How to Make a French Braid Step by Step

Make a French Braid

French braid style herringbone weave is known as many countries. Young girls, the mature middle age we all get to have a french braid hair style. But no one knows how to french braid model. Now I’ll tell you illustrated, step by step how-to do a french braid. In each transaction, as there are rules to be considered in the process of a french braid.

Cautions issues: Hair should be scanned clearly.

French braid should be determined to do for the face shape. Must decide to do knitting. According to the hair strand by strand weave evenly separated. The serial should be moving. Because the hair strand by strand may lose clarity. Need to build a lock of hair as often as every. Knit wrists to use only the person works. Hair styling products should be applied starting weave.

French Braid Step by Step

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1) Start by taking a section from the top of the head. Separate this section into 3 strands crossing right over middle and then left over middle, as if you were doing a Basic Braid.

2) Switch all of the strands over to your left hand and keep strands separated.

3) You can now gather a small even section from the right side of the head with your right hand and add it to the right strand.

4) Bring the strand you have just added to, over to the middle and bring the middle strand to the right.

5) Now switch hands keeping all strands separate, so your left hand will be free.

6) Gather a section of hair from the left side of the head. Add this to the left strand.

7) You will now bring the left strand over to the middle and bring the middle section to the left. As you follow these steps, try to keep your hands close to the head, so the braid will be tight.

8) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until there is no hair available to add. Finish style with a Basic Braid and fasten with an elastic.

Women With Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

Women with curly hair styles, which can apply in their daily lives? What are the hairstyles in the workplace can use curly-haired women? Naturally curly hair, the ladies, always look better than your natural hair. This type of hair, it would not be quite right to make a transaction rhangi. Only use creams that shine.

Naturally curly haired ladies, the hair volume increasing use shampoo. Model naturally curly hair cut is important for the ladies. The hair should be taken to avoid damage to the natural state. If you want to estimate the long or short. Short curly hair is more natural model. Curly hairstyle needs to be careful if you are attending later. Naturally, curly hair is not quickly broken model. The short curly hairstyle is preferred by younger women. People who use plenty of time for a long curly hairstyle. How to care curly hair should be? Resistance increase can by driving a little foam hair after showering.

With the tool used to make curly hair, curly hair properly can do more. Women with a curly hair out of the shower after the foam, but no matter the time. Herds foam fingers wrap curly hair, and with constant structure. Open hair is dry hair. Thus, more voluminous hair is curly. Curly hair is how the bun? The thickness of the wave of hair and hair have a very important. No need to use more protective substance for curly hair bun. If your hair thin wire is not very nice bun. Your hair is thick, and the hair remains intact longer than the knob.

Short Curly Hair styles, Curly Hair Cuts Styles, Black Curly Hair Styles

Curly hair model for many women wanted to try. When I was young, or as an adult, I have many curly hair styles. The worst way it appears, in short very curly hair model. Short curly hair should be sere. The reason for this is already short the shortening of the hair refreshed. Long curly hair is very easy to do. Do it yourself at home. One curling irons that are required. Do you do with the desired style curly hair tongs? Another important part of the hair to make curly hair. Liven up your mind before you make a haircut model. Because it will not return. Haircuts for curly hair should be gradual. Prevent further escalation, with curly hair.

Middle Aged Women Hair Cut, Mature Hairstyles for Short Hair, Middle Aged Woman Hairstyle

Many women with advanced age does not care about her hair. They must be models for the practical and convenient hair. This is why so many women’s short haircuts. Short haircut is very usefully for middle-aged women. I lower the age progresses, the hair length. Hair care how much easier it is shorter. There is one point that deserves attention. As people age the hair becomes sparse. This is so bald you can show a very short nap. Another so run UDA middle aged women, minus the hair volume. Elderly women use cosmetic product for hair to add volume. The need to choose the one you use natural cosmetic products. Because it increases the risk of being allergic further you age. Middle aged women should use light colored hair dyes. Shows light-colored hair dye young. Should one choose a good haircut? Older shows you the wrong haircut. Cool hair cut for the middle aged women do to look younger.

Curly Hair Styles, short Curly Hair Styles, Long Curly Hair Styles

             Big curly hair, long hair is usually used. This way your hair looks more lively.
To make a big curly hair tongs must choose good. Good hair tongs curly hair makes the desired size. Big curly hair gives you a natural look has become scattered. Long hair care can be difficult. To do this, use hair stabilizer. I have long curly hair foams. This is a more permanent hair curly hair and has to begin with foams. The long curly hair is the symbol of women’s taste in daily life. Frequently encounter this curly hair. There are many black-haired women in the world. For this reason, black curly hairstyles are common. This will not have to make extra paint for the hair. Flowing hair dye is not the problem. Black curly hair that is beautiful in its natural state. Another kind of color is the color of chestnuts. Chestnut-colored hair has become very fashionable. In general, women use this color in the fall. People with curly lucky in this regard may be innate. Congenital curly-haired women do not have to have hair. This is why there is a naturally curly hair. These ladies are forced to give her hair the desired shape. Natural hair is the easiest in the shower dryness scans. Naturally curly hair straight strives to do. But then the former takes the form of a very short period of time.

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