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The permanent wave: Permanent curls again modern+ how to take care of permed hair

The permanent wave is back. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was regarded as the trend trend at all. Today the curly look celebrates its comeback. The celebrities make it; we make it after. Today, you will love how to use shampoo and conditioner for permed hair.

Curls are never out. Sometimes we wear them crinkly, sometimes wavy. At the moment, however, nothing goes without the good, well-known sustained wave - not in the super-twisted 80ties style, but uncanny casual. This is the New Wave of the permanent wave.

The Hairstylists advise against the New Wave look

Whoever wanted to try out the permanent wave look always should be well informed beforehand on the advice of Hairstylist. Because there are certain basic prerequisites that must be given for the perfect wave:

The hair should be powerful. This does not mean that thin hair does not tolerate a permanent wave, but only that the hair must be healthy in order to overcome the treatment with the permanent wave solution without damage.

In addition, one should know that the result is oriented on hair length. That is, the shorter the hair, the more delicate the result.

Highlights and highlights complicate the chemical process of the permanent wave because the hair has a porous structure. Hairstylists are advised.

Already in former times was twisted, plaited and stuck, but the result was rarely satisfactory and certainly not permanently. What we currently call permanent wave has only existed since the 1940s. The then revolutionary cold wave is still applied in principle. However, the mode of operation of modern waves is far more gentle than that of the archetype.

The principle of permanent wave is easily understood with a little prior knowledge of the structure of the hair. The hair consists of an outer flake layer, which surrounds and protects the inner fiber stem. The cross-links running in keratin chains of the fiber stem determine the natural fall of the hair. Whether elastic, stubborn or smooth depends on the strength of these so-called bridges. The hair has three types of bridges. The permanent wave starts at the strongest and most important, the double sulfur bridge.

Firstly, the damp hair is turned onto the winder, which stretches the keratin chains in the longitudinal direction. The permanent wave solution is applied to the winders as a cream, foam, gel or liquid. It dissolves the double sulfur bridges with the aid of reducing agents. After the exposure time, the well liquid is rinsed off and the hair fixed. It is now reshaped and soft. Peroxide is applied to close the double sulfur bridges at the new sites. This gives the hair its wave movement, strength and volume. The result depends on the hair structure, the winding technique, the thickness of the winder used, the amount of hair per wrap and the time of application.

In general, any hair, except for hair dyed with metal salts, is suitable for a permanent wave.

Whoever chooses to do this also chooses a type change. Therefore, permanent hair treatment should only be carried out by a hairdresser who knows the hair as well as the personal taste of the customer.

What is quite unproblematic in theory is, unfortunately, some risks in practice and requires a certain degree of care from the hairdresser and the customer. First, the customer should appear "prepared" in the salon. She should have a concrete idea of her hairstyle and ideally her personal dream-curling-photo. The hairdresser will then have it after thorough hair diagnosis easier to select exactly the permanent wave, which corresponds to the hairstyle desire of the customer in the Weltbild.

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They still know that all the really dry, fuzzy, faded and small Chruseli had, now this time is fortunately over, because today both products, trends, cutting techniques and the understanding of curls have changed.

Many hairdressers no longer need a permanent wave, because, with the right cutting technique, which is adapted to the nature and the growth direction of the hair, the hairdresser gets the necessary volume and the hold off the hair.

An exception here are the curling irons, which are dried with a special technique to make them look plastic and natural. But here, too, we are talking about curls.

Permanent wavy hair needs a lot of care, basically after each wash a rinse and between a pack. However, the pack has also changed so that it does not have to work for 15 minutes, but only spray, comb and rinse. When rubbing only do not rub, otherwise, they have made the terry cloth a pack, just express.

The worst moment for the permanent wave is after combing the comb out since the hair is the most sensitive in the wet condition. If too much pull is applied to the hair, it loses the jump force, and the permanent wave stretches more and more every time.

Use a coarse-tooth comb to start combing and begin at the pointed end and work the pace-wise to the neck.

Natural curls

Now the moment the kneader is kneaded into the hair do not comb because the firm with its resin materials brings the hair already in a form and is not to be straight. From now on, any kind of combing, brushing is prohibited until next wash. There they can again live out with the well-known 100 brush strokes.

Let’s take a look of best styling products for permed hair!

5 best products for permed hair

Professional Salon Treatment That Instantly Transforms The Texture of Your Hair Leaving it Soft, Silky, and Easier to Manage

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A Professional Sulfate Free Hair Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, & Deep Conditioner Hair Mask System For Dry or Damaged Hair. Safe for Color or Keratin Treated Hair

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 Deep Conditions, Moisturizes, and Instantly Improves Texture, Elasticity, and Manageability of Hair. Strengthens Hair and Helps Promote Natural Hair Growth

Professional Salon Protein Hair Treatment that Repairs, Restores, and Strengthens Damaged, Dry , Brittle, and Over-processed hair while also Preventing Breakage and Mending Split Ends

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