caloric restriction (resveratrol, oxaloacetate) or the activators of telomerase (cycloastragenol, astragaloside IV ).

    Research has shown that PQQ helps cardiac muscle cells withstand oxidative stress and that in the event of a stroke or heart attack in animals, taking PQQ significantly reduces the size of the zones. damaged. In addition, since mitochondria are responsible for the production of energy, taking PQQ will make the practice of physical activity easier and more effective.

    5 best magnesium supplement for constipation


              Best Magnesium supplement for constipation has been popular among adults for years. Magnesium is so important and so good that many people buy magnesium and regularly take it as a nutritional supplement. But there are many different magnesium supplements on the market. They act. Differently, they contain different magnesium compounds and are also dosed differently. How are the different magnesium compounds different? Which magnesium is the best? And which magnesium is the best way to meet the magnesium requirement? Which magnesium should you buy? Also, you will receive facts about calcium magnesium powder, magnesium citrate supplement, magnesium glycinate, magnesium malate benefits, and magnesium pills.

    Buy magnesium - pay attention to what?

    Do you take a magnesium supplement? Or would you like to buy magnesium soon? Often you then ask yourself the following questions:

    • What is its bioavailability?
    • How his dosage?
    • Does it fit with me and my personal needs?
    • question-circle
      Does it fit with my complaints?

    Only when these questions are clarified, you can be sure that you can buy the right magnesium for you and thus achieve the best possible effect.

    Magnesium for magnesium deficiency

    Many people suffer from magnesium deficiency. Most do not know it. Because magnesium deficiency does not always just "only" in leg cramps.

    Many other symptoms may indicate a magnesium deficiency. Because magnesium deficiency increases the risk of many diseases (can even cause heart attacks source), worsens existing diseases and makes a cure unlikely.

    No matter what your problem is - whether depression, menstrual cramps, cramps, muscle weakness, migraines, sleep disorders, nervousness, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, irritability, chronic pain, vitamin D deficiency (magnesium involved in the activation of vitamin D), diabetes or pregnancy symptoms - take magnesium !

    Magnesium deficiency can be involved in the development of all these ailments. In other words, magnesium can alleviate all these symptoms, if not eliminate them in some cases.

    When is there an increased demand for magnesium?

    If you are also taking medications, keep in mind that some medicines increase your magnesium intake. These include some antihypertensives, cortisone, birth control pills, laxatives, immunosuppressants, methotrexate (e.g., for rheumatism) and many more. It is best to ask your pharmacist if your medication is magnesium.

    Equally increased is the magnesium requirement

    in pregnancy and lactation, in competitive sports, in old age, in stressful situations (stress hormones provide for increased magnesium excretion with the urine), in kidney disease, in diabetes, in anorexia, in chronic inflammatory bowel disease, with an aluminum load (aluminum displaces magnesium), with vitamin B1 and B6 deficiency and during convalescence.

    Consequently, more and more people are buying magnesium, because the right supplementation with magnesium is ideal for reviving the body's own magnesium levels and quickly alleviating symptoms caused by magnesium deficiency.

    Pure magnesium is not available for normal mortals, and that's a good thing, as it is extremely explosive and likes to burst into flames with bang effects.

    Buy magnesium

    So when you buy magnesium, you always get a magnesium compound, which is magnesium, that is associated with another substance, such as magnesium. B.

    Magnesium citrate: Magnesium bound to citrate, the salt of citric acid

    Magnesium carbonate: Magnesium bound to carbonate, the salt of carbonic acid

    Magnesium glycinate: Magnesium bound to the amino acid glycine

    Magnesium orotate: Magnesium bound to orotate, the salt of orotic acid

    Magnesium sulfate: Magnesium bound to sulfate, the salt of sulfuric acid.

    Magnesium sulfate is also referred to as Epsom salt or Epsom salts. (Not to be confused with Glauber's salt (= sodium sulfate)).

    Magnesium oxide: Magnesium bound to oxide, formed during the combustion of magnesium

    Magnesium malate: Magnesium bound to malate, the salt of malic acid

    So, if you take one of these remedies, you will not only feel the effect of magnesium, but also the effect of the substance your magnesium is associated with. Why you take magnesium, you already know. What additional effects do orotate, citrate or glycinate bring with it? And what about the bioavailability of these magnesium supplements?

    Which magnesium has the best bioavailability?

    With bioavailability is meant how much of the contained magnesium can be taken up and used by the organism at all. And how much - z. Due to poor solubility - is simply excreted with the urine again.

    Unfortunately, there is no study that would compare the bioavailability of all magnesium compounds. Usually, only two or three compounds are examined and compared. Also, bioavailability is reported in terms of the amount of magnesium excreted in the urine rather than the amount actually absorbed. As a result, the results are not very accurate.

    Nonetheless, researchers have agreed for years that magnesium citrate has the best bioavailability, followed by magnesium chloride and the chelated magnesium compounds (magnesium bound to amino acids (e.g., magnesium glycinate)), while magnesium oxide always lagged.

    Interestingly, however, a relatively recent study by Shechter et al. from 2012 that magnesium oxide performed better than magnesium citrate in terms of both bioavailability and health effects. In this study, magnesium oxide was more effective in lowering LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol while increasing magnesium levels better than magnesium citrate did.

    So far there are no clear indications in bioavailability that one or the other magnesium supplement would be better or worse bioavailable than another. The selection is made according to the personal requirements of the product.

    5 best magnesium supplement brand review

    Medical studies show that Dolovent’s ingredients can create a protective effect by normalizing brain energy metabolism

    All-in-one supplement – more economical than taking individual supplements

    Clinical-strength: the same levels of riboflavin, magnesium oxide and CoQ10 plus key vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bioflavonoids used in medical research

    A safe alternative to OTC pain-relievers and Rx drugs that can have serious side effects

    Affordable: No doctor visit or prescription needed, and the cost-per-day is very economical

    MADE IN THE USA AND TESTED TWO TIMES FOR PURITY AND SAFETY - Our High Absorption Magnesium L-Threonate Capsules are manufactured right here in the USA. Purity testing is available upon request.

    100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We don't want anyone to feel ripped off and provide a no questions asked money back guarantee.

    MOST BIOAVAILABLE FORM OF MAGNESIUM – L-Theonate is a mineral chelating agent that is able to greatly enhance the bioavailability of magnesium making it highly absorbable.

    Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium supports bone density, helps maintain a normal, regular heartbeat and supports overall cardiovascular health

    Made with TRAACS, a patented, form of bioavailable magnesium that is chelated to optimize bioavailability

    As many as 75% of Americans are deficient in magnesium and magnesium deficiency increases with age

     Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium is "not buffered", a term meaning that is it not mixed with less expensive and less absorbable magnesium oxide

    - A component in over 200 enzymes in the body

    - Supports bone and muscle health

    - Vital to the formation and release of energy from cells

    - These Vegetarian-friendly tablets are coated for easy swallowing

    - These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

     - Packaging may vary due to redesign, same great product ingredients

    Offers superior availability to the body

    Intended to provide exceptional nutritive support for normal, healthy, muscle function

     Supports the heart, nervous system and cellular energy

    10 best outdoor tanning lotion

    How does a self-tanner work or outdoor tanning lotion to get dark fast?

