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                 Eyebrow plucking that cannot be so difficult at all! With our cool tips, it is not. We explain how you can perfectly shape your eyebrows.

eye-brows plucked

                 Criminally neglected or too much plucked, away: studying your eyebrows perfectly costs many a life-task. Permanent makeup or even the shaving of the eyebrows is not a good solution. On the contrary, the trend towards naturalness has been unbroken in recent years. This is also confirmed by prominent beauties such as Cara Delevingne and Duchess Catherine. They knew long ago that the eyebrows are not too tightly plucked, but the bow undergoes a slight correction. But even for the natural look, it takes a little effort. And to make it worthwhile, we explain step by step how you can perfectly shape your eyebrows.

Before you plucking your eyebrows

Before you start plucking, you should first find out what the right eyebrow shape for you. Stephan Schmied, make-up artist from Max Factor, explains how the natural eyebrows run: “The inner eyebrows remain slightly thicker, and the browline runs ever narrower from the highest point of the brow to the end. With the classic pencil test: you can simply hold the pen perpendicular to the nostril, into the axis from the inner edge of the eye. And you should pull all the hairs between the pencil and the nose, the correct width of the bow from the desired shape and the original line of the eyebrow, which should always form an arc that rises to ¾ and drops to ¼. “


Before plucking, you should comb the eyebrows with a brush in the direction of growth. Once you have found the right shape, you can use the eyebrow pencil to make the result evenly.

Plucking with tweezers

If you are sensitive to pain, you can cool the affected areas in advance with ice cubes. 

To pluck the skin, then tighten 

the skin with the thumb and index finger, and then tweeze your hair in the direction of the hair on the hair root with the tweezers. For general eyebrows, it is sufficient for a clean bow to pluck the dark hair under the eyebrow. Dark hair over the nasal root should, however, also be removed – otherwise, the view is somewhat dark. The light fine hairs belong to the normal facial hair. Anyone who removes them must expect a condensed growth afterward.

Make the right eyebrows

Small gaps can now be filled with a loose eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil. But always only paint and do not paint the bars! The color of the powder or the pen should be the same as that of the eyebrows or hair; in any case, the color used should not be darker than a shade of the primary color. Then comb again with a brush. When the hairs are very unruly, eyebrow gel helps in shaping the eyebrows.

If you feel very uncomfortable with the plucking, you can also let your beauties be brought into shape by the beautician. In studios, different methods of hair removal are usually offered – from the traditional plucking with the tweezers to the oriental variant with the thread. Once the eyebrows are properly set, the subsequent eyebrows at home usually fall more easily.

Perfect eyebrow shaping, plucking, coloring and make-up turn out
a successful result!

If I am asked as a makeup artist after my most important makeup tips, the design of the perfect eyebrows is very high. They are simply the frame of the eye makeup and relevant.

Also from my personal experience, I have dealt with my eyebrows over the course of time.

I have suffered many mistakes myself!

Today I make my eyebrows daily for a perfect shape. I feel very confident! I always succeed – when you have the turnout, the daily routine goes very fast!

Perfect eyebrows in 3 easy steps:

  1. mold
  2. pluck
  3. fill up, paint, make-up that’s it!

All steps I will explain to you in detail …

There are, however, a few things that should be taken into consideration during eyebrow shaping and makeup.

I explain to you exactly what steps they can make optimal. From shaping and plucking to filling up to beautiful eyebrows.

Some tools and utensils are extremely important and make the work much easier.

Without them, a beautiful result cannot be achieved.

You should get them!

The best eyebrow powder

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Powder Duo – Medium Brown

The best eyebrow pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Perfect Brow Pencil – Medium Brown 0.95 g / 0.034 Oz

the best tweezers for eyebrows.

Slant Tweezers – TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer

Makeup and fill your eyebrows - with eyebrow powder, gel or eyebrow pencil?

Let’s start with the eyebrows makeup and fill up.

While the shaping does not have to be made every day, but more as needed, the eyebrows should be refilled and re-dressed with each make-up.

Various products are suitable for this purpose.

Very often an eyebrow pencil is recommended. The pencil should not be too soft because it would be too difficult to draw exact strokes. A too soft pencil would lubricate. I will discuss this in one of the following sections.

First, fill with eyebrow powder

In principle, any eyeshadow can be used as an eyebrow powder and applied with a narrow brush. The use of an eyeshadow usually looks much more natural. With different eyeshadow colors, the colors of the eyebrows can be adapted to the overall impression of the eye makeup. The most disadvantage is the eyeshadow does not hold so well.

