We all need the confidence bestowed by our hairstyles every day. With age and due to natural and unnatural environmental factors, our hair quality may decline. I recovered from embarrassment, loss of confidence and gained respect when I discovered a range of products that worked in restoring my hair health. When I knew that, I would find solutions for my hair problems from one product provider I calmed down.

             I also discovered that Ultrax Labs stationed in the USA, has several brands of products, that can be used singly, or to complement each other. Intensive research on the use of caffeine, Solubilized Keratin and other chief essential nutrients help in the manufacture of hair revitalization products.

             Getting such product from one reliable source prevented a wild goose chase in finding the right hair-care products for my hair.

            Diverse people will experience differing hair issues. These problems range from excessive hair loss, breakages, greasy scalps, stunted hair growth amongst other. No one has everyday ever-perfect hair day, me included. I believe that Ultrax Labs products have answers to all sorts of hair problems. Thousands of their goods consumers would not be wrong in giving the ratings it possesses. The testimonies are incomparable.

         The best way to achieve the hair standards you deserve is to purchase and use products that have been tried on people. They should have been tested with proven ability to deliver. This review will save you time and simplify the myths behind hair care products by digging deep into their operations.

            Finding a product that works for you is always a joy. You just must save the specific parameters of the product in your memory. I established through trial on my own hair, that Ultrax Labs’ Hair Surge and Stimulating Shampoo is one such product.

How to Use Ultrax Labs Hair Surge or Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

            The product is best used for extended periods without getting off it. I used it on and off without positive results until I discovered a secret. It is recommended that one use it faithfully for a minimum of three days and not more than five days every week. On adapting that advice, I got results when I used it for five days.

            The application procedure is to apply it directly on the scalp as you wash the hair, massage, and leave it in or 2-5 minutes before rinsing. I usually take some extra time rubbing it in as I rinse it off.

Does It Work?

Side Effects

Before and after

Skin Sensitivity


Pros :

• The effect of using the shampoo is felt with the        first use.

• It contains therapeutic antifungal and anti-                inflammatory properties

• The shampoo has easy topical application.

• It restores the hairline with stronger hair strands     and thicker hair.

• The seller gives money back guarantee in case it      doesn’t work for you.

• Hair washed with this shampoo does not frizz, and    has reduced breakage.

Cons :

• The shampoo has minimal foaming ability and you    might think it is not working.

• The shampoo is expensive.

Sum Up For the Growth Stimulating Shampoo

From my observation, men too suffer embarrassing sections o hair loss. Thus, I believe that both men and women can use the shampoo. I l earned that the supplied nutrients are absorbed in the follicles, and that the now availed compounds block testosterone, which causes shedding and balding.

Another discover I made was that the product is also best used in conjunction with other Ultrax Labs products. I was very impressed too by the advanced biotechnology used to manufacture it, and the multipurpose ability conferred by the expertise, making it a special product.

            As I indicated in my previous post on the amazing effects of Ultrax Labs Shampoo on my hair, I learnt of an accompanying product that if used with the Shampoo would further improve the status of my hair. I was ready to try out its Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner, and the outcomes were astonishing.

            Without any form of stimulation, the follicles will remain in the current state of stagnation. A boost in the right direction with the right products for growth stimulation worked well for me.

How to Use Ultrax the Stimulating Conditioner

           I use the conditioner on the hair immediately after rinsing off the shampoo. I pat dry my hair. However, I do not let it dry completely, and proceed to apply the conditioner liberally.

           I then use a simple shower cap to hold the conditioned hair and allow it to stay for two more minutes or more. The humid environment created by the shower cap enhances penetration and further absorption. The hair turns soft and silky. I then rinse it off with warm water, and there is minimal tangling as hair strands low out individually.

Does It Work?

Side Effects

Before and after

Skin Sensitivity


Pros :

• The conditioner does not weigh down the hair.

• It revitalizes hair strands, but working on them          from bottom to top.

• It helps reduces breakages as there is minimal hair    tangling.

• The conditioner eliminates any hair frizzing.

Cons :

• The conditioner is lightly costly

Sum Up For Ultrax Labs Hair Conditioner 

This merchandise has a higher content of caffeine than that that would be analyzed in a cup of coffee, with the ability to stimulate hair growth and continuing hair life cycle.

Five times a week application was enough to provide enough caffeine to perform as it was expected. I now recognize caffeine in other perspective other than the drinking capacity!

       I have learned from trying to get solutions to my hair problems that DHT causes increased production of testereone, which in turn leads to greater shedding of hair. Thus, Ultrax Labs DHT Blocking Keratin Supplement was a sure deal for me.

       The top rated product came with a promise in one of its ingredients; the Keratin. Keratin would block the production of that dreadful DHT.