    • Dark circles under the eyes.
    • Self-tanners work like a dye that gets darker and darker with each use.
    • They give color and a bronzed complexion to the skin thanks to the presence of Dihydroxyacetone.

    Self-tanners react with amino acids and proteins and gradually form a golden color. In other words, they help you to have a temporary tan without exposure to the sun.

    There are self-tanning creams, self-tanning gels, self-tanning sprays, self-tanning foams, self-tanning lotions, etc.

    Bronzers are make-up products that give the illusion of radiance and sunlight to the skin. They give an instant complexion producing a golden color on the skin.

    What are the benefits of using suntan lotions?

    • Help to achieve a deeper and longer lasting complexion.
    • Allows you to control the tanning process.
    • ​Prevents your skin from dehydration and solar burns.
    • ​Moisturizes nourishes and conditions the skin.
    • ​Maximizes the benefits of tanning indoors and outdoors.
    • ​Accelerates the tanning process.
    • Intensifies your complexion

    Are bronzing lotions safe?

    Many women ask me if tanning lotions are safe during pregnancy and the answer is Yes.

    Tanning lotions are absolutely safe and rarely cause allergic reactions, but that does not mean you should not use a patch before use.

    The ingredients used in tanning lotions

    Most tanning products contain antioxidants, vitamins B, C, D, E, essential oils, hemp seed oil, Aloe Vera natural botanical extracts, minerals, natural oils, sunflower oil, carrot extracts and even copper.

    Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the most common ingredient in tanning lotions as it oxidizes the surface layer of the skin and creates a complexion that looks natural. DHA is completely safe for the skin and does not irritate it.

    Some of the energetic ingredients found in most tanning lotions include melanin and L-Tyrosine (amine aid that occurs when activating melanin production).

    Other ingredients generally found include tea oil, copper, olive oil, green tea extracts and several other natural oils.

    How to properly apply suntan lotion

    Step 1. Exfoliate your body

    Step 2. Start applying suntan lotion

    Step 3. Apply suntan lotion on your face

    What to remember about Bronzing Lotions

    - Always work on small parts of your body to get a flawless complexion.

    - Always exfoliate your skin before applying tanning lotion, self-tanning or tanning because the product will react more easily on smooth skin.

    - Always apply tingle tanning lotion before sun exposure.

    - When exfoliating your skin, pay special attention to the dry areas of your body: knees, elbows, ankles, hands, and feet.

    - Always apply the tanning product with circular movements.

    - Always start the application by your legs.

    - As you will not be able to do it on your own, ask a friend to apply the tan on your back.

    - When on the beach always cover exposed areas with tight clothing and put on a wide hat to protect your head and face.

    - Keep your skin well moisturized before, during and after tanning for better results and a longer lasting complexion.

    - Consult a specialist to see what would be best suited for you.

    - Do not use foundation, face powder, eye shadow or lip gloss when applying suntan lotion.

    - Always read the instructions on the box and follow them.

    - Self-tanners can easily stain your clothes.

    - Remember: suntan lotions do not offer sun protection.

    - Use an outdoor tanning lotion for a tan on the outside, and a tanning lotion for indoor tanning.

    - Since most tanning lotions do not offer sunscreen, it is essential to use and apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun that can seriously harm your skin.

    - Never apply the tan on your lips, nipples, around the bikini line, on moles or spots of redness.

    - Make sure that the tanning lotion is suitable for your skin type. There are tanning lotions specially made for each type of skin.

    - If your skin is sensitive or dry, look for tanning lotions made especially for sensitive skin. These contain more moisturizing and nutritious ingredients.

    - Do not clean your skin with too hard soaps or shower gels, they can fade your complexion faster.

    - Let the lotion act for a while and so that it is perfectly absorbed. The result is not immediately visible.

    - Remember: Repeated exposure of unprotected skin during tanning can increase the risk of aging skin and have other negative effects on the skin.

    - Always apply the product to a clean, exfoliated skin.

    10 best outdoor tanning lotion review

    1. Maui Babe Browning Lotion 8 Ounces

    The Hawaiian formula of Maui Babe is very popular with tanning enthusiasts. You can use it in combination with a sunblock so you can sunbathe longer. There are two alternatives: one with mineral oil for the outdoor area and one with sunflower oil for indoor solariums.

    In addition to the light oil base, the browning lotion contains Kukui nut oil and aloe to soften your skin as well as the antioxidants A, C and E. Although it has Kona Coffee Plant extract and it is brown, it is not a self-tanner.

    Users have commented that it may be too greasy to use on your face if you have sensitive skin. The company Maui Babe says it is safe for all skin types.

    Use the Browning Lotion with Maui Babe SPF 30 Sunscreen so you can enjoy the sun longer.

    Free shipping​

    2. Maui Babe SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion 8 Ounces

    This awesome MAUI BABES SPF 30 SUNSCREEN LOTION is a water-repellent sun block that is used for sole application with Maui Babe Browning Lotion

    -Protects your skin from strong UVA / UVB rays that cause sunglasses

    -Use the Browning Lotion from Maui Babe to create a deep, rich and golden brown tan.

    -Seals this dark tan and prevents the skin from burning

    -Perfect for daily, all-year sun protection

    -SPF 30

    -It contains vitamins A, C, and E, mineral oil, kukui nut oil.

    The SPF 30 sun protection from Maui Babe is fantastic all year round to protect your skin in any weather. From Maui, Hawaii imported.

    Free shipping​

    3. Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

    This Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator is a self-tanner and a tanning lotion. It will slightly darken your skin with caramel and henna when you apply it. You can be used it indoors or outdoors because it is based on sunflower and olive oil, aloe vera gel, panthenol, glycerin and the vitamins A and E. The tea tree leaf (Melaleuca) oil gives you a pleasantly cooling feeling when applying it.

    ​Free shipping

    4. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

    Ed Hardy's Coconut Kisses Golden tanning lotion can save your skin from pale, sun-starved people get the basic bronze they crave before this beach holiday. It uses the power of coconut oil, milk and butter to hydrate your skin while you absorb the sunshine.

    Although it has no bronzers, it has ingredients that accelerate tyrosine activity and melanin production, so you can tan as quickly as possible.

    Like the other lotions above, you can use Coconut Kisses indoors or outside. It will not stain or streak, even though wiping the hands after application is a good idea.

    Free shipping​

    5. Swedish Beauty, Shea You Love Me, Tanning Lotion 8.5 Ounce

    Not everyone from Scandinavia is pale. The Shea You Love Me Lotion of Swedish Beauty is perfect for people with eczema and sensitive skin. It has no scent, and it is hypoallergenic. The aloe and vitamins E and A make you look young, while shea butter and oat flakes moisturize and soften the moistest skin.

