8 super tips for greasy hair


In the case of pony hairstyles, greasy hair is particularly noticeable. Styling with middle or side crests is better.


Lightweight topping helps to prevent the hair from lying directly against the scalp and thus less greasy.


Hair colorations, blonding or highlights dry the scalp and the hair a little - with oily scents quite desirable.


Wash brushes and combs best once a week with a mild shampoo, so they remain free of sebum and residue through styling products.


When shampooing do not massage the scalp too vigorously, the sebaceous glands can additionally stimulate.


When no dry shampoo is at hand: Some transparent face powder has a similar effect. Puff pastry, massage and brush thoroughly.


Wash hair whenever possible in the morning. At night, the sebaceous glands work particularly eagerly.


Healer helps with degreasing. Stir powder with water to a mash, apply to the scalp for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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