       In addition to that, I read that it has more than 20 essential vitamins, extracted from natural herbs to facilitate improved blood circulation to your hair follicles. The improved blood flow would also assist in improving the follicles nutrition status. Just as a healthy well-nourished tree bears good fruit, so would healthy well-fed follicles produce stronger hair strands.

How to Use the Supplement

This Supplement is taken in doses of two capsules per day. I prefer to take mine with my meals. No counter indication is pointed out for doing that. The container has 60 capsules, and they lasted me to the end of the month.

Does It Work?

Side Effects

Before and after

Skin Sensitivity


Pros :

• The supplements is formulated 100% drug-free        advanced preparation

• The ingredients used in its preparation are well          proven

• It is suitable for both females and males hair care

Cons :

• The supplement is not cheap.

Sum Up For Ultrax Labs Supplement

Of all ingredients found in this supplement, nettle came up tops for causing the shiny effect of my hair. With clean, shiny hair, I got a sense of freshness and well-being. Besides, the new crowning glory helped add confidence and reassurance.

As I continued using the product, I got a rush of hair growth sprout, which was visible at the base of my ponytail has more thickness than the ends. What more proof can I have?

         I now can say that dead hair follicles cannot produce any hair strands. Nor can weak, malnourished hair follicles produce hair strands that can withstand handling of any kind, let alone chemical application.

         I needed a product that was proposed to bring out hair lushness! I wanted one that would allow me to blow-dry my hair, or perm’ it and tint it when I felt like improving my look. Most of the leave-in hair products I used previously left a greasy effect on my hair, and I just do not like that dirty neckline on my blouses.

         When I discovered Ultrax Labs Hair Growth Thickening Treatment, I ended my lost causes in the pursuit of a product that worked for my hair. Moreover, in the process, I saved my cash. With each thickened hair strand, the general population of hair strands produced more thickness.

How to use the Thickening Treatment Formula

          After shampooing and conditioning my hair with Ultrax lab products, I put a moderate amount of the serum in my hand and rub into the hair.

         The experience is quite pleasant and enjoyable. I prolong the minutes from two to five to allow for even further action by the product.

Does It Work?

Side Effects

Before and after

Skin Sensitivity


Pros :

• The formula is easy to apply.

• It goes a long way and you can share with family     members.

• The product boosts and speeds up hair production.

• It reactivates weak hair follicles, into production of   new hair strands.

• The product has an optimal, long-lasting effect on   the hair.

• It has proven performance over years of study and   use.

Cons :

• The formula is expensive.

• There were few incidences of reported burning          sensation on using the product.

Sum Up of Ultrax Labs Serum Thickening Treatment Formula

            I can tell this now; that years of study have produced a serum that adds volume to hair and an overall posh look. Caffeine also thickens every hair without adding any weight to it.

           On my hair, Biotin, in turn, permitted every strand of hair, the ability to live its whole life cycle. By the time it dropped off naturally, the new production of thicker strands covered the loss.

           The product acted by both regenerating and preventing hair loss. Moreover, as always, it best to prevent losses, than to recover them.

           Sleepless night, dull, weary days, and worry will always affect the body. The eyes will have show tell tale signs, and literally, everyone will ask you what the problem might be?

           In addition to sleeping on either side of the face, squinting from daily exposure to polluted air, wrinkles in my eyes started betraying my age. I no longer felt comfortable in the presence of younger less obviously stressed people. One way of clearing that hitch and getting me comfortable was working on my eyes. Especially the under eye area.

           Choosing an eye cream that would assist me turned out to be rather difficult. Knowing how sensitive the under eye is, I preferred a pricey product with great reviews, to the cheaper ones. I was not disappointed.

           The product I chose or this endeavor, was packaged in a container that had a clinical look, and a promise of performance. And, true to its outward appearance, it did not fail to perform.

How to Use the Under Eye Cream

           As part of my hygiene and care, I clean up any oily buildup. After I get rid any dirt, I gently pat the cream on the eyelids, taking ultimate care not to cause any tagging.

           I then rub it in gently and proceed with other creams for the rest of the face and neck. I use it once, early in the morning. In addition, this schedule allows the skin a rest after my bedtime cleansing.

Does It Work?

Side Effects

Before and after

Skin Sensitivity


Pros :

• The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin, starts working in minutes.

• It comes with a 100% performance guarantee.

• It confers protection and care, throughout the day.

• The under eye cream improves under eye health in weeks.

Cons :

• The cream melts down and drips, if applied on too thickly.

• It is expensive, you have to make a budget for it.

Sum up for Under Eye Cream

For those with sensitive eyelids, this product will sort you out without much ruckus. It will defiantly work on the age posts too. All these outcomes will surely restore your facial appearance, as they have improved mine.