    Swedish beauty says her own BioBronze blend has natural melanin improvers to speed up the tanning process. Most users love this lotion because it helped them get a tan in brownish areas of their bodies.

    ​Free shipping

    6.SunGodZ Apollo/Artemis 375X Bronzer Tanning Lotion with Argan, Coconut Oil and Agave

    The Apollo / Artemis 375x Bronzer by SunGodZ is for people who want the darkest tan as quickly as possible. It is based on silicone and glycerin and contains agave extract, argan, kukui, hemp seed, olive and coconut oil as well as caffeine. You can apply it both indoors and outdoors, and it is formulated to protect tattoos from fading.

    The silicone base includes moisture and keeps the lotion (and your tan) before washing in the shower. SunGodZ does not use parabens and does not test on animals.

    Free shipping​

    7. Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil Spray 8oz No Sunscreen

    Banana Boat products are an attachment to beaches and pools. Your Deep Tanning Oil Spray is a cost-effective and easy method to get a deep bronze. It is recommended only for persons who already have a basic tan or a darker pigmentation.

    ​Free shipping

    8. Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Auto-darkening Dark Tanning Lotion, 50X, 13.5 Ounce

    The new color Es Black 50x Lotion by Millenium Tanning says it will give you the darkest tan possible. It is silicone-based as the solid black lotion from the same company, but there is no tingling additive.

    This lotion does not feel greasy and goes smoothly. It does not touch and does not rub against the clothes. The silicone softens your skin maximally and keeps the self-tanning elements from washing. The fresh scent of the cotton is very pleasant.

    The ingredient list contains parabens and DHA which are not very good for your skin. There are some discussions about the safety of DHA as it interacts with your amino acids to darken your skin. It works well, but will it be good for you in the long run?

    Free shipping​

    9. Supre Smoke Black Bronzer, Tanning Lotion, 10.5 oz.

    Supre has been making a lot of tanning lotions, but her Smoke Black Bronzer is the ultimate for advanced Gerber. It has self-acting bronzers and dark tanning magnifiers along with vitamins and minerals. The idea is to darken the pigmentation of the skin to the maximum and at the same time protect it from sun damage. This is a lotion for people with a good tan, who want something deeper.

    Free shipping​

    10. Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion

    An outdoor tan is unpredictable because 30 minutes in one day can be too much, while two hours on another day do not do much. Therefore tanning with a sun block is not such a bad idea.

    It protects UVA and UVB rays, even if you are in the water for up to 80 minutes. It is not comedogenic and free of PABA and Parabenen. In addition, Sun Bum says that it is gluten-free and vegan, and it has the approval of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

    Free shipping​

    5 Best Melatonin Supplements Reviews

    What Is Natural Melatonin In The Body?

    There are many best melatonin supplements out there. Therefore, before you scroll down to see our review about melatonin, it is better to start at the knowledge first. To know what you will take and to realize its process is a better safe than sorry. We love to see you healthy and happy. No more sleepless night for you so now let’s get started!


    Your body has its own internal clock that controls your natural cycle of sleep and wake-up times. In part, your body clocks how much melatonin your body makes. Typically, the melatonin levels begin to rise in the middle of the late evening, staying high for most of the night high and then falling in the early morning hours.

    Description of Melatonin

    The melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland (also called epiphysis). The secretion of melatonin is inhibited in the presence of light and stimulated when dark. The maximum production is reached from 2 am to 5 am, hence the names of sleep hormone or hormone of darkness. Through melatonin, the pineal gland informs the brain about the relative durations of the hours of darkness and illumination over a period of 24 h (daily cycle), but also throughout the year (seasonal cycle).

    Since the introduction of the new regulations on natural health products, melatonin marketed in Canada is a synthetic product, entirely manufactured in the laboratory.

    Two forms of melatonin are marketed. Immediate-release melatonin (regular form) and sustained release melatonin. One may assume that the former helps to fall asleep more quickly and that the latter helps to remain asleep.

    The leaves and roots of many plants have small amounts of melatonin such as fenugreek seeds, alfalfa, fennel, poppy, flax, coriander, and sunflower. This antioxidant substance role would be to protect the fragile seed of these plants against the oxidizing effects of UV radiation, drought, extreme temperatures and toxins.

    Melatonin deficiency

    Since melatonin is not considered an essential nutrient, no recommended daily intake has been established. One can not, therefore, speak of deficiency. However, researchers found that people with certain health problems had lower than average melatonin levels. Thus, heart people have a low melatonin level, but it remains to be determined whether this is a cause or consequence. Finally, it was long thought that melatonin production decreased with age, but more recent studies suggest that this is not the case.

    History of melatonin

    It was in 1958 that Aaron B. Lerner of Yale University discovered melatonin. However, the popularity of melatonin will soar in 1995, through a media campaign orchestrated around the publication of a book called Melatonin: Your Body's Natural Wonder Drug (Melatonin: the fabulous natural drug for your body).

    Melatonin, which was soon known as the "miracle hormone," gave rise to the wildest hopes. Today, the tone is more moderate, but several researchers believe that it has many therapeutic properties, including in the field of cancer treatment. Others believe that this product should be treated with caution because it is a hormone and we still have little control over the subtle long-term effects of these powerful substances.

    Research on melatonin

    Probable Effectiveness Jet lag. The authors of a synthesis published in 2002 scrutinized the results of nine clinical trials with placebo and concluded that melatonin is effective and safe to prevent or reduce the effects of jet lag . The effectiveness of treatment is more pronounced when traveling east through 5 or more time zones. They state that it is very important to take melatonin at the right time, otherwise the effects of jet lag may increase.

    The authors of a synthesis published in 2009 looked at 14 trials and also concluded that melatonin could be beneficial.

    5 Best Melatonin Brand Supplements Review

    Bio Naturals provides a liquid melatonin supplement with a convenient dropper. We noted the best melatonin supplement for three reasons:

    The liquid form of melatonin is absorbed to the body. The bottom line: it works quickly.

    This supplement contains a good dose of L-Theanine, a safe compound found in green tea that helps to relax the mind. This is perfect for people who have difficulty sleeping due to sudden mental stress, watchkeepers who need to "deactivate" before sleep and passengers on flights that feel too stimulated to sleep.

    More importantly - you can control the dose! Each 1 ml dropper contains 3 mg of melatonin, so 1/3 of a dropper is sufficient for a therapeutic dose.

    Free shipping​

    2. NOW Melatonin 1 mg

    NOW is a very hot supplement brand that provides a melatonin complex with nutritional cofactors. This supplement includes niacin and vitamin B6 that are necessary for the activity of melatonin in the brain. A small dose of magnesium citrate assists to relax the nervous system. Each tablet contains 1 mg of melatonin and is easy to break if you want to start with a half dose.