That is why there is still a solution that is relatively new and has apparently become my top favorite for the makeup of the eyebrows. This is a first eyebrow powder from Marie-José, which is water-repellent and therefore smear-proof. Even a workout with sweating and subsequent shower is no problem! A product that has convinced me personally in the application and which I use myself.

The set also includes a brush for shaping the eyebrows. It is also available in several colors.

I can only recommend this set, and you should try it. It’s my eyebrow powder test, winner!

Eyebrow Powder Medium Brown | WARM BROWN COLOR | Vegan & Cruelty-Free | HEALTHY EYEBROW COLORING

Eyebrow styling with eyebrow gel

After the eyebrows have been plucked from the basic shape and have been drawn or filled, styling is still missing. In addition to the wax mentioned above for fixing the small hairs, the eyebrows can also be kept in a beautiful shape with special eyebrow gels.

These eyebrow gels are colorless and available in various shades. Thus one can give the eyebrows form and color at the same time. So, if you have thick eyebrows by nature, you do not have to fill up as described above, but can only shape them with the gel.

For a colorless gel, which is only intended for styling, I recommend the Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel.

Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel – Clear 7.3ml/0.25oz

Most of these products are similar to mascara, applied with a brush. They emphasize the shape, give the hair hold or even color, and some products fill the brows even with small fibers optically.

Such a product is therefore beneficial for many women, but the eyebrows give the perfect frame.

Eyebrow gels come in different nuances depending on the manufacturer, but also products are offered which work for every hair color.

Update: I recently also tested the WUNDER2 Wunderbrow.

 Conclusion: Easy to apply and holds incredibly well and long. You should try it yourself if you want your eyebrows to be perfect all day.

Wunder2 Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel Perfect Eyebrows in 2 Mins - Black/Brown

The best eyebrow pencil – a classic

Pencils are the best-known tool when it comes to emphasizing the eyebrows. The pens resemble a Kajal pencil and often have a brush at the upper end, with which the eyebrows can be shaped.


The mine usually consists of a wax-based texture with color pigments. Eyebrow pencils are available in many nuances since the color should always be chosen according to the skin tone and head hair.

Why re-paint eyebrows? Does it necessary?

How to use a pencil! The right application

The best eyebrow pencil? Winner? - my recommendations!

Are you looking for an eyebrow pencil test winner?

From my practice

As already mentioned, you need a pen with a good lead.  The integrated brush is ideal to bring the brows into shape.

There is the pencil in five nuances, which should suffice for all eyebrow paints. Very bright blondes or red-haired ladies should be very satisfied with the color “light.”

The perfume-free pen convinces me by an excellent pigmentation and a pleasant mine, which does not irritate the skin. The durability is great and holds the whole day outstanding.

L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Designer Brow Pencil, Brunette 310, 0.045 Ounce

That is what I use for so long. Recently, I have found a great alternative.

The Liquid Eye Brow Color Pen by Artdeco.

Super practical with felt tip, it allows the precise application,  for perfectly defined eyebrows.

Thanks to the semi-transparent texture, a natural and soft effect are achieved. By repeated application, the color intensity can be individually increased.

The texture dries quickly and has a long shelf life without smearing or fading. The eyebrow pencil is free of preservative, paraben, and perfume. It is available in light brown and medium brown.

Artdeco Eye Brow Color Pen (6 – medium brown)

4 easy steps for eyebrows makeup

  1. Fill the eyebrows with eyebrow powder
  2. In shape brush and style with an eyebrow brush
  3. An eyebrow gel provides for the instant stop
  4. Use eyebrow pens for fine strokes

Beautiful and perfect eyebrows

For an excellent eyebrow shape, the optimal start and the optimal end is determined first. This is easy with a brush handle.

The brush handle is applied straight at the inner corner of the eye, and the hair of the eyebrows starts just above the inner corner of the eye. Now align the brush handle with the outer angle of the eye and the nose wing. The stem marks the definite end of the eyebrow. Between these two points, the perfect shape can be designed.

Furthermore, the high point may still be important. If the eyebrows are to be formed with a prominent bend, the highest point of the eyebrows must be fixed.

This can be done again with the brush handle, which is applied to the eyebrow diagonally across the pupil center at the nose wing and a straight glance. Here is now the high point, which should be marked with an eyebrow pencil. Up to this point, the eyebrow rises in the course of the nasal root and kicks off at the highest point towards the end of the eyebrows.