My new perked up face was enough to entice my husband into dipping into the jar and sharing the cream with me. This proved to me that this eye cream really worked.

            I had stunted hair for the last five years. For no reason to me at the time, it just stagnated. Further scrutiny made me conclude that I was exposing the hair to all kinds of harsh environments. The chlorine in the swimming pool, the chemicals in the salon and other heat applications I used to get specific desired effects.

The desire to acquire a thick mane o hair, a crowning glory made me rethink about the choice of hair care.

           I had to stop relying on the same old products, as they weren’t doing any good to my hair. The conditioner I was using had minimal ingredients. It did not have the power ingredient- caffeine. Caffeine on my hair had astounding results. Mainly due to the intense growth of hair that took, place in a few weeks time.

Nevertheless, I used it with shampoo from the same source; Ultrax Lab.

How to use the Conditioning Hair Masque

           The product contains caffeine as the most active ingredient. I also came to know that Aloe Vera has curative properties and was bound to give some results. In that case, I had to give the product time to work its wonder before I rinsed it off.

           I apply it on slightly damp hair, and ensure every strand is coated. I run a close-toothed comb from the front of the hairline to the back severally. This ensures that the product spreads throughout the head.

           I tie the conditioned hair into a loose knot, hold it in place with a wide hairpin, and give it time to work . I gave it an unruffled ten minutes while I clean the bathroom floor. By the time I am through with the cleaning, it is ready for rinsing. Again, I use warm water, as cold water may lead some oily deposits and weigh the hair down. I proceed to dry my hair and style it.

Does It Work?

Side Effects

Before and after

Skin Sensitivity


Pros :

• The conditioner contains stimulating hair mask, that facilities or new growth.

• It has more than ten hair boosting ingredients.

• It has the power to hydrate and repair hair follicles cells.

Cons :

• The treatment routine is rather time-consuming, as it has to be done routinely with the shampooing.

Sum Up For the Conditioning Hair Masque

            This mask is in a class of its own in offering thicker tresses of hair in just weeks. I would recommend it as appropriate for a majority of hair types and gender, as it confers improved condition to the hair while stimulating new growth.

            My improved scalp and hair density was enough to spark off interest at the work place. A product that works does indeed sell itself. And, yes, I will continue using the product.


       In my quest for improved hair, I learned that hair care starts with a clean head. Thus, the right shampoo would kick-start the journey into my hair restoration. In addition to that, I also came in the know that different hair types, from wavy, straight and others all require care from the roots. And that was where the follicles come in. my unhealthy follicles needed to be kept clean, before they could absorb any rectifying product. Specific products have different abilities to do exactly that, and I have documented on the ones I tried on my head.

       I used to come out of the saloon with the perm just right, the waves in place and I loved those moments. However, those moments would be hopelessly crashed, in days. That was until I discovered the use of nutrient rich conditioner to resolve and reduce effects of the harsh treatments on my hair without weighing it down.

       A boost of supplements to help your hair grow may come in handy. I was lucky to realize, that truly effective supplements had to be well tried out. Ingredients used should not in any way result in any toxicity. Therefore, I choose Ultrax Labs approved supplements for a health-conscious decision.

       Dull, tangled, and breaking hair strands are a nightmare I needed to avoid. Serum left in the hair, conferred protection from external environmental damages by covering the hair strands. The leave-in I chose was a significant step in benefiting from protection from hair damage and loss. I never regretted that.

       With the hair taken care of, the other faulty aspect in my general personal overview became evident. The eyes! A great shock of hair did not go well with eye bags. Those had to be taken care of promptly. With now-confirmed evidence that Ultrax Labs products worked, it was such a relief to know that they also manufactured an eye care product. That soft part of the body needs extra care. I find that rubbing it the wrong way magnifies any swelling and circles. Yes, it requires a delicate yet effective product to take care of issues in the under eye region.

When identifying the types of products that I want to use, I have a simple but very strict checklist. It includes,

· The staying power of the product

· Its safety and research done.

· Its effectiveness

       Ultrax Labs products qualify and you are guaranteed of manageable, detangled tresses, which are healthier and free flowing. Their eye cream is awesome. It will reconcile any age effects on your lower eyelids, as it did mine. And I must say that would be the reason that their products are prominent in the market due to their high performance. Knowledge is important in making the right decision when identifying beauty products; and I chose to acquire it.

       I will never regret venturing into the hunt for incredible changes and hair beauty restoration. The bottom line was that traumatized living cells require some stimulation and correct nutrients to get them into the recovery path. Care starts with the blood and its circulation, the follicles and to the hair strands themselves.

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