    This is one of the effective melatonin supplements to take if you feel exhausted or stressed out. Increasing B vitamins and magnesium will help relieve stress so that the synthetic melatonin and natural melatonin in your body can regulate your sleep cycle.

    Free shipping​

    3. Source Naturals Melatonin 1mg

    Source Naturals is a well-known brand that provides melatonin in sublingual form. When you place the lozenge under your tongue, it will dissolve directly into the bloodstream. The tablets you swallow require a digestion, which means they take longer to work and may lose some of their power before entering the bloodstream. Sublingual melatonin is the fastest way to get melatonin in your system, which is a great choice if you have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules.

    Use Source Naturals Melatonin when you have to fold fast. It is the best melatonin supplement for shift workers who need to sleep after work.

    ​Free shipping

    4. Natrol Melatonin Time Release Tablets

    Natrol provides a range of melatonin supplements from 1 mg to a 10 mg doubtful tablet. It is very gentle with your body, and you can start with ½ a dose of these 1 mg tablets. The time-release technology mimics the natural secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland throughout the night, allowing you to lie down and fall asleep - it's the best melatonin supplement for light passengers and passengers on aircraft.

    Free shipping​

    5. Sundown Naturals Melatonin 300 mcg, 120 Tablets

    This Sundown Naturals supplement offers a safe and effective 300mcg of melatonin per tablet, so it is not necessary to break up the large tablets into small pieces to try to divide the dose. Simple and affordable ingredients without gluten, lactose or GMO, you can be certain that this melatonin supplement is safe and effective.

    Free shipping​

    10 best body wash for sensitive skin

    Best baby wash for sensitive skin needs to be more hydrated and nourished. The choice of a soap should not be done lightly, at the risk of attacking the skin even more. So how to choose a soap when one has sensitive skin?

    best body wash for sensitive skin

    What is the ideal soap for my sensitive skin?

    Dermatologists generally advocate preferring soap-free or soap-free soaps for facial cleansing. Soap surgras has the advantage of cleansing and moisturizing the skin. It is a genuine soothing care for the skin. It contains more moisturizing agents (oil or vegetable butter) than a traditional soap. Skins prone to allergies can be directed to soap without soap, free from scouring and perfume products, potentially allergens and irritants. For washing the body, you can opt for soap surgras or soap-free soap if you have very fragile skin. If your skin is less reactive, you can indulge yourself and offer a soap to the properties of your choice.

    Sensitive skin: how to choose a soap?

    Sensitive skin: how to choose a soap?

    For your sensitive skin, it is preferable to carry out a cleaning with a soap saponified cold.

    This type of soap is handcrafted. The vegetable oils are not heated thus allowing the conservation of a large part of vegetable glycerin.

    The skin is, therefore, less affected by the detergent.

    What is on a label and what does it mean for sensitive skin?

    It is tempting to buy a new body wash based on its delicious scent, but this is exactly what people with sensitive skin can not do. Avoid synthetic perfumes because these are one of the best irritants and allergens for the skin.

    "Unscented" is not the same as "fragrance-free." Unscented can simply mean that it has no strong smell, but that is because another ingredient masks the scent. Free of fragrances is much better and safer. We have included some "unscented" products because many people with sensitive skin have said they have had success with them, but that does not mean that any of them is safe for you.

    "Hypoallergenic" is another of these terms that does not mean what you think. There is no FDA standard that defines what a cosmetic or skin care product is required to be hypoallergenic. Most companies can label a product with this term, although it contains exactly the same formula as another. The only difference is the packaging for the targeted demographic.

    While companies can say, their "hypoallergenic" product has been tested to show it causes fewer side effects, that is, they have their own tests, and it has not been regulated by an external agency. The only way to protect yourself is to read ingredients labels.

    Ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin

    Of course, the list of ingredients may look boring, unless you have a degree in chemistry. But here is a cliff notes-like summary, what to avoid:

    • Look for alcohols that dry your skin, like SD and denature
    • Preservatives, such as parabene, formaldehyde and methylisothiazolinone, and other additives such as propylene glycol and phthalates are all skin irritants
    • ​Even natural essential oils such as peppermint or derivatives such as menthol can cause a reaction - when they tingle, they do not care how nice they smell or feel
    • ​Coal tar, for the treatment of dandruff and dry skin, prohibited in the EU as a carcinogen
    • TEA, MEA, DEA make foam, but can also be linked to cancer
    • ​Ingredients with "-eth" such as ethoxylated surfactants and sulfates that produce foam such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS and SLES) are allergens made with carcinogenic chemicals

    Ingredients that can soothe sensitive skin

    You have seen the bad, now we look good. If you want to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin, these ingredients can help. And wash with warm water instead of cold or warm.

    • Coconut oil will not boil pores, it is antibacterial and nourishes the skin
    • A natural anti-inflammatory that fights acne is tea oil
    • ​Honey is antimicrobial and moisturizes the skin
    • ​Sea salt is fulled with minerals to heal the skin
    • ​The avocado is wrapped with vitamins to refresh the skin
    • ​Argan oil cures eczema and moisturizes the skin
    • Aloe Vera combats the itching and heals the skin
    • ​Chamomile can be very soothing on the skin
    • ​Jojoba oil is a vegetable oil very similar to tallow; it moisturizes the skin
    • Almond oil clears rash and soothes dry spots
    • Shea butter is very moisturizing

    Now that you've seen the bad and the good let's start examining the best body scrubs and shower gels for sensitive skin.

    10 best body wash review for sensitive skin

    1. Puracy Natural Body Wash, Sulfate-Free Bath and Shower Gel, Citrus and Sea Salt, 16 Ounce Pump Bottle

    Puracy's Natural Body Wash cleanses and softens the skin with the power of the coconut, Himalaya and etc. The coconut-based surfactant provides a beautiful foam without the risk of irritated or dry skin. The Himalayan Pink Salt exfoliates dead cells and helps hydrated skin. The glycerin is a natural moisturizing agent that takes moisture. After rinsing, there are no residues, only soft skin.

    Puracy formula was designed by doctors to be safe on any type of skin, in men or women. It does not contain the usual irritants such as sulfates, animal by-products, phosphates artificial fragrances, parabene or triclosan. The citrus and sea salt odor comes from natural ingredients, not from synthetic chemicals.

    The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you do not love it, you get a refund. The price makes it a good deal for the value it offers. Users are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews online, maintaining these bodies as a best-selling product.

    2. Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Moisturizing Shower Gel, Bath and Body Wash, Value Size 32 oz

    Kiss My Face's Fragrance-Free Shower Gel does not contain gluten, parabene, phthalates or artificial fragrances. Users enjoy it gently on the skin, making it soft and clean. They say it smells a bit like pine, but the scent fades.

    The formula has olive oil and aloe vera as well as vitamin E to heal and soothe skin. The remaining ingredients are not classified as hazardous by the EEC, with the exception of potassium sorbate and phenoxyethanol, with 3 and 4, moderate hazards. Overall, this seems to be a fairly safe product to choose if you are looking for something that is unlikely to irritate or dry skin.