Why pluck eyebrows?

Why do not shave shoulders?

Forming criteria for eyebrow shaping: Which eyebrow shape suits you?

How to pluck eyebrows?

How do I pluck my eyebrows right?

Where to pluck eyebrows?

When to pluck eyebrows?

When do eyebrows fail to grow?

>> Extra tip<< :

The right light when eyebrowing is so important. The optimal shape, the uniformity of the eyebrows, as well as every little hair what should be seen. All this can only be correctly assessed with a front light source from the front and around a mirror.

For this, I discovered an excellent cosmetic mirror from Gotofine with natural bright light. It has an incredibly beautiful design, so it is very decorative.

But much more interesting is what it does. With a 10x magnification spot mirror, as well as mains great power supply mode – Battery Operated and cable supply both are Available.

But the hit is its lighting. The mirror has controlled by touch sensor switch on the mirror, turning LED lights on/off & adjust the brightness whenever you want makeup. There is no other make-up mirror.

Moreover, the processing is of very high quality. For me a clear purchase decision and its price worth!

Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror / Natural Bright Light Makeup Mirror with adjustable 3.5 Inches 10x Magnification Spot Mirror, Movable & Two

Then a brush and eyebrow powder are also necessary for the makeup of the eyebrows if the existing eyeshadow does not fit well. But we’ll get to that in a minute!

Eyebrow pluck with thread

A very interesting method is the plucking of the eyebrows with a thread. You don’t have to work with pointed tweezers at the eye area.

You only need a piece of normal twine and some exercise.

The string, which should be about 35 to 40 cm long, is knotted into a circle. Please cut off the remaining thread remnants.

What comes next, sounds a bit complicated, but it is easy to copy if you follow the instructions for eyebrowing with thread step by step.

          First mark with a brow pin, which hair should be removed. With the threading, hair can be removed without pain. However, the skin should always be tightened, so that no skin is tweaked. Helping hands are therefore an advantage of this technique, as long as practicing is still practiced. Otherwise please be careful!

For plucking the eyebrow with a thread, take the thread ring at the knotted place in the right hand and the opposite place in the left hand.

Now rotate one hand several times so that five to six revolutions in the thread circle are created in the center. Your thread ring now resembles an hourglass. In each triangle that has been created, work with the respective hand only with

thumb and index finger.

By spreading or closing the fingers, the triangles alternately increase or decrease. This movement resembles little scissors.

Then pick the hair to be plucked with the narrow triangle.

Now spread the fingers with a rapid movement and close in the other triangle. The hair is removed by the resulting rotary movement.

If the eyebrow pluck with the thread does not yet succeed so well, it will always be easier with some exercise! Only courage!

Here we have a short Youtube video, in which the eyebrow plucking with a thread is presented very vividly:


When and how fast do eyebrows grow?

How to make eyebrows grow faster!

>> M2BROWS Eyebrows Renewing Serum 5ml <<

Trends in eyebrow shaping
At the moment, thick eyebrows are again announced. The trend has been created by the model Cara Delevingne. She was one of the first models with thick eyebrows and has become super famous!
My experience is that the natural form is also the most appropriate form to the eye. It is therefore advisable not to change the natural shape of the eyebrows and only to pluck the hair grown out of the form. If one has plucked narrow brows in years, they do not grow any more closely, and one now runs around with narrow eyebrows for a lifetime.
I find the trend to Monobraue very absurd! In a mono- brown the two eyebrows have grown together in the middle. For women from Central Asia, this may be a beauty side, but with us in the Western world is a beauty defect.
Therefore my tip: prefer not to follow a trend with regard to perfect eyebrows, but to maintain its very individual eyebrow.

Eyebrow tattoo

There are still the possibilities of permanent makeup, but since one should pay attention to the quality so that it does not come to such undesirable results.

Nevertheless, a regular hype with tattooed eyebrows broke out. If you look around in the media and on the street, you can discover tattooed eyebrows at almost every other woman.

With some tattooed brows one gets a regular fright, but more often one sees well made tattooed eyebrows.

Many women naturally have scarcely growing eyebrows. It makes sense to think about a permanent makeup of the eyebrows.

But some important things should be considered. The pigmentation should consist of very fine strokes as if they were hairs and not as a beam. The eyebrows must never be too tight over the nasal root or too high.

Also, the color should not be chosen too dark, but to fit your hair color. Everything else is very unnatural and is immediately recognized as a tattoo.

