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Although men are thought to grow old gracefully, for many this is not the case. A lifetime of experiences is taxing on the skin; leaving physical remnants behind in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of celebrating age, many men view their wrinkles as a disadvantage to their appearance with increasing anxiety. With the improved quality of life in today's society, more men are enjoying continued vigor and health well into their golden years. Wrinkles in the mirror contradict how they feel on the inside. Men do have a slight advantage when it comes to aging, which is likely where the perception of men aging gracefully originated. They have more glands and blood vessels in certain areas of their body, so wrinkles tend to develop more slowly than on women. An example would be the perioral wrinkling around the mouth. Men have more sweat glands and sebaceous glands to keep the upper lip area more lubricated which in turn delays the appearance of these types of wrinkles.

Age, Stress and Exposure Lead to Wrinkles

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           Unfortunately, that is where the advantage for men ends. The natural progression of aging, stress, and exposure to certain elements take a physical toll on both men and women alike. It is at this point that many men come to a disadvantage; the perception that cosmetic treatments are exclusively for women and the feeling that being concerned with one's appearance is less than masculine. Natural aging cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear because as a man ages the skin changes in elasticity, fullness and feel and the skin is slower to recover and regenerate itself. Frown lines, crow's feet, and concentration lines on the forehead develop because of repeated facial expressions that over time can actually crease the skin. The most common of expressions like smiling and frowning are notorious for creating deep folds in the skin.

            External elements such as exposure to UV light, chemicals, harsh weather conditions and others whether through hard work or hard play, will break down the skin's ability to regenerate and speed up the aging process.

Bad Habits Also Cause Wrinkles

Poor habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake can also dramatically increase the appearance of wrinkles and hasten the aging process of the skin. Inhaling cigarette smoke reduces the blood supply to the skin, as well as the actual amount of oxygen in the blood supply itself. The skin will lose its ability to repair itself properly. Moderate to high alcoholic consumption is also another habit that is a source for creating wrinkles on the face. Weakened, swollen and stretched out skin, when coupled with the dehydrating effects of alcohol will also accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

The saying about prevention being better than a cure is true especially when it comes to managing wrinkles on the face. Most men do not have rigid skin care schedules; however, incorporating some basic steps into bathroom routines can be easy and effective. Taking a moment to apply a moisturizer that contains sunscreen is a simple step to take in the morning that can prevent wrinkles from sun damage.

Avoid the Spa For men that are wondering how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the faces that lack the confidence to wander the skin care aisle at the local pharmacy or to visit a spa there is an especially effective in-home option available. Radio frequency treatments are an excellent non-invasive procedure that is offered by both cosmetic doctors' offices and luxury spas and now in the home!

The treatments that radio frequency machines deliver have shown to provide visible results such as younger feeling, better-toned skin. The in-home, radio frequency machines that have recently become available to the public deliver the same benefits with lower amplitude so that the treatments can be self-administered in the privacy of the home. Looking youthful and vigorous starts with healthy skin – and taking a few minutes to add the use of a personal radio frequency device to regular bathroom routines may be all it takes to truly age gracefully.


       After a ground-breaking research, finally, the Harvard Medical School in collaboration with the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Biology has found what is expected to radically change our perception of wine and most remarkably, red wine. This is in recognition of the effects of the cellular component of red grapes’ skin in reducing the risk of life threatening illness like the heart diseases and almost all diseases which are pre-disposed to geriatrics. Resveratrol is, like one Dr. Brent Bauer has described it, “the best thing since sliced bread” for human beings, this is in recognition of the fact that as much as red wine has since time been associated with several other benefits, none has ever come close to what this food supplement is now touted to be capable of doing. It refers to polyphenols or antioxidant compounds in red wine that supposedly contain anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties-, which essentially promulgate a new concept in the fight against aging problems. Why we associate, aging and long or short life is because advanced studies reveal that most likely we will die of heart complications and cancers. This to experts can be referred to as premature deaths because old age comes with the deteriorating ability on the part of the body to regenerate itself; which translates to the body being exposed to several chronic diseases. This new discovery presents an interesting and somehow controversial fact; that of cutting calories through an overdose of resveratrol has remarkable beneficiary effects on the aging process.

       Although these cosmetic ingredients are currently the finest nutritional supplements, they might not be the panacea to aging and associated problems. However, they have managed to book the number one place in the “look younger” campaign by slowing down the aging process such that your age doesn’t take a toll on you faster than it should be. Because the aging process has been considered the culprit to cancer and hypertension which are responsible for most deaths in old age, it, therefore, follows that its halt can prolong life. According to some recent studies, weight, another contributor to premature death is also dealt with by resveratrol. Actually, it has been said to be “reducing calories without doing it,” referring to its weight reduction workings which in a way have humbled most health management experts

Wrinkles on Face

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     Our anti-wrinkle injectable is a "relaxer." We might use it to treat your wrinkles, those wrinkles which are caused by the muscle movements that cause fold lines into the skin. For example, you may be beginning to notice that frown line between your eyebrows, you may increasingly worry about those forehead lines, more and more, and every time to look in the mirror you may continue to become more and more conscious of those "Crow's feet" around your eyes. However, a dermal filler is a natural "filler," which is a good helper for your wrinkles and folds caused by gravity and loss of volume.

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