    3. Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Lavender 32 oz.

    EEC Rates Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Lavender Liquid Soap as 1 total, the lowest risk rating they have. The ingredients are besides soothing lavender hemp seed oil, glycerin, coconut oil, citric acid, olive oil, vitamin E, and water. It is a very simple product. There are no common allergens or dangers.

    Some customers love Dr. Bronner's soaps and use them for anything from the body wash to make the wash. A caution: It is best to use this formula first to see how you react. Many users put half a teaspoon of size, full force, on a loofah or washcloth and use it like that.

    4. AVEENO Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash Fragrance Free 12 oz

    Aveenos Skin Relief Body Lotion is made to soothe dry, itchy skin even after it has been washed away. Aveeno says it is free of soap, dyes, and fragrances. It is based on oat flakes, which can actually help skin cure.

    Once again, this is a popular product that has many positive reviews online. Some people swear that it has saved their skin. These users are obviously not affected by the sodium laureth sulfate or the propylene glycol in the ingredients.

    5. Olay Sensitive Unscented Body Wash 23.6 oz

    Olay's sensitive unscented body wash is meant to moisturize the skin and itch it, and it is very popular. There is some list of ingredients that shows a few things that can irritate the skin, such as petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, methylchloroisothiazolinone, and methylisothiazolinone. The last two components are prohibited in the put-on skin products sold in the EU. Also, the "unscented" is no guarantee that there is no scent, only that you do not smell it because it can mask the scent of other ingredients.

    6. NIVEA Creme Sensitive Moisturizing Body Wash 16.9 Fluid Ounce

    Niveas Cream Sensitive Wash contains chamomile, a natural ingredient that soothes irritated skin. The formula does not contain any soaps or dyes and is made to moisturize dry skin even after it has been washed away.

    7. NIVEA Men Sensitive 3-in-1 Body Wash 16.9 Fluid Ounce

    The men's formula from Nivea has natural ingredients than the ones we have just tested above. It contains Bambusa Vulgaris leaf to moisturize silicon dioxide for building more collagen and elastin, plus almond oil and sunflower oil.

    8. Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash Oil Fragrance Free, 8.4 Ounce

    Eucerin is a company that makes many products for users with sensitive skin. They point out that they are often recommended by dermatologists. So let us take their demands for their skin soothing body wash apart.

    On the one hand, it is oil-free and fragrance-free, not only unscented. Two, it is said, it uses omega oils and lipids to moisturize the skin. They seem to come from castor oil and soybean oil. This is a good news so far.

    But when you look at the EEC database, you will see that this wash was rated 4 for "moderate risk." Why? Mainly because it contains BHT and Cocamide DEA as well as some of the "-eth" ingredients. These first two things are associated with allergic reactions.

    9. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, For all skin types, 16-Ounce Bottles

    Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser is gentle for people of all ages. It is moisturizing and cleaning well without removing any skin natural oil.

    It sounds great until you see that the list of ingredients contains all three parabenes as preservatives: polyparaben, butylparaben, and methylparaben. Scientists who work independently have linked these three to skin irritation and endocrine system disorders. Since we will rinse them, it may not be such a problem.

    10. Sebamed Face and Body Wash, for Sensitive Skin 33.8-Fluid Ounces Bottle

    Seams face and body wash for sensitive skin is pH-balanced at 5.6, so it is not as hard on the skin as some soaps. Some users love it. But be aware that sodium laureth sulfate is one of the first ingredients on the label, as well as other "-eth" components, as well as a fragrance and dyes.

    black friday reviews 10 best snowboard for kids

    Black Friday is coming! I know you would love to get a snowboard for you lovely kids right? Here is a black friday snowboard for kids special guide to give you information and tips when shopping for a snowboard for a child. In order to help you!

    When selecting a board for your young child, one must take into account its size and weight. In general, we arrive at a board which will be somewhere between the height of its neck and its nose.

    The sizes

    They are generally classified in this order,

    first Children (Kids / youth / children),

    then boys and girls (boys & girls).

    The board sizes for children and teenagers start at the smallest size on the market, 80 cm high, and then climb 5-10 cm for up to about 145 cm for boys and girls. Between these dimensions, you have a junior board.

    It is said of a board that the shorter it is, the more manageable it is to amuse itself. The longer it is said, the more stable it is for the descent. The middle ground is, therefore, your best choice.

    The snowboard companies with sizes for children:

    Ride, Gnu, Nitro, Rossignol, Never Summer, TechNine,5150, Burton, Artec, Arbor, Capita, Forum, LibTech, K2, Head, Morrow


    A board of 80 cm only costs in the $ 130 to $ 200. Allow about $ 200 more to provide your child with bindings and boots. To save, you can search in used ad sites or in equipment sales of past years, but your search may prove longer than expected.

    Some brands offer a starter kit including board and bindings, while some shops create a combo by adding boots and more. It is always important to remember that Burton boards possess a different type of anchorage for fasteners. Remember if you shop on the web!

    Are there other brands at other prices?

    The answer is yes. Some of us have started their first turns in the resort on old BlackSnow! Certain lesser-known brands of the same quality, as well as others of lower quality, exist in large-scale stores. Although it is not as much recommended by some, the children need only a board with fun in the snow to start behind the house, learn the sliding and balance, "Feeling" ... and then, on the other hand, return to the products better adapted if you think to go to a station! If you are thinking of offering a three-skate sled "GT Racer" to your child, also think of offering him a snowboard!


    It is a considerable choice to go to a specialty shop, commonly called a board shop, and watch the products available accompanied by the advice of an on-site expert who practices this sport himself. By the way, when you go in a board shop, be accompanied by your child so that he discovers this world and helps to choose his equipment. He will love her even more!

    The advantages

    I want to say that the recent boards, manufactured by certain well-known brands, offer a considerable advantage on the pleasure of gliding in groomed terrain. A board that has an overturned arch will reduce the chances of your child making a cut edge.

    If you are parents, remember that patience is the key, arranged at pleasure. We are not competitive hockey here; we have fun 😉 To get an extra help, refer to your school's snow school. Sometimes, a little lesson of one hour or one morning can give the youth a click.

    10 best snowboard for kids

    1. Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard

    Burton is a well-known snowboard brand, and you'll see their gear and equipment on the slopes this year. They know what they are doing when it comes to snowboarding and this show with Burton Chopper.

    It is a product that your boy can take anywhere in the mountain. If they want to explore the park, the Chopper is working on it, because it has a genuine twin shape, meaning that they can roll on the switch (backward or forwards), allowing to get out of a rail or land.

    It also sports a Flat Top Rocker and is good for hiking. This will help keep the table stable at faster speeds, and it will bypass the snows.

