6 top rated natural testosterone booster

Top rated natural testosterone booster is very on the point right now for those who love workout. You may have seen some top testosterone booster reviews video. The hormone testosterone causes both men and women to grow muscles. With these six foods from the supermarket, you can boost your testosterone production.

What top rated natural testosterone which nootropics work best?

Although most people already know that, testosterone is an endogenous anabolic hormone that is extremely important for your sexual activity, but also for your performance in training and muscle building. The more testosterone you have, the more muscle and less fat you will build.

Testosterone is commonly known as the "male hormone" because it also provides beard growth and deep voice. In the female body, it happens, albeit in much smaller quantities. In the fitness and weight training area, women can also benefit from increased testosterone uptake without having to fear a full beard.

Many athletes carry large amounts of testosterone via appropriate medication. This is not only forbidden but also highly unhealthy. We recommend the natural variant: testosterone boosters from the supermarket.

1. Shrimp

Shrimps contain massive amounts of vitamin D, which has a direct impact on your testosterone levels, according to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health. This explains the result of another study, namely that people with high vitamin D content in the blood have more power. This means that in addition to protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates, your muscles also need plenty of vitamin D. Especially in winter, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. You can prevent it by throwing out your fishing net and bringing fish and seafood to the plate.

Valuable vitamin D suppliers: herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, free-range eggs

2. pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds provide your body with a lot of zinc, an important mineral for thousands of different enzymatic reactions. B. the testosterone production. A study has shown that men with low levels of zinc also have lower testosterone levels. Pumpkin seeds are great for combining with a variety of meals that are already on your diet, like oatmeal, yogurt, salads, even with your protein shakes.

Precious zinc suppliers: oysters, crayfish, turkey, chicken, beef steak, wheat germ, sesame seeds, cashews, lentils

3. coconut

Coconuts not only taste delicious and spread the Caribbean feeling, but they also have a lot of  saturated fat that plays a big part in testosterone production. A study has shown that men who switched from high-fat (13% saturated fat) to low-fat diet (5% saturated fat) had lower testosterone levels.

Moment, saturated fats? Are not they the bad ones? Jain. In limited quantities, natural animal and vegetable fats are conducive to testosterone production. You can cover about ten percent of your daily calorie requirements without having to worry about having a fatty heart.

Valuable suppliers of saturated fats: butter, milk, beef steak, lamb, chocolate

4. Wheat bran

Wheat bran is not only an excellent carbohydrate source but also provides a lot of magnesium. This is good for the muscles, counteracts cramps and even increases testosterone levels. At least that's what researchers in Turkey found out. However, the effects only came about when the increased magnesium intake was combined with high-intensity training - but that's what we're here for, is not it?

Magnesium is not only good for your muscles, but also for many other biochemical processes in your body - even for testosterone production. Wheat bran you can z. B. in your oatmeal or in your protein shakes sprinkle.

Valuable Magnesium Suppliers: Cocoa Powder, Almonds, Cereals, Sunflower Seeds, Beans

5. Ricotta

Among dairy products, ricotta cheese is one of the best suppliers of Whey protein, which is popular among muscle-building athletes. Whey is a dairy protein rich in branched-chain amino acids - and they're great for building muscle and reducing cortisol production during heavy workouts. So if you take a lot of Whey lowers its due to the training load cortisol, a study proves. And Cortisol is the antagonist of testosterone, can significantly slow down the production of sex and muscle hormone and promote fat buildup.

Valuable Whey Suppliers: Whey protein powder, milk, yogurt, kefir

6. Strawberries

They taste heavenly, look good and have plenty of vitamin C: strawberries. Like Whey, vitamin C can lower the level of cortisol after a strenuous workout - and thus positively influence your testosterone levels. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that is produced in adrenal stress situations. It counteracts the testosterone, so it can provide for smaller muscle gains.

Valuable Vitamin C Suppliers: Kiwi, Orange, Grapefruit, Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli

Tribulus Terrestris: A Natural Testosterone Booster?

The sex hormone testosterone is an important component in the complex muscle building puzzle of the human body, Since testosterone is an important lever for muscle protein synthesis, which plays a major role in the success of muscle development, many athletes are tempted to increase their body's own testosterone levels by using illegal drugs. And the extent is enormous: Studies of the University Hospital Luebeck and the University of Frankfurt that nearly 25% of male recreational athletes occupy in German gyms "performance-influencing substances and doping," which occupy among other things Testosterone supplements a prominent position!

As these tools are, on the one hand, illegal substances, which also have a considerable range of risks and potential side effects, but the demand on the other hand also seems to be considerable, the supplement industry is still trying to achieve one split, which find their completion in herbal, legal products called Tribulus Terrestris. The big question that arises at this point is of course: Is the Tribus Terrestris effect actually proven, or is it just one of many duds that, like L-carnitine, promise a lot but can not keep up much?

What exactly is Tribulus Terrestris?

The active ingredients, which are said to be responsible for a natural increase in testosterone levels, are derived from the so-called Erd-Burzeldorn, an exotic plant originating in Asia and Africa. Various animal experiments have documented a wide variety of effects ranging from a hypotensive effect to an increased potency. In the context of this article, however, we are only dedicated to the Tribulus Terrestris effect on the human organism, especially with the focus on muscle building. We're trying to uncover if there's any substantiated evidence that the supplement is actually an authorization for strength training or if it just makes your wallet thinner.

The Tribulus Terrestris Effect in Critical Viewing

While in the field of animal experiments numerous studies can be found which, as mentioned, could show the most varied effects of the experimental objects, the study situation for humans is far from being so clear. In view of the potential of the supplement to favor the build-up of new muscle mass through an increased testosterone level, in recent years, various series of experiments have been conducted with human subjects to the truth behind the myth of Tribulus Terrestris effect as a "natural testosterone booster" investigate.

The first critical voices can already be found in this regard in 2000 in a US study by J. Antonio (source). In an 8-week study, 15 experienced athletes were given either 3.21 mg Tribulus per kg body weight or alternatively a placebo. The result: Neither the body weight nor the water balance, body fat percentage or with regard to the general mood of the subjects significant differences were recorded. Finally, the research group came to the sobering conclusion that by regularly taking Tribulus Terrestris no performance-enhancing effect in strength training was to be expected.

These results are consistent with the findings of Brown.'s study, which also administered to a group of 20 subjects either a placebo or a supplement containing, inter alia, 750 mg of tribulus terrestris, and differences after 8 weeks of volunteers' training between the groups. Again, the researchers came to the conclusion that no measurable Tribulus Terrestris effect on the human organism can be detected because the testosterone concentration in the blood of Tribulus group had not changed significantly.

In 2007, the next setback for the dietary supplement was made: In an Australian study should be examined whether athletes by taking Tribulus Terrestris in a drug test are conspicuous positive. The results relieved the supplement; the doping tests were negative - which, however, was due to the fact that found in urine samples neither evidence of increased testosterone value, nor increased performance in supplementing athletes entered.

The truth behind the Tribulus Terrestris effect

The evidence for a potential Tribulus Terrestris effect in humans is relatively clear: To date, there are no reliable studies that prove a positive effect of the supplement on the human testosterone levels.

Instead of investing his money in fruitless products, every ambitious athlete should first heed and implement the 5 most important success factors in strength training, in order to optimally prepare for lasting progress.

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