Haircuts trends for long medium and short hair

–Nothing will make such a deep impression like modern bob haircut. From infinite styles of trendy bob haircuts, geometric ones are the best because they attract more attention and the impact is incomparable with any other design. The following examples of geometric bob haircuts trends are created by the most popular hair gurus of our times, and they are definitely worth to be considered. Geometric bob or apple cut bob has perfectly blunt cut layers. More often such haircut is completed with a blunt bang for a greater impact.

           Geometric bob really takes a breath away, but at the same time, it is of high maintenance. Hair should be poker straight but most of all it should be healthy and shiny. Split ends, frizzy texture or greasy roots can totally ruin your haircut. In order to have a flawless look, you should first of all think about improving the condition of your tresses and then get a new hairdo. Next thing about geometric bob is face framing effect. This is very important because such type of hairstyle makes facial features more accentuated. The owners of the oval face have never thought about this factor, but women with round and square face shape should be very careful when choosing blunt bob. After all, if you are not sure about such bold and modern haircut, you can choose long blunt bob that is also very popular. Let’s imagine you have already got a geometric bob. What you should do to make it really eye popping. If you have curly hair, you can use hair relaxer or at least moisturizing conditioner that will make frizzy hair more manageable. Next, apply straightener and then begin styling hair with flat iron. Keep in mind not to use a flat iron when hair is wet. At last finish hairstyle with hair wax to set flyaway strands.

Popular Hairstyles for Prom Night

             On Cute Prom Hair Styles: Popular Hairstyles for Prom Night. So you want to look cute for your prom night. Cute is one of those hard adjectives to describe. But in a nutshell, it's all about looking attractive in a dainty and very feminine sense. To get the "cute prom look," you would want to have your outfit, your accessories, and your makeup to match your hair. This means you have to have a very cute hairstyle for prom. You would want to look fresh-faced and feminine. For your makeup, you should try to experiment with a little color, but looking "natural" is also a great way to go. Remember not to put too much makeup or foundation on; you wouldn't want your makeup caking on you by the middle of the night. As for your hair, you can choose on a variety of different cute styles. You can choose to look romantic, classic, girly or edgy. The following are some descriptions of what you can do to your hair to achieve these looks. Romantic Prom Look: For the romantic, wispy look, you would want to have natural looking curls. You can divide your hair into big sections, and you can curl them. A popular style these days would be to semi-curl your hair. Meaning the top portion of the hair wouldn't be curly, but the hair begins to curl while nearing the ends. Another great option for the romantic look would be to have long straight hair, with half of it, pulled back—meaning from the top of the head to the ears. Pull it back by either creating braids that meet at the back of your head or simply twisting strands to make them crisscross. Use a cute clip to complete the look.

              Classic Prom Hairstyle: The classic prom hairstyle would be an updo. An updo refers to when you pull your hair up to create a bun or a French twist at the back of your head. To modify this classic look and make it a lot cuter, you can opt to let a few stray strands fall out. The keyword would be "few" because you would want to look carefree, not like you didn't comb your hair for days.

Girly Prom Hairstyle

              Girly Prom Hairstyle: Cute and girly are two words that really go together. If you want to look girly and cute for your prom night, one excellent idea would be to have a side ponytail. What you can do is to part your hair to the side and create a side ponytail. Make sure that the hair tie or the ribbon that you use matches your dress color. Another very cute and girly idea would be to have short bouncy ringlets. Add some well-situated, cute clips to complete this cute fabulously cute look.

Curly Prom Hairstyles

Curly Prom Hairstyles

          If you have beautiful natural curls, you should definitely be proud of them. You can choose every one of these beautiful curly prom hairstyles, and you will look great with it. Curls are generally considered a curse by women who have them and a blessing for those who don’t. Whether you are a fan of curls or not, curly prom hairstyles are definitely part of the trend this year, and there is no secret in the fact that they are able to provide you with a very delicate and feminine appearance. There are actually a lot of beautiful curly prom hairstyles that you can decide on for this special event in your life. Girls who haven’t thought about the way they’re going to style their hair for the prom night should take into consideration these hairdos because they provide a lot of advantages for the one who wears them.

         First of all, curly prom hairstyles offer a lot of volume to the hair, being very suitable for girls who have thin hair and no curls, of course. As long as you have a curling iron, creating this kind of hair texture for your own hair is as simple as 1-2-3. You don’t need to be an expert in styling hair in order to make your own curls. Each of the curly prom hairstyles has something different about it, however, the new curls which are now preferred consist in wider and looser ones. These are meant to provide you with a very delicate and soft look that will surely draw a lot of attention on you the minute you’re going to walk into the room.

          Girls with wavy hair are able to decide between a lot of different curly prom hairstyles because they go very well with their hair texture. They will only need to adjust it a bit with a curling iron, but they have the possibility of choosing which side of their hair they want to have straight and which one they want to be curled. Therefore, if your hair is wavy or even straight, you can either choose to get one of the curly prom hairstyles that involves curls in the front part of your hair, curls in the buns that you create at the back of your hair or curls everywhere. No matter which of the curly prom hairstyles you will finally decide on, you will surely achieve a very attractive and captivating look because curls have this special gift of attracting the eyes of the others. Messy curls represent one of the fresh elements regarding curly prom hairstyles so feel free to have fun experimenting.

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