    Some other notable features include:

    FSC Certified Fly Core combines two different woods to make a living, solid and lightweight product

    The extruded base does not require much maintenance

    3-year warranty which is very good for snowboards

    The flex is very soft too, and it makes the Chopper pardonable and easy to handle. For this reason, it is good for a wide variety of riders. You can be anywhere, from a beginner to a little advanced and have fun with this advice.

    It is also very reasonable and will cost only about $ 142. This is good value for everything you get and the warranty also.

    Click here to order!​

    2. Flow Micron Verve Snowboard Boys

    I really like the way Flow Micron Verve looks, and if you decide on that snowboard, I know your son will be too. The colors are really pop, and they have a good design.

    But how does that seem to be not as important as its performance, is not it? You will be happy to know that Micron Verve is a high-quality board and that your boy will be torn there. This is another product that excels on all parts of the mountain and is good for versatile riders.

    Your child will also love to come with:

    • The EZ Rock profile makes this piece of equipment stable and manageable
    • An extremely soft flex is good for children lighter and easy to control
    • ​Tru Flex Core allows this card to operate in all snow conditions and reduces weight
    • ​The true twin shape means your child can hit the park when they want to have air

    This is probably not the best advice for an absolute beginner and is best suited for someone with a small ability. You do not need to be an expert, but at least a solid intermediary.

    In addition, the price is very good, and you can choose this product for about $ 142. You know what makes this price really good? It comes with a 4-year warranty. This advice is expected to last and will not be cracked or broken as soon as possible.

    ​Click here to order!

    3. Capita Children Of The Gnar Snowboard Boy's

    The Capita Children Of The Gnar is another quality snowboard that will run. This product works well on the track, plus it shines in the park. If your boy likes to have air and hit the rails, they will love Children Of The Gnar.

    It is a good freestyle board because it has a Camber hybrid profile that provides lots of pop and makes this product responsive. This is also an opportunity to make sculptures and turns.

    You will also like it to have:

    • RFC Substantial Select Core gives this snowboard a fun feel and is made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and materials
    • Fiberglass laminates add a bit of durability and impose chipping
    • ​A low maintenance base is good for children
    • Soft flex gives your child more control and makes the risk of falling/catching a less likely benefit

    This is another customized snowboard for intermediate products. If your son still learns this sport, you will probably want a product that is a little easier to handle.

    The Children Of The Gnar can be considered expensive equipment, plus it is not a shame, you can buy it for about $ 260. Personally, I think it's worth it, and I'm sure your boy will also be if you decide on this snowboard.

    ​Click here to order!

    4. Burton Protest Boys Snowboard 2017

    Does your child start and need good advice to learn? This is not the picture for you. The Burton Protest is designed for high-performing shredders and those looking for the best performance.

    Honestly, your little guy should be pretty accomplished to drive with the Protest. He should be able to handle mostly everything on the mountain and be considered very advanced for his age.

    This is because of all the features it includes, such as:

    • Camber's snowboard profile makes this product reactive and adds some pop
    • Medium flex means that this equipment works well in all parts of the mountain and can reach fast speeds
    • ​The twin shape is good for getting out of rails and jumps
    • Fiberglass laminates ensure that this product will last and give you a smooth transition
    • Sintered base resists wear and tear

    Generally, when you get the top of the line equipment, you have to pay a high price. This is not really the case here, and the protest will only cost $ 220.

    The best part is that this panel comes with a 3-year warranty and it's pretty amazing. Burton knows that this product will be rigorous and they always think it will last 3 years minimum.

    So, if your son can handle what this snowboard offers you, you should think about buying.

    ​Click here to order!

    5. Nitro Ripper Snowboard - Kids' One Color, 149cm

    If your child is absolutely new in snowboarding, the Nitro Ripper is a product you should think about. The Ripper is designed specifically to make the learning process easy and will not give your boy too much performance.

    All the time they are attached to this board, they will feel in control and safe. It is made to slow down and take large sculptures that is perfect for novices.

    Here are some other aspects you would like:

    • Zero camber that makes this material very manoeuvrable
    • True Twin tip means that it suits the park if your boy decides to venture out there
    • ​Sidecut Radial reduces gossip and keeps things smooth with speed
    • ​The Hi-Def base will last years and will resist cracks and scratches
    • Bi Light Laminate adds some strength to the Ripper

    Because it's a beginner's tip, it's not really about doing anything crazy or tackling tough terrain - it could struggle deep under conditions like this. I would keep this snowboard on the swept paths.

    Plus, you can buy it for about $ 149. This is a good price, and you get a 2 year warranty with this. I guess it will last much longer than that and you can hand it over from one child to another.

    ​Click here to order!

    6. Salomon Snowboards Villain Grom Snowboard - Kids'

    If your child is absolutely new in snowboarding, the Nitro Ripper is a product you should think about. The Ripper is designed specifically to make the learning process easy and will not give your boy too much performance.

    All the time they are attached to this board, they will feel in control and safe. It is made to slow down and take large sculptures that is perfect for novices.

    Here are some other aspects you would like:

    • Zero camber that makes this material very manoeuvrable
    • True Twin tip means that it suits the park if your boy decides to venture out there
    • ​Sidecut Radial reduces gossip and keeps things smooth with speed
    • ​The Hi-Def base will last years and will resist cracks and scratches
    • Bi Light Laminate adds some strength to the Ripper

    Because it's a beginner's tip, it's not really about doing anything crazy or tackling tough terrain - it could struggle deep under conditions like this. I would keep this snowboard on the swept paths.

    Plus, you can buy it for about $ 149. This is a good price, and you get a 2-year warranty with this. I guess it will last much longer than that and you can hand it over from one child to another.

    ​Click here to order!

    7. Burton Custom Smalls Blem Snowboard Boys

    The last list for boys comes from a brand you've already seen several times, Burton. Their Custom Smalls is a versatile product that excels on all parts of the mountain.

    If your son likes to take walks in the park for air and hit rails, they will love the Custom Smalls. If they like to have a bit of speed on the track, they will get what they are looking for here too. This table works well even on the track and can surf on soft powder.

    All that the mountain can throw at your child, this piece of equipment can handle. It also comes with:

    • Flying V Rocker offers good performance and allows you to grab snow
    • A forgivable flexion and this prevents from catching the edges and falling face first in the snow
    • ​The twin shape really helps in the park and adds some maneuverability
    • ​A lightweight kernel that does not laugh at performance
    • The extruded base is good for people who do not want to invest a lot of energy in maintenance

    Because this product can do so much, it is best for people who already have talent and who are very knowledgeable. Your son should not be a pro in preparation, but at least a strong intermediate.

    The price is not as horrible, and you can buy this snowboard for about $ 239. This is pretty good, especially when you take into account the 3-year warranty. The Custom Smalls is supposed to last.

    ​Click here to order!


    The K2 Lil 'Kandi is a snowboard your girl will love. First, it has a design that they will want to show and one they will be happy to rock. The way it seems is not the most important, and you will be happy to know that this table works pretty well.