Alternative microblading

Lately, there is a new trend called microblading!

What is Microblading?

Microblading also belongs to the permanent makeup of the eyebrows. Instead of a needle is worked with small scalpels, the so-called blades.

With the blades, small strokes are scribed into the skin at the desired points of the eyebrows and then filled with pigmenting ink.

In contrast to the Tattonadel, the blades can be worked more finely, and the individual hairs can be simulated. The eyebrows do not become a beam but act very naturally!

Please trust only an experienced specialist!

Eyebrow extensions

To match the trendy bushy eyebrows, the existing eyebrow hairs are extended and compressed with extensions.

For this purpose, similar to the artificial eyelash extensions, individual hairs are glued to the eyebrow hairs.

The durability of the eyebrow extensions is 14 days, then they fall off and have to be replaced by new extensions. The cost is about 60 bucks per session.

Very nice idea to test a trendy look for a certain time. Or to fill or fill gaps in the existing eyebrows. This does not work, however, if no eyebrows hair is present.

On the other hand, I have recently seen a report on television in which hair is transplanted with roots from the head to the desired places of the not-existing eyebrows. What! Keep in mind that the hairs are much thicker and grow faster. Since then is not plucking but cutting is announced. Also, it is a regular beauty operation – whether it is worth it?

How to dye eyebrows?

Especially women with bright eyebrows often need a lot of time in the morning to emphasize the eyebrows with powder, eyebrows and other aids. A great alternative is coloring the eyebrows. The reward for this is visible for at least three weeks, thus saving time in the make-up routine.

Since the trend at the moment is very strong to dense eyebrows, the dyeing is perhaps also an alternative for you.

For coloring, the eyebrows, the very fine and light hairs are also toned, so that overall a fuller result is to be expected. We will explain what you need to look out for.

Eyebrow tinting with a professional

Anyone who is very unsure about the application and color selection should always let a professional do it instead of doing by yourself.

Where can you color your eyes?

Which eyebrow tint suits you?

Why do not you dye eyebrows with hair color?

 >>Eyebrow color light makeup without coloring

Eyebrows darker makeup we can all, thanks to aids such as eyebrow pencils and powder. But what if the hairstyle has become brighter, and you do not want to access chemistry because the skin around the eyes is so sensitive? Or woman does not want to have blonde eyebrows. How can you adjust the eyebrow color?

With our guide, you can make your eyebrow color brighter and do not have to attack harmful colors. With a little practice, you achieve a completely natural result, which will inspire you.

Eyebrow color – from brown to blonde or red

Yes, blondes should have more fun, but at the latest with a too dark eyebrows color then ceases. Dark eyebrows can sometimes convey a slightly nasty expression on the face.

Although there are chemical aids to lighten the eyebrow color, many women shy away from it. It is not easy for the blondes themselves to be blond. Besides, the sensitive skin around the eyes can also be allergic to chemical dyes.

To match your eyebrow color to the head hair, you only need a good concealer in your natural skin tone and an eyebrow pencil in the desired color. Of course, an eyebrow powder also works, but also an eyeshadow can be very misunderstood.

Change your eyebrow color – step by step

Apply your foundation as usual and then devote yourself to the eyebrows. Choose a creamy concealer that is easy to take with a discarded mascara brush.

The Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Concealer is ideally suited for this purpose. Since this concealer is offered in a small box, the product can be easily removed.

For this purpose, the concealer is also super-covering and can be used for all other areas to be covered.

Just put a small amount of concealer on your back of your hand and then take some of it with the brush. Now brush the concealer with the line on your eyebrows. You can take several layers until the desired eyebrow color is achieved. Let each layer dry slightly.

Now comes the fine work, because after the concealer your brows seem rather colorless. Choose a color-matching pen or look for an eyeshadow powder in the right color. Make sure you choose matt colors because eyebrows do not need a glitter effect.
Now apply the desired product to the eyebrows as you are used to. For the color to spread well on the concealer, you can use mascara brush again.
To obtain a dark blue eyebrow color, the application is usually done with an eyebrow or powder in the right shade. If, however, you want to put a red accent, you probably have to mix the colors, or find a matching eyeshadow color.
A copper red is produced, for example, when you first draw the brows with a dark-blond pencil and then shade with a matt eyeshadow in Terra.
The more unusual the new hair color is, the more you have to try and mix. If you have found a proper tone, the coloring of the eyebrow color will only take minutes. Then the eyebrows can be fixed with a clear eyebrow gel.

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