    The Lil 'Kandi is excellent for learning and a great product for anyone who has just been presented to snowboarding. If you really want your girl to like the slopes when starting, this is a snowboard that you should consider.

    This is because it comes with:

    • Catch Free Baseline Rocker that limits the map on snow, and this means less face planting
    • The true twin shape means that you can mount the switch
    • ​Hybritech Noodle core is lightweight and will not feel heavy for your little girl
    • ​Hybritech Sidewalls adds a bit of durability
    • 2000 Extruded base will not take much effort to maintain and maintain its performance
    • The flex is too soft too, and it means more forgiveness. This also means that you will not fly down the mountain or you will be too cut out.

    How much will it cost you? Not much in fact. The price is very, very reasonable at $ 125. You only get a 1 year warranty, but you'll probably get a few seasons on Lil Kandi's.

    ​Click here to order!

    9. Burton Chicklet Snowboard Little Kids

    You've already seen a lot of Burton snowboards for boys, and now it's the girl's turn. The Chicklet is a quality board and is another that is perfect for anyone who is learning this sport.

    Everything about this chart is tailor-made for a beginner. It has a soft flex that is easy to maneuver, and it will not be too fast. All the time your girl gets on this snowboard, he will feel in control.

    Some features you may like include:

    • Flat Top Rocker prevents the board from catching an edge, and this keeps your daughter on her feet
    • Twin flex makes Chicklet balanced and makes snowboarding easier
    • Certified Fly Core reduces weight and ensures more fun when you are on the slopes

    My favorite aspect of this snowboard is the fact that it comes with a 3 year warranty. You know that a company believes in its product when it is ready to put in place this type of guarantee.

    The best part? All this will cost you only $ 170. At a minimum, you will get a few seasons of the Chicklet in order not to exceed $ 63 per year. This makes this product an excellent value, for sure.

    Just remember that it's not for accomplished snowboarders or those looking for high performance.

    Click here to order!

    10. Salomon Snowboards Gypsy Grom Snowboard - Kids'

    The Salomon Gypsy is for the adventurous girl who loves to divide her time on the trail and in the park. It gives speed and performance so that it enjoys cutting the mountain and the twin shape ensures good landings on the rails and jumps.

    It's also a very stable product that will really make sure your daughter is safe and in control - it's because of the Rock Out Camber. This adds good reactivity.

    Also, he has:

    • A soft flexibility that is very forgivable and it means that you will not be too fast to prune or turn
    • EQ Sidecut makes this product durable
    • ​The Aspen core absorbs vibrations and leads to a smooth transition
    • ​BA LD laminate retains this snowboard light
    • The extruded base is easy to follow and will not take much effort to ensure the top shape
    • ​The 2-year warranty is nice and will probably last longer than this
    • The Gypsy works for a wide variety of snowboarders and a variety of skill levels. If your little girl is exceptional, you may want a different product, but all others will appreciate it.

    You are also lucky, in terms of price, and this snowboard will cost only $ 162. The Gypsy is a good mix of low cost, performance, and style.

    ​Click here to order!

    10 best all snowboard for Black Friday snowboard deals

    A sport that has the wind in its sails

    The birth of snowboarding succession of interbreeding between two sports: skiing, highly practiced in Scandinavian countries, and surfing, a popular sport on the island of Hawaii. It is this incredible encounter was born the snowboard, which is also known today as the snowboard name. This practice became a sport in its own right from the second half of the 20th century onwards and is constantly being enriched by new techniques and disciplines.

    Your first glide?

    Before anything else, the first step is to define your position on a snowboard to choose your gear. In profile, the foot you place at the front of your board is your calling foot. If you position your left foot in front, you will adopt the so-called regular position. If on the contrary, it is the right foot that you place on the front of the snowboard, you will be considered to be in the goofy position. This step is essential because it will completely condition your gliding conditions and your choice of board. The next step is to get started! As regards the technique to be adopted on the slopes, different schools exist. The triggering of the turn will depend on your preference: provoked with the bust or by displacement of the weight of the body on the leg, you only have to test!

    To each style

    Beginners or experienced snowboarders meet on the slopes of some resorts. For a first contact with the sport, apprentices can choose various options to begin: solo, with friends or with a qualified instructor, the most important is to make you happy. Experts meanwhile, can indulge in the joys of skiing with all the variety of tracks and facilities proposed by the ski areas. Snowboarding has evolved considerably over the years; some may even leave tempted by styles such as snowboard free ride or freestyle version to discover new sensations.

    How To Choose An All Mountain Snowboard and FINDING THE RIGHT SNOWBOARD SIZE

    The choice of your snowboard is made according to several criteria:

    "Goofy" or "Regular"?

    At first, it is wise to know which foot to put in front; it will then serve you as support foot.

    If you have never snowboarded before, stand with your feet wide apart, ask someone to push you with a blow (but not too strong anyway!).

    If it is the right foot that advances first to rebalance, then you are "goofy," and if it is the left foot, you are "regular."

    Then you need to assess your snow level and what you are looking to do with your board.

    Freerider or freestyler?

    It goes without saying that you will not choose the same size of board if you are freestyler or freerider, or both and that you just opt ​​for versatility.

    But it should be known that there is a standard of measurement so as not to be mistaken as to the choice of the size of its board. Just put it in front of you and see if your chin goes over without difficulty.

    It is a board that is about 20 to 23 cm less than your size and is advised if you are looking for versatility and you have a level in between, whether you are a beginner or already well confirmed.

    Now if you are a freeride pro it is better to opt for a larger board that will allow more lift in the curves and more maneuverability and stability at speed.

    If we are still a little hot, we can choose a board that happens to us at the level of the eyes, and if we are really hot and we want to have a rough ride we take a board that arrives at the front.

    Conversely, if you are more freestyle you will have to take a board 2 to 3 cm smaller than the one that arrives to the chin, well yes it is still more manageable for rotations, and it allows more reactivity.

    The weight

    Most brands have their forks anyway depending on the weight of the rider.

    10 best all snowboard review with Black Friday Good Deal

    1. Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP Wide Snowboard Men

    This snowboard is very light and very chic. Its length is 161.5w.

    It made with Camber Profile - Hybrid. The shape is True Twin which is really unique. Flex - 7 and Width - Wide.

    Travis Jackson Jackson's favorite model designed shapes in a powerful and durable HP construction. Travis has done everything on this forum: X-Games Gold, Supernatural Champion, That's It Thats, Art of Flight and The Fourth Phase Insanity. This is a very versatile freestyle / freeride stick that will allow you to push your limits and be there when it's all on the line but is still fun and playful to be a perfect daily driver.

    Click here to order!​

    2. GNU 2017 Rider's Choice Snowboard

    Profile: Camber Rocker Camber C2PBTX: Switch between your feet combined with the radial cambers on contact. The aggressive riders: an irreversible control of the tip and tail, power and pop combined with the float, free freedom and rocker sculpture between the feet.

    Contour: A.S.S True Twin The true twin shape allows for a super switch switch change. The A.S.S. Pickle Tech creates a deeper heel sidecut and softer heel flexibility for a much more natural transition between the toe side and the heel side. Then the asymmetric contact points from a shorter heel side edge allow the side of the foot and the heel side to feel the same. Designed to match the geometry of your body, it is the most innovative technology on the market.

    Edges: Magne-Traction

    ​Click here to order!​

    3. Rossignol Angus Magtek Snowboard Mens

    A really great Board if you really enjoy snowboarding.

    Rocker/Camber: Amptek All Mountain

    Sidecut: Magne-Traction (5S) + Radcut (Intermediate)

    Roller: BC + S-Tips

    Flex: Twin All Mountain

    Core: Wood CK S -Tips

    Base: 7500 Sintered

    ​Click here to order!​

    4. Salomon The Villain Snowboard 2017

    One of the most popular paintings in the line, The Solomon's Villain Snowboard offers a lot of kindness so that any advanced level rider becomes a true evil genius of all the mountains. Built with a Rock Out Camber profile, you will have stability between your bindings, a cambre near the feet for response and a tip of rocker and a tail for the presses. The Sidecut RAD Equalizer offers the perfect mix of agility and fun, and the Popster Booster Construction maximizes pop. To keep the panel light and durable, the Aspen SLCT and the sintered EG base offer an unprecedented slip through a variety of snow. Royal rubber rubbers will dampen the vibrations on these big impacts, ensuring that you and your team are in check and that the Edge Bevel freestyle ensures you an incredible edge hold and a shredding of the park. Everyone wants to be a hero, but we all know that the villain is more fun, so show off the best of the mountain with the Solomon Snowboard The Villain.

    ​Click here to order!​

    5. Rossignol Krypto Magtek Snowboard

    By taking the influence of Xavier's design of the Rue that lasts the loading of the XV Magtek, the Krypto Magtek comes to life when it is pushed to the limit on the main lines and the intimidating grounds. This rigid directional board has a substantial return for extra stability when you are slipping chutes, reloading the shears and sliding the powder. Rossignol designed the Krypto Magtek with its Super Directional Flex, which means that the board is more rigid under the rear foot for maximum control when driving in corners. By mixing the best of Rocker and Camber, the Amptek All-Mountain profile of the board is 60% rocker at the tips (30% at each tip) with 40% camber under the feet. The Krypto Magtek is primarily rocked and floats exceptionally well, and the slider under the feet provides a powerful grip and edge control. As for edge control, the Magne-Traction 7M edges give you seven contact points or "bumps" on each edge for claw-like grip on the highest snow and sketchiest conditions. Inside this powerful freeride panel you will find a TwinWood 3 core made of hard and soft wood laminates for an ideal blend of durability, bending and rigid bending. In addition, the Magtek Krypto comes with a quick sintered base, in case you should overtake the ski patrol or train your friends on the base.

    K2 Turbo Dreamain: All Mountain Capability: Beginner to Intermediate Flex: Soft to Medium

    ​Click here to order!​

    6. Snowboard 2016 - Men's

    The K2 Turbo Dream is your powder-chicken shake, with a soft tip and tail from Tweekend, completing our off-road swing to provide a more user-friendly, floating and predictable work surface. Optimized to match the basic core technology of K2, we have built a brand new carbon fabric in the wood core, improving torsion and pop ollie. Add a tip to the tail of the Honeykomb wood core to enhance strength and light durability, and you're ready to rock. What are you waiting for?

    ​Click here to order!​

    7. GNU Carbon Credit Asym Wide Snowboard Mens Sz 156cm (W)

    GNU 2017 ASYM Carbon Credit Snowboard: the best-selling snowboard from Gnu has been upgraded with the new ASYM technology! One of the lighthouses of the Gnu line, the Carbon Credit wins a prize after each year, including Transworld's Good Wood. A great advice for progression, the Carbon Credit is intended to intensify your driving. The new Banana BTX from Gnu offers a balance between your feet for a playful and uncluttered play during the flat sections at the points of contact for a little extra power stored! The rocker also makes Crabon Credit an excellent choice for deep powder days, while the Magne-Traction creates 7 contact points to maintain an edge on even the most recent days. If you are looking for advice to do this, all Carbon Credit is the board of directors for you! Contour: ASYM True Twin Twin freestyle all-terrain design makes the fair switch is as simple as regular. Do not let the shape of the board hold you back, mount a twin! ASYM: Asymmetrical contact angles and short lateral contacts of the heel make the ASYM version of the Carbon Credit more natural and create much more predictable and stable sculptures.

    ​Click here to order!​

    8. Burton Process Snowboard Mens

    The choice of pros superior to those of Mark McMorris for light performances and pops gradually charged.

    Re-evolved to spread ounces and amplify pop, Mark McMorris chooses the Burton process for his double free-style enjoyment and off-road prowess. The FSCTM Super Fly IITM certified core creates a lighter, more distant bridge, while Squeezebox's core profile transfers energy to the tip and tail for more precise applications and effortless stability. Available in two versions, choose Flying VTM relaxed and floating or precise control of the camber. Gentler than the personality, the process is adapted to the freestyle rider, but always capable of action in the mountains, as evidenced by the pros who push him.

    ​Click here to order!​

    9. Rome Snowboards Crossrocket Snowboard

    A powerful answer answers a fun and unattractive pleasure for a single take on shredding in complete freedom. The CrossRocket Rome snowboard dispels everything you throw, kill the park kickers and float through the cool with ease. The CrossRocket begins with the NoHang-Ups Pop 2. 0 profile, which features cambering to maintain the pop and edge you are asking for, as well as raised contact points that give it the feeling of rocker loose and unattractive. The result is a table that produces charcuterie and floats thanks to good functioning, but still, retains the pop and precision needed to increase jumps and shredding tips. Look inside this off-road beast, and you'll find a SuperPop Core Matrix for tons of natural kickers, cliffs, and ankles. The Carbon One Barrel HotRods extends outward from the inserts to the tip and tail, giving you explosive power without adding torsional stiffness.

    ​Click here to order!​

    10. Roxy Ally BT Snowboard Women

    All Mountain Freestyle Board with Banana Technology. Winning reward of all hybrid Rocker / Camber contours. Designed to simplify snowboarding. Burst between your feet / soft to pleasant capers outside your feet. Features: Soft Flex for an effortless run Moncton Hearted FSC approved for a lightweight, fun and friendly ride Contour: Banana Technology-Easy, Jibby, Floaty TerrSex

    Finally, sex determines what size of board you will have to choose. Even if it is not mandatory, it is better to choose a suitable board as soon as it is a woman or a man, because the width and the shape are very different for both sexes.

    ​Click here to order!​

    Discover all the 2017 snowboard boards available in this Black Friday!. This guide is intended to help you find the right snowboard for you by narrowing your search according to your criteria (brand, price